Cured of HIV

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  1. So there is a cure to HIV now?


    I’m surprised a rich person doesn’t have these people with the rare mutation hanging inside watertanks ala The Matrix harvesting their bone marrow.

  2. If I am not mistaken he is officially considered in remission or “functionally cured” meaning the viral load is so low that he no longer tests positive for HIV (even without antiretrovirals) but not necessarily that he no longer carries the virus. Also the “cure” has only worked twice, with at least 36 other patients testing positive after a few weeks or months, and carries a much higher risk of side effects than medication cocktails so as to only be useful in rare cases where a patient has severe leukemia and HIV.

  3. Technically the odds of this occurrence is high as it wasn’t accidental. If I remember correctly, the mans doctor was aware of the study stating that certain types of bone marrow make T-Cells immune to the virus and searched for marrow that A: matched well enough to avoid graft vs host and B had the mutation. If you mean it’s rare as in it happening randomly then yes the odds are astronomical, if you mean for a bone marrow match with the mutation to be found then yes the odds are high. but if you mean the patients treatment working then it’s somewhere in the middle, not extremely rare but not common, about as common as a successful bone marrow transplant and that’s relatively common. I am happy that you tried to inform more people about this miracle of science though as it is truly incredible.

  4. It’s called a CCR5 Delta 32 mutation. It’s actually not that rare among northern European and Nordic genetic lines. I have it. My father has it. I’m sure other people in our family have it.

    Pretty sure it’s like 10% and it’s not immunity, you’re just very highly resistant to infection.

    On the flip side, that mutation sometimes results in a shorter overall life. In like 20% of people.

    Personally I’d rather not have it and just make a plan to keep my dick out of the AIDS basket. I’m already left handed, over six three and have heterochromia iridis, so I’m scheduled to die in a scissor factory fire sometime in the next decade or so.

    This is how the universe keeps everything in balance.

  5. My friend has also that rare blood,,, enzyme? which makes him immune to HIV (its due to some issue with,, the place where HIV attaches is slightly differently formed, so HIV dies out in his body). I suppose that’s a silver lining because he’s allergic to latex, so like,, ups and downs

  6. They already know how they can cure it… Obviously if this guy is cured.. It’s just not financially responsible for themselves to release a cure.

  7. Guy went from being so unlucky he got cancer and HIV to being curred of both, one being effectively incurrable.

    I can’t make my mind if he’s the unluckiest or the luckiest man alive.


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