2 lambs by accident went into the fallacious discipline. 2 border collies (with 7 legs between them) helped get them out.

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  2. Some context on this video:

    We were putting a large group of sheep away for the night, but at this particular farm some times the lambs slip through the fences into other fields on the way and then forget how to get out. So I sent Hendrix in to help return them to the rest of the group. The other border collie, with 3 legs, decided to come help as well.

    When two dogs work together to move stock, it is commonly called “a brace”.

    The 3 legged border collie lost her leg this winter. She went missing for several days and was found by her owner not far from their home (where this video was shot) with her leg stuck in the Y of a tree trunk. She had likely started to chase a squirrel or something up the tree and then got it wedged in there on the way down. It had to be amputated as it had been stuck there for at least a few days and was frozen.

    Weirdly enough, but this appears to be more common than you would think. I know of at least one other dog that had the same thing happen to it this year… and who also survived albeit one leg less.

    Today, she still goes everywhere with her owner around their farm riding in their Kubota and helping with chores. She loves life, her owner and has lost none of her desire to work and help out even on 3 legs.

    The other border collie is my dog, Hendrix. You probably have seen him a few times on this sub as I post videos/pictures of him somewhat regularly. [Here is his Instagram](https://www.instagram.com/hendrixthebordercollie/?hl=en) (if you don’t follow it already) in case you want to see more of him.

  3. there’s a collie at my local dog park who does this naturally (no training that i’m aware of) while the other dogs play. i have never seen it in person before that, i love how they work

  4. Just curious because I’ve never owned dogs, much less a farm or herding dogs ; but how do the dogs know where the livestock is supposed to go? Or if they have to isolate a single animal, how do they know which one?

    I know collies are supposed to be among the smartest, so I’m curious how they get trained to be so helpful.

  5. That’s insane. He literally is just calmly talking to his dogs and they respond.

    I need to train my dog harder. She listens about 60% of the time but if she ever got off the leash she’d be gone.

  6. It must be such absolute bliss to not be aware of anything beyond the scope of your existence. Working dogs always act and behave as if everything in their life has comed together, and they’ve found their place in the universe. Bless them.

  7. Really suprised they were trained using voice commands, never seen working dogs trained that way. I grew up in a farming community and all the collies the farmers had here responded to whistle commands (mist the sheepdog being a very famous one from a farm pretty close to my town, yes she was a real working dog, not just a tv star).

  8. I love you’re calming voice OP, I would gladly follow your orders, haha. What a pro, you and your dogs! Also, it’s really cool how you don’t even have to ‘yell’, they can really hear you from quite a distance away

  9. When I was living in Britain, I saw a sheep dog trial in Yorkshire. (For those who have seen the movie “Babe” that’s the climactic scene)

    Those dogs are astonishing.

  10. Best part was how quickly the dog turned off work mode when he said “Hendrick come here”. It was such a calm call and the dog immediately reacted. Side note im not sure if it was Kendrick or Hendrick or what. Edit: just read further. The pups name is Hendrix.


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