Following BAFTA and the Grammy’s Seeking Sister Wife returns Sunday night with a couple’s first. 

Colton Winder and his two wives Tami and Sophie have not gone public with their polygamist lifestyle. In Sunday’s episode, however, that will all change when the three of them attend a local farmer’s market. 

“It’s a place where a lot of people go, and this is a perfect opportunity to come out together as a plural family,” new wife Sophie said. 

Due to southern Utah’s “negative perception” of plural marriage, the Winder family is extremely nervous to debut their lifestyle to the world. 

“Good luck. The last outing was an epic fail. Hope this one works out for you,” one Twitter user wrote. 

It’s not yet clear whether this is a successful outing, but by the preview, Colton slipping in the word “wives” may make one market vendor a bit uncomfortable.  

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Aside from going public, the Winder family also is on a mission to add a third wife to their growing family. While first wife Tami, revealed she may not be ready to add another woman to the household, Colton strongly believes that plural marriage is “God’s will.” 

Tami and Colton have been married for over eight years and share a daughter, Sadie. Labeled as introverted, Tami has called adding Sophie an “adjustment.” 

“I think one of the benefits of this lifestyle is to get to the point of becoming best friends with your sister wife,” Sophia said to the camera. “It might take a longer time, especially with our dynamics of living in separate households, but we want to start establishing that relationship.” 

'Seeking Sister Wives' Stars Make Their First Outing As A Polygamist Couple TLC

Seeking Sister Wife also follows the journey of the McGee family. During the series’ last episode, Brian McGee was trying to have a heart-to-heart conversation with his son, John–revealing his plans for dating “not mom” women. 

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Seeking Sister Wife star Brian McGee sits down with his 14-year-old son John to talk about his recent venture into polygamy.

“How many wives would you want?” John asks.

“I think three would be a real good number,” McGee answers.

But it’s when his father starts to explain how he would split up his time in different bedrooms that it’s apparent the 14-year-old got way more information then he was originally asking for.

Despite his son’s uneasiness toward the idea of McGee sleeping in bedrooms with not-mom women, it looks like the Seeking Sister Wife star will continue his search.

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Previous to their appearance on the TLC reality show, McGee and his wife Paige had looked into adding another wife into their family, only for it to spark jealousy in Paige. The idea was scrapped until a fire took the family home in Brandon, Mississippi.

Moving the family of four into a mobile camper, the husband and wife duo took it as an opportunity at a fresh start—which then meant an opportunity to reopen the search for a sister wife.

A woman named Brandy then becomes a potential McGee-match, but jealousy begins to creep its way back into Paige.

“I’m second-guessing if this is really what I want to do,” Paige says in the season 2 promo.

Find out what happens with the Winder and McGee family on Seeking Sister Wife, airing Sundays at 10 p.m. on TLC. 


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