No fucking way in hell China doesn’t do some shady shit and start stealing from Tesla’s Chinese factory then give all the info to NIO

I 100% know this, how? Because I’ve worked with Chinese companies and my last boss OWNED his own Manufacturing plant that produced the light switches for LUTRON LEVITON and basically 90% of the light switches in the US

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The dude is and was a fucking BALLER

He then took the design of said switches and created his OWN brand that is fucking HUGE on Amazon

I believe 100% that the same thing is gonna happen with Tesla’s factory

China is gonna steal the blueprint or some shit and give it to NIO

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Idgaf what you think this WILL happen

I’ve seen it happen too many times

TL;DR Calls on NIO till fucking 2021 and beyond. Picking up MASSIVE shares for NIO on Monday at open and long dated calls.


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TL;DR3 look at NIOs trading volume as of 1:53pm PST. It’s 221 MILLION. If that’s not a sign of the fucking bulls and NIO probably hitting $15 this month then idk what the fuck is

**Positions: so you guys don’t think I’m a little bitch that just talks >**


  1. Ya you’re likely correct. My old neighbor in college was stupid rich (family money) because his dad built enormous manufacturing plants in China and owned the rights to produce and distribute every Girl Scouts badge in the US, which apparently is a lucrative business.

    Theyd always talk about how china ripped off any and all good ideas to make their own products.

  2. I agree China is a shady ass country in all aspects but I thought I heard Elon on the Joe Rogan say that he made Tesla’s patents open source material because his overall mission is to create sustainable transportation?

  3. I think this is likely, follow the Arm China vs Arm UK situation. The board of Arm china fired the CEO, but the CEO refuses to vacate lol. This nonsense won’t be tolerated however in the western world. So expect that going forward the western tech will likely start to be encrypted (at least from software side).

  4. There’s a chinese company that is already seems like its stealing tesla IP. Its literally Chinese tesla. Forgot the name but cnbc did a special about them. It wanst NIO.

    Elon is very aware of this I’m sure. I used to work at Tesla and Elon is pretty up on everyones ass about IP and making sure shit doenst get stolen. So theres no way he doenst know how foxy China is.

    He’s pobably just using China to give his company a head start towad being the number one player in the EV World. Competitors are going to come sooner or later so hes at least doing it on his terms.

  5. My dad is a surgeon and he was using this specific medical device with little strong magnets to aid him in cardiac surgery. The company is a small American one, and he loved the product.

    After about a few months, he noticed that sometimes the magnets would fall off the device and they had to fish it out of the patient. No fun.

    He spoke to the company representatives and they said manufacturing was moved from the USA to China. And then they said that they are moving away from China because they caught them stealing their IP.

    So not only the Chinese are stealing our trade secrets, they are purposely making shitty products that are meant to save lives!

    A while back there was a controversy with Chinese heparin (an anti-coagulation drug needed for open heart surgery) and my dad had a patient die of the fraudulent drug. He testified in class-action lawsuit for that.

    Last night I read on TSLA’s wikipedia that they have a factory in China. No no no no… This is exactly going to happen. Let’s hope papa Musk will troll the Chinese too and maybe they steal something useless or detrimental.

  6. NIO has an office in Silicon Valley, and the SV EV world is a big incestuous pool of the same people. There are two problems with stealing designs: One is that you have to understand the engineering behind the design or you cut corners that significantly affect the quality of the product. China is an expert at this. The other is that complicated products like cars have thousands of careful tradeoffs, so if you’re building a 4800lb RWD SUV and you steal tech from a 4200lb FWD crossover, your design is going to be shit.

  7. Forbes had an interesting article about how China doesn’t care about stealing IP, at least the government. They are more interested in collecting data on people and building up their artificial intelligence, apparently TikTok is to help them build out AI by gathering people’s likeness, voice, and movements. Here is the article.

    [Anonymous Hackers Target TikTok](

  8. I worked in mining for many years. Those commie fucks would buy American equipment , ship it back home, strip it down to the frame and reverse engineer it. Sales guy for JOY told me they told them a single mining shear. He came back the next year and they magically had 3 at the mine.

  9. 1000%.

    China has been stealing engineering plans for years from the major US car companies under the guise that they would be big buyers in the future.

    I have family members, that have been complaining for decades, that these shady Chinese fucks always somehow convince major companies to do cut deals with them. What always ends up happening? They dont pay their part of the deal and just steal the technology or engineering.

