Being a fats man out attempting to get much less fats and having scumbags yelling abuse at you from automotive home windows!

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  1. Ah mate, huge hugs to you. You can change being overweight, they are stuck being arseholes. And good on you and don’t ever let the bastards get you down!

  2. I don’t drive so I don’t know myself, but what is it about cars that make people act up? Is it the anonymous factor? Its gotten better in recent years but it used to be a nightmare walking about as a fatty, getting harassed from cars. Think my favourite was in Edinburgh, a car full of young lads hit me with a Mcdonalds cheeseburger while I was waiting for the green man…but like a fully wrapped, untouched, clearly freshly bought cheeseburger. It bounced off my chest and landed perfectly intact at my feet with such comedic timing I couldn’t even be mad (and no, I didn’t pick it up). Least favourite, crossing the road in Irvine and the car that was approaching sped up and swerved to try and hit me, the driver screaming FAT CUNT out the window on the way past. It was a nice car driven by a perfectly normal looking middle aged man. Clearly having a bad day.

  3. So as a frequent target for catcalls I’ve done a bit of reading. Turns out, people yelling stuff from cars is absolutely nothing to do with who you are or what you look like, it’s 100% the abuse-shouter’s need to demonstrate their social prowess to others in their social group (if they’re alone they’re just trying to bolster their own identity because they feel lacking in power). They’d shout abuse at their own grandmother in the street if they thought they’d feel better.

    So you carry on and enjoy your exercise. As I always think, you can change your health and appearance, but a knobhead is always going to be a knobhead.

  4. Fuckin hell mate, twats like that all about. You keep up what your doing and ignore the pricks. If they havnt got the balls to get out and say it to your face then they are just a bunch of pussies. Hats off to you bettering yourself mate Im routing for you

  5. Mate they are cock juggleing thundercunts. Don’t give up, when you feel like you don’t fancy going for a run, that’s the day to make sure you definitely go for a run! Also try couch to 5k or similar if you’ve not already started? Before lockdown I was lucky if I could do 5 mins of running, now I’ve found my pace and can go for about 45 or maybe more (I’ve never tried any longer tbf)

  6. Seeing as you are posting here I’m asking why you are surprised/upset at the actions of a segment of the ‘great’ British public. You probably already know that this country is indeed perfectly represented by the hedgehog which should replace the lion as our associated animal. It is small, quite cute in some ways, but with more than it’s fair share of pricks. Disregard these toss pots and get on with what you want to do. As long as you aren’t doing any harm everyone else can do one.

  7. There are those who cannot *stand* to see someone else working on themselves.

    Envy is a heck of a drug. Keep going, each one of those is someone who wishes they liked themselves half as much as you clearly do. Keep Going!

  8. Shame you didn’t get their reg plates, I can’t imagine they’d be happy when a copper knocks on their door and reminds them verbal abuse is still a thing.

  9. I’m no veteran, but I’ve ran on and off for around 15 years. The people that yell from cars or shout out at you as you’re too far from them to do anything are generally insecure little people that lack the self discipline, drive and determination to better themselves.

    Keep on what you’re doing, you’ll get results and those small minded individuals will carry on with their shallow lives.

    On the other hand, I’ve had nice people shout out joking encouragement a few times and it does make you smile. I guess that might just be a Yorkshire thing.

  10. Fuck. Those. Twats. What you’re doing is bloody hard work. In true British style, when it happens to me I passively agressivley just wave back. You’re bettering yourself physically and mentally and they’ll just rot away in their own sadness.

  11. Just joining in to say that I have yo-yo’d with my weight my whole adult life and whenever I’ve ‘got into’ anything and started to lose weight, over the years I’ve found that no-matter what that thing is, whether it’s running, cycling or just a good brisk walk, the other people doing any kind of physical exercise or activity are really supportive and encouraging.

    Cyclist comes past a runner or visa-versa, at worst you’ll be ignored (yey!) , at the most you get a smile and a nod as as you pass each other by.

    Don’t let the haters get you down, don’t let them stop you doing something that you want to do and that makes you feel happier about yourself. It’s that old saying, ‘you do you’. 🙂

  12. People who yell abuse are obviously insecure and feel the need to make themselves feel better about their own inadequacies or issues. Perhaps they simply lack empathy and intelligence.

    Your life, your goals and your journey. You do you mate and ignore them.

