After my grandads dying, I inherited all his previous £££. I assumed it will be good so as to add the newest discontinued notes to his assortment

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  1. Lost my grandad in April. After his death, my family discovered a collection of rare coins he collected back in the day when he was a paver. Don’t know who has them right now, but some sort of display like this for them would be cool.

  2. You see, as inheritances go – a banknote collection is as good as it gets, I reckon. Well, its not a house, of course, but I would love a collection like this. Also that 20 pound note is giving me a pang of nostalgia. That was a great note – not fond of the new 20 pound at all.

  3. Not even joking but with covid going on I didn’t even a new £20 had come out, literally finding this out today! 😀

    Only used card this year and was abroad in Feb/March so didn’t know it changed.

  4. Forgot what sub I was on. I’m an American and we don’t phase out bills unless its the entire denomination (like the $500 note or half penny). Its not crazy to get bills from the 1990s or before, and they still spend.


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