A new Hearthstone balance update announced by Blizzard targets some of the more powerful Classic set cards. In the blog post, Blizzard devs talk about how these cards have become so powerful they kept newer cards from being included in deck lists. “The following changes are intended to shift these cards from general-purpose ‘auto-includes’ into options that are more likely to be chosen for decks that are focused on strategies that capitalize on what these cards have to offer,” the post said.

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These changes will be implemented into Hearthstone on February 5. Make sure that you’re not caught off guard and still playing the same Spell Hunter when the nerf drops.

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Here’s the full list of mana costs that are changing in the next Hearthstone patch:

Hunter’s Mark- Two mana (Instead of one)

If you need clear in Hunter, this is the card for you. Combined with Unleash the Hounds , it was the best spell to kill large minions. Though Hunter still has a lot of auto-include cards, like Animal Companion and Kill Command, this nerf really does make the class feel less powerful.

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Cold Blood- Two mana (Instead of one)

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve lost a game to Cold Blood and Leeroy Jenkins . Now, the mana curve of combining those two cards with Faceless Manipulator and killing you in one turn is impossible (without multiple Coins.)

Equality- Four Mana (Instead of two)

This nerf seems a bit ridiculous but I understand why it’s here. Equality and Consecration clear the enemy board for six mana, the cheapest wave clear of any class. Now players will have to think before using Pyromancer and this spell, while still keeping Even Paladin relevant.

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Flametongue Totem- Three mana (Instead of two)

RIP Shaman. You won’t be able to clear minions as easily anymore.

Emerald Spellstone- Six mana (instead of five)

The only card in the balance patch that isn’t from the Basic or Classic set, this stone has been consistently OP. Being able to summon four wolves before your enemy can even respond just feels wrong. Spell Hunter will still be a top tier deck, but this nerf seriously hurts it’s mid game power spike.

How do you feel about these changes? Tell us in the comments.


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