  13. just remember those knobheads who are trying to tear you down are only proving they’re insecure themselves and reflecting it back on you –

    keep up the good work man, you’re doing amazing

  14. Got their reg plate? If you’re on social media, post their reg number and that they’re abusive cuntbags. They’re probably doing it to other people as well.
    Good luck with your fitness. At least you’re doing something positive, rather then driving around and yelling at strangers

  15. Good on you for getting out. Maybe it’ll help to think of it this way – out of all the cars that passed you how many shouted abuse? I’m hoping it was a very small minority and it’s just that those ones stood out.

    I sincerely hope that everyone else who saw you thought “good on him trying to get fit, go for it”. I’m always half tempted to roll down the window and shout some encouragement but I don’t want to embarrass someone lol. Also it takes guts to do that. I tried it before but was too chicken to run in public so I got up really early and skulked off to a local park. Unfortunately got shin splints after a few days and had to pack it in.

  16. I’m not fat but I was really skinny, I was sacred to go gym because I thought people would make fun of me but it was the opposite,

    One day I was training with a dumbbells and this comes up and taught me how to do the correct form and now I go gym with him and his really supportive

  17. Find yourself a local gym with a friendly atmosphere, I’m fat and the nicest thing I was told by a weight lifter “We’re all here to suffer, everyone has the same goal”. Looking forward to going back when I can.

  18. Can you imagine how empty and unfulfilling your life must be to go out of your way to yell abuse at someone doing something that is actually fulfilling? If this is what passes as entertainment for them then their lives must really suck.

    Keep it up – my sister is overweight and she’s been working hard to lose it. It is really hard work and challenging, but it will be so worth it. Getting out there and exercising is a great use of your time and it is a massive accomplishment!

  19. Fuck them. You’re winning. In 10 years they’ll be lager swilling fat cunts with no future. You’ll be kicking sand in their faces with two gorgeous women (or blokes, whatever you’re into) one on either arm

  20. Culturally it’s probably worse in the USA (shouting from car windows, throwing stuff) but yeah that sucks.

    At least if it’s shouting you can maybe rest assured that the driver has seen you, and it’s relatively easy to ignore.

    There are worse incidents of people having stuff thrown at them (and even what would typically just be unpleasant things like eggs can cause injuries thrown from a speeding car) or where a passenger has pushed the rider off the bike into the verge.

    Right now though, certainly where I live the typical traffic has changed. It used to be that if I avoided commuting times, and things like Friday evenings then most of the idiots weren’t on the roads. Early doors weekends, especially Sunday mornings you get the road to yourself.

    Daytime, you get courier vans, man in white van electricians / plumbers etc, retirees and it’s reasonably ok. Of course you need the kind of job (or to be retired or whatever) to be able to ride around at this time when most are at work.

    I think covid has changed that. At first for the better. We had a few weeks where the roads were deserted, but now there seem to be a fair number of people driving around for something to do and they’re often the drivers who would normally not be around, selfish, impatient, close passing etc.

  21. Keep going mate. I’m in the same boat but work and family life is making it difficult to get into a routine, so you’re doing better than me and a damn sight better than the majority of people. One thing that keeps me going is that no one knows how far I’ve run. They don’t know if I’ve run ten metres or ten kilometres. Doesn’t completely stop it from getting to me when some cunt mouths off but it helps.

  22. I am not overweight and I still get childish abuse from the cars speeding by at times when I run. Some people just can’t stand anyone who is not driving like the TRUE MEN should be.

    It’s even worse with cycling though.

  23. You’re killing it dude. In a similar boat and trying to avoid public spaces as much as possible but living in South London isn’t exactly but easiest place to avoid wankers like that. Down 35lbs of around 60 and still pushing through, though the weather today is making me want to just sit inside with a fan pointed at me!

  24. Headphones in and eyes in the direction you are going!

    These are the same idiots cat calling girls and shouting any sort of abuse that comes to there tiny mind. Don’t take it personal.

  25. I always feel like cheering on somebody when they’re working out or running, especially so if they’re of a larger build. But I’m scared I will be seen as being a sarcastic little shite, so I keep my encouragements to myself

  26. I tried running and it’s not for me but well done for getting out there – what’s that quote about “it doesn’t matter how far you go because you’re lapping the people who don’t even try” or some pish with a motivational view next to it. Anyway. Nice one.

  27. Just happened to me yesterday! Have been speed walking three miles a day, eating right, lost a stone and a half so far, admittedly more to go. Was out walking and guy in a car yells “fat ass bitch”. It was really disheartening.

