Ohio ectopic pregnancies, Doctors ordered to ‘re-implant ectopic pregnancy’.

As you’re probably fully aware, the reproductive freedom of women living in the US is under attack from all directions. And now a bill, designed to ban abortion, says that doctors have to ‘reimplant’ ectopic embryos into a woman’s uterus, or they’ll face legal proceedings or even prison.

An ectopic pregnancy is when a fertilised embryo starts to develop outside of the uterus. The most common location for an ectopic pregnancy is in one of the fallopian tubes. If they’re caught early, most ectopic pregnancies can be terminated before they lead to any permanent damage. However, untreated, ectopic pregnancies can be extremely dangerous and even life-threatening if the fallopian tube bursts.

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The treatment for an ectopic pregnancy is to terminate the pregnancy – often a source of much distress to the woman in question.

Many women who experience ectopic pregnancies had planned and wanted to be pregnant. If it were possible to ‘reimplant’ the embryo into the uterus and continue the pregnancy, it would be offered to women. However, as medical professionals have pointed out in significant volume since the bill was announced, this is not currently possible.

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Attempting so-called reimplantation would not result in a healthy pregnancy afterwards, and would result in an enormous risk. It would be extremely dangerous and success, according to experts, is impossible. However, this legislation effectively means that doctors who do not risk the lives of their patients to perform a procedure with a 0% chance of success, will face murder charges. The bill treats a fertilised embryo as an ‘unborn child’.

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Experts have lined up to comment that this obligatory ‘reimplantation’ is a fiction, and that therefore any doctor who treats a woman for an ectopic pregnancy is at risk of going to prison. ‘We’ll all be going to jail’ tweeted Dr David Hackney.


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