A video posted by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution shows a police officer body slamming a woman on the first night of protests in Atlanta, according to the woman’s attorney.

The woman, identified as Amber Jackson, suffered a broken clavicle and cannot work as a dental hygienist because of the injury, her lawyer Mawuli Davis said in a news release.

The video, taken on May 29 by the AJC, shows a woman pull away from an officer who then grabs her from behind and slams her to the ground. The camera shifts so the impact occurs just out of frame. A woman is heard screaming in the background.

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The video then cuts to show the officer lifting the woman, now handcuffed, by her arm.

May 29 was the first night of protests in the Atlanta area sparked by the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

The Atlanta Police Department has not responded to CNN’s request for comment.

CNN does not know what preceded the incident seen in the video.

Davis said in an interview Thursday that Jackson and the people she was with were leaving the area near Lenox Square shopping mall in the Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta. They had gone there intending to protest, Davis said, but “they saw that it didn’t look like it was going to be a protest but something fishy,” so they tried to leave.

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The exits were blocked, so Jackson got out of the vehicle to move a barricade, Davis said. Jackson got back into the car before the police officer pulled her out, he said.

Davis said he and his client are calling for the officer to be fired and prosecuted.

“I just think it’s important for people to understand the ramifications of this kind of violence against people, especially when they have not violated the law,” he said. “Even if you violate the law there’s a way to arrest someone without injury.”

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“That was absolutely excessive,” Davis added. “She weighs about 130 pounds. To lift her up and body slam her like that is just, I mean, it was as if she had just robbed a bank or something. It makes no sense.”

Jackson and Davis are set to hold a press conference Friday afternoon alongside community activists, including NAACP Georgia President James Woodall, a statement from Davis said.

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