  28. Fuck them all, you’re making a life changing decision and working hard at it, one day you’ll reach your target and your hard work will show and they’ll still be cowardly cunts.

  29. While cardio is good for overall health, it has small impact when trying to lose fat. If you want to lose fat effectively, eat less food OP, and of course continue cardio because its good for you

  30. I used to be 20 stone now I’m 11 stone, people did the same with me when I first started walking/jogging at my local lake, now I lap these fuckers and my life’s fucking great and they’re still dicks, just keep pushing you’ve got it 💪

  31. Are they the ones out running and challenging themselves? Are they the ones making positive life choices? No. They are yelling random abuse at innocent strangers. I think we all know who is actually winning at life here.

  32. Hey dude thats an awful experience please don’t let it stop you. Quick look at your posts shows you are a very inventive cook but god dayummmm are you fighting an uphill battle with your diet if the posts represent it in anyway. You simply cannot outrun a bad diet. Start at the source.

  33. You probably won’t see this cos it’s so far down now, but mate, fuck them!!

    My sister was about 25 stone (she admitted 25 so possibly more) she got down to 10 stone!

    Walking, and then more walking and watching what she ate. Nothing more than that, I promise you.

    She had people taking Snapchats of her, my daughter was in Portugal and POOF! There was lizzy.

    Fuck them, fuck that… Keep going for yourself. 💪

  34. Your fantastic for doing it in the first place! I bet the scum who shouted are lazy anyway. Hats off to you!
    Someone once threw a dead rabbit out of a car at my teenage brother because he was abit emo back in the day.
    I was soooo angry!
    Keep up the good work and hope it pays off!
    F the haters

  35. Preach. I’m a 5 ft 1 and 13 stone female. I am part of a running club and the stares I get from some people are just so demoralising. I’m currently on a calorie controlled diet and due to a knee injury, not running. Hoping when I weigh less, I get less stares.

  36. “Hey fatty you’ve been tangoed” was a common insult i would hear in my teens and early adulthood. My usual reply was “So did your mum and i got no complaints unlike you who i hear has a shrimp dick so keep driving before i tango you” I miss those days i really do.

  37. Keep going! You will be successful.

    I for one envy you. I’ve been unable to run for a year because of a leg operation. Just as I felt I might have recovered enough to try a few minutes, I started suffering from plantar fasciitis so I struggle to get walking in, never mind a run. I’ve been following a low-carbohydrate eating plan for the last few months and found this helpful to get a few pounds off .

    One small consolation is that my local 10k run was cancelled due to All This so I didn’t have to miss it.

  38. Never pay them any mind. Know that while they might be loud twats there are a lot more people silently cheering you on. Every time I see anyone my size or bigger running I always think ‘go on you’. Just not the sort of thing you shout from a car.
    The silent majority are with you!

  39. I freely immense jealousy when I see a bigger guy or gal out there exercising. Not just because they’re doing what I need to do (she’s the pounds) but also because they’re an inspiration to lazy buggers like me.

  40. You and several responders are an inspiration. I struggle with motivation. I broke my ankle about 9 years ago and after 2 surgeries it still isn’t right. Really limits my exercise options, very frustrating. I’m 6’1 too and vary between 16-17.5 stone generally…

    On shouting-from-car-windows-stories, when I was about 18/19, I was in a bad mood after youth club one night. Getting a lift home with a car full, I was just huffing about whatever (probably thinking I’ll never get that girl) and said “right, I’m going to shout abuse at someone” to which the youth worker driving us was not happy…

    I rolled down the window and thought I was going to say “dorky tossers!” or something lame at these 3/4 people walking along but out came:


    Everyone including me cracked up! One of those people walking along is still one of best friends today as they’d been at the club too and we knew them – not that I realised that when I was about to shout!

    This led to all sorts of nonsense like “Swearing” and “Aggressive Mannerisms!” and so on. Good times.

    Who knew years later that “Loud Noises!” would basically tell me I missed my vocation as a retarded weatherman?

    Never did get that girl.

  41. They aren’t yelling abuse, they are cheering you on.
    They are just using words in a way thats unfamiliar with you.
    But make no mistake about it, they are cheering you on.

    Smile your thanks inside and keep on going.

    So good luck.

  42. Screw them dude. What kind of all round dimwit shouts at people from a car anyway?
    Be proud of what you are doing, you are making change and anyway, who cares what other people think? That’s their problem, not yours.


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