League of Legends patch 9.10 introduced players on live servers to Yuumi, the floating cat support. Keeping in the style of odd champions that could never have been made when the game first launched, Yuumi is the first character that can attach herself to an ally. She basically becomes invulnerable while sharing the same space as her Marksmen in the bot  lane, at least in theory. Instead of thriving, players are losing at an extraordinary rate because they just don’t understand her.

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According to Lolalytics, Yuumi is sitting at a sub 30 percent win rate in Platinum which could be the lowest for any champion on release. Though other champion win rate websites like OP.GG haven’t posted their stats because she was just released, she still seems to be floundering more than usual, The League reddit is full of posts asking players to ban her in their games or else you could be stuck with an absolutely abysmal support. They recommend banning her not to keep her away from enemies, but so your team won’t be stuck at a disadvantage for the whole game. All it takes is one teammate who won with her once and feels that they are ready to try her in ranked to ruin your day.

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Why is Yuumi Performing Poorly?

When a new champion gets released, everyone wants to be the first summoner to figure them out. Trying out Sylas’ champion-stealing ultimate or Neeko’s camouflage leads to a lot of players trying out characters they can’t play. Playing ranked during the week of a new champion release is always a gamble because you never know if your ally might want to try something new. That’s why champion win rates are usually lower around a new release and why I tend to avoid grinding ELO during this time.

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Yuumi  has it even worse because of how complicated her kit is. When a new player tries Yuumi, they assume that you just latch yourself onto your Marksmen and shoot out bullets with your spells. What ends up happening is your ally gets caught because it’s technically a 1v2 and ends up dying. Then, Yuumi reveals herself but quickly dies with her tiny amount of health.  

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If you are dying to play Yuumi, first try the cat out in casual play to learn her rhythm. You need to spend time apart from your marksmen, trading with auto attacks and dodging skill shots with Zoomies. It’s about learning the pattern of when to break free and when to attach which is something that will take weeks of practice.

Yuumi will most likely receive a series of buffs over the next few patches, which will make her stupidly strong. Then, she will be nerfed into the ground until she gets reworked in a few years. Riot Games works on a cycle.


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