A Florida man was arrested last Friday after trying to flee a restaurant without paying for a chicken wing meal while exposing himself to patrons and staff.

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Brandon Paul Muenz, 30, of Hudson, was detained by deputies from the Pasco Sheriff’s Office shortly after 9 p.m. outside Kickin Wingz in Port Richey, inmate records show. He was held by the store manager and a witness who had been in the family restaurant at the time.

When officers arrived at the scene the suspect’s clothing was torn and he was also “exposing his sexual organs when he moved around,” an arrest report stated, according to WTSP.

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Customers inside the restaurant said Muenz had been wearing “torn and disheveled” clothing while eating chicken. The situation escalated after an employee approached to ask if he would pay for the food. He attempted to look for cash and appeared to be rubbing himself.

Citing the arrest report, WFLA reported that the employee asked her boss to intervene. Muenz then allegedly ran from the Kickin Wingz via the front door but he was stopped in the parking lot. The arrest report said employees were “disturbed and bothered by the way [Muenz] was acting and the way he was dressed which exposed his private parts inside a family restaurant.”

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Inmate records show Muenz—since released—was charged with breach of peace; disorderly conduct, which is a second-degree misdemeanor. Criminal defense law firm Hussein & Webber says it carries penalties of up to 60 days in jail or six months of probation, and a $500 fine.

The criminal law firm explains in an online fact-sheet about the charge: “These penalties… do not reflect the likely sentence that will be imposed in the vast majority of cases.

“For first time offenders, jail time (usually less than 60 days) is a realistic possibility where the accused’s conduct involved highly disrespectful or disruptive actions towards police, or posed endangerment to public safety. This is especially true where alcohol or drugs are involved.

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The firm adds: “For most first-time offenders, however, the main risk of a disorderly conduct prosecution is the creation of a permanent criminal record and a probation sentence.”

According to Pasco Sheriff’s Office filings, which are available online, Muenz was detained by officers on April 19 earlier this year shortly after 10 p.m.. He was charged with trespassing and failure to leave a property upon order by owner. In both instances, the suspect was held without bond and his mugshots published.

Brandon Paul Muenz
Brandon Paul Muenz, 30, of Hudson, was detained by deputies from the Pasco Sheriff’s Office last Friday outside Kickin Wingz in Port Richey.
Pasco Sheriff’s Office


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