    My family member is a controller for major engineering groups with one of the largest automotive suppliers, and she is repeatedly told to make money appear out of thin air after these pussies in the business groups give shit away for free to China.

    Fuck China and fuck the gullible pussies who give our technology away for free.

  10. 1.) Tesla WANTS this to happen. Look at their mission statement.

    2.) Tesla innovates too fast to matter. By the time you reverse engineer their current gen tech, they are using next gen tech that blows it away.

    3.) Tesla’s secret is execution, not patent trolling. Example: OTA updates are “easy”, it’s just other car companies can’t execute at the level that is necessary to make them work. Too much infighting, fear, rent seeking. VWs CEO was just fired over their software failures.

    The stock is skyrocketing because the argument that “anyone who tries could be Tesla” is falling flat on its face in the most embarrassing fashion.

  11. Didn’t Tesla put out all their patent data for licensing? They even went so far as to say “we won’t sue anyone who uses our tech in good faith” …

    China doesn’t have to steal shit. Tesla is giving it away.

  12. LOL if you think China hasn’t already imported Teslas and stripped them down to the nuts and bolts to reverse engineer everything. There’s nothing left to steal except maybe the OS code if it’s encrypted.

  13. This will absolutely happen. In a somewhat unrelated note – anyone who has had to deal with manufacturers in America and China know first-hand we SUCK and there is a reason CHYNA is killing us.

    My wife deals with this and the Chinese factories she works with bend over backwards to make shit. They are obviously cheaper because they have humans slaves, but they send us gifts on the regular and are FAST AS FUCK.

    American manufacturers are entitled bitches who work slowly, poorly, expensively and seem majorly inconvenienced when you ask them to actually make stuff.

    Long story short anyone who’s butthurt about China being better than us hasn’t actually had stuff made here and doesn’t realize we suck at this.

    Edit to add: for context, when COVID started these dudes in China sent us thousands of masks and gallons of hand sanitizer. This was in March when that shit was impossible to get. They knew if we died of COVID they’d be fucked and took better care of us than our local supply line could. Let that sink in.

  14. Of course, this has been going on for a long time. The problem is that companies know this is the price you pay to be allowed to sell to a market of over 1 billion people – China basically holds its people ransom for trade and tech.

    The one positive is it further encourages progress and innovation to stay at the top and competitive. What I don’t like is how China tries to take credit as a communist dictatorship for all the innovation, when it is actually all stolen.

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  16. Agreed with some of the other points here. Yeah China will definitely steal whatever they can since the best they can do is a slightly below average knock off but given that Tesla’s material is open sourced that doesn’t give NIO a distinct advantage from “stealing” it. For that reason, I’m out.

  17. what are they gonna steal?

    not arguing with you just asking.

    i mean a chunk of the value is the software. which isnt being produced at a factory. the other valuable asset is the battery and thats more of a chemistry thing than a manufacturing thing no? i mean they already have a partnership with CATL to make their battery, so a chinese manufacturer is already doing that.

    i mean i believe you, but i also believe that elon would know this as china ripping off IPs is standard business practice for them. so maybe they dont have to expose the top secrets to just make the car frames and bodies.

    last tidbit

    Tesla struck a deal with the Chinese government in July 2018 to build a factory in Shanghai. It was a milestone for Tesla and CEO Elon Musk, who has long viewed China as a crucial market. And it was particularly notable because China agreed for this to be a wholly owned Tesla factory, not a traditional joint venture with the government. Foreign companies have historically had to form a 50-50 joint venture with a local partner to build a factory in China.

    Chinese President Xi Jinping has pushed forward plans to phase out joint-venture rules for foreign automakers by 2022. Tesla was one of the first beneficiaries of this rule change.

    just saying. i like nio too, but i dont thinky your logic is 100% on point. it might be right, but it can be wrong too. the only thing they can steal is the production process, which may or may not be more redefined than the already existing ones. its not a joint venture. so no guarantee the government gets access to the internals of the company.

  18. The error you are making is that you assume China requires any IP and knowledge from Tesla to produce a similar product. There are more e car producers than anywhere else in the world. They don’t have a fancy California office and no Elon. But Tesla also does not have a secret sauce compared to that industry’s power. Yes China copies, but this is outdated understanding of how the Chinese economy works and what has been created since then.


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