For the third time this week, Trump plays golf amid Russian bounty scandal, coronavirus spikes

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  2. [There’s always a tweet](

    >”I’m going to be working for you. I’m not going to have time to go play golf.” –Donald J. Trump, August, 2016

    Total golf outings: 122* (**edit**: this number is probably *much* higher. thanks to MayorMinderbender and his diligent count, has Trump at 251 golf outings)

    Cost to U.S. Taxpayers: $136,000,000

    Trump golfs at nearly a 3 to 1 rate over Obama


  3. Is there a way to cross reference who he plays with? I have a conspiracy theory that he goes to the golf course so that his own people/ secret service can not overhear him.

  4. Although I do not have to, I went to my office and did all my telemedicine calls from the office because the optics of someone who is working during this is comforting to both patients and staff.

    This fucker can’t even stay home and quiet. He has to golf for the third time today. Just a complete waste of life and opportunity to really make his legacy something worth looking up to. He had an opportunity to say: look, I was a shady game show host with no worldwide respect but I have this opportunity to do something amazing for the world.

    And his stupid, pea sized brain couldn’t comprehend anything bigger than himself. Biggest shame ever.

  5. It doesn’t phase him. The republican senate is full of whipped cronies. The administration is robbing the country in broad daylight. Who could have seen this coming from a man with multiple bankruptcies and a reputation of skipping out on the bills?

  6. 365. 365 days at one of his properties. The amount of blatant, criminal bullshit that is going on right before our eyes has got to stop.

    We should organize.


  7. I don’t, in and of itself, object to a president golfing. It’s probably the most stressful job in the world.

    The thing is, in order to get a break, you have to earn it. In other words, you have to do your job.

  8. Oh geeze! That man could not give a fuck! November is taking sooo long to get here. I hope to God the American People can see their way fit to vote him out, I mean, Biden isn’t the answer to all the problems but,my God! He’s got to be better than this halfwit

  9. “I’m gonna be working so hard for you, I won’t even have TIME to play golf*”

    *except for in the nation’s hour of direst need. Realizing that I can’t meet the moment, I will golf like a mfer to distract me from the fact that everyone hates me more by the day

  10. Golf is where the real communication happens. This is where mob bosses go to coordinate things. It’s a pretty clear pattern that whenever shit hits the fan, he is retreating to golf courses to coordinate for the next action/inaction to take against the American people on behalf of Daddy Putin.

  11. 136mil and counting. That’s how much his golfing costs to US taxpayers. [](

    I mean, yeah, he did gave his presidential salary away: That’s 0.4mil annually. But there’s no telling how much of taxpayer money is being funneled to his businesses via these golf tours, because he won’t release his tax records like the previous Presidents from Nixon onwards.

    That was one of his presidential campaign promises.

  12. Don’t forget each golf trip to a trump property is a cash grabbing scam of your tax dollars (provided you are poor enough to actually pay taxes). He’s just trying to gulp as much gravy as possible before the train runs out if track.

  13. I know this is silly/inconsequential, but this photo (among several others) just reminds me how *weird* his gait is. Taking the horrifying politics out of it, he is just such a strange, odd person.


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