Australia missing hiker Body found in search.

The sister of Claire Hockridge, who was found dead after 15 days lost in the Northern Territory outback, has said the family is grateful to police and pastoralists for their efforts in trying to save her.

NT Police confirmed they located a body, believed to be that of Ms Hockridge, at 1:00pm on Wednesday.

Ms Hockridge was the last found in a group of three people that went missing after embarking on a trek on November 19.

Her partner Tamra McBeath-Riley, 52, was found alive December 1, and their companion Phu Tran, 40, was found alive on Tuesday morning, in what has been called a “miracle” survival story.

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Sarah Hockridge, one of Ms Hockridge’s triplet sisters, said the family was grieving and exhausted “from the emotional rollercoaster that we have ridden”.

“Even though Claire has died in terrible circumstances, we are glad that Tamra and Phu have been found alive and well, and we are extremely grateful to everyone who was involved in that,” she said.

“My parents, brothers, Melinda and I extend our gratitude to the Northern Territory Police for their skilful investigation that allowed the search area to be focussed correctly.

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“They haven’t had a day off since this whole thing started.”

Sarah Hockridge also thanked the staff at the Stuarts Well and Northern Territory pastoralists.

“Thank you so very, very much, you know what you have done,” she said.

“We are really grateful to everyone who has supported us over what has been a truly agonising time.”

NT Police Superintendent Pauline Vicary said the woman’s body was located about 38 kilometres south-east of Stuarts Well, around 8.5 kilometres from the east of the Stuart Highway.

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Superintendent Vicary said they were concerned this morning that Ms Hockridge had run out of water, but that there were still hopes she had managed to survive.

Ms Hockridge was last seen by Mr Tran at the boundary fence of a station south of Alice Springs two days ago, where the two had parted ways and he decided to follow the fence line.


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