Fortnite Fortbyte Challenge #81 is officially live, and we’re here to tell you how to solve it. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to locate the Fortbyte that’s accessible in the daytime near a Mountain Top Cactus Wedge.


 Fortbyte #82 Location – Accessible in the daytime near a Mountain Top Cactus Wedge

The Mountain Top Cactus Wedge is located here in the southeast corner of Paradise Palms.

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fortnite fortbyte 81 location map Fortbyte #81 is located in the southeast corner of Paradise Palms during the day. Epic Games/MrWilliamThor @ YouTube

When you land there, you’ll see a Dinosaur skeleton that you must destroy to reveal the Fortbyte #81 location. Just make sure it’s daytime during the map’s day-night cycle. Otherwise, you won’t be able to collect this piece of the puzzle.

fortnite mountain top cactus wedge gameplay Land here during the day and destroy the Dinosaur bones on top. Epic Games/MrWilliamThor @ YouTube

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This latest Fortbyte Challenge arrives just 24 hours after the Pressure Plate Puzzle that made its presence known on Tuesday. Just like all previous Fortbytes this one is fairly easy to locate if you know where to look, and it reveals one more tiny square to a hidden Loading Screen expected to be fully uncovered by the end of Season 9. For more Fortbyte locations and a quick recap of how the feature works, be sure to read our full Fortbyte guide.

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Fortnite is available now on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC and mobile.

Were you able to find Fortbyte # using this guide? Which Fortbyte Challenge has been your favorite so far? Tell us in the comments section!


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