Been ready for good time to carry this monster out. Price this unhealthy boy.

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  1. Specs is on the label.

    Edit: Wow ! You guys are absolutely amazing ! Thanks for the Platinum! It is my first ever and it really made my morning. I never know how Nostalgic this PC was going to be for you guys.

    I am still fairly new to Modern PC. I have been following this page quite a bit as well as seen many YouTube builds learning as much as I can. I plan on making my first build by the end of the year and finally Join the master race. I was part of the master race back in the days with games like Warcraft 3, Medal of Honor, Stronghold, serious Sam, doom but then I switched to console. Right now I’ve been trying not to spend at all because of pandemic, you never know, but my build is definitely coming !

    I hope to share with you guys one day. Once again thank you guys. I’ll try to get to as many comments as possible.

  2. Firewire 400, lightscribe, usb 2, all those card formats from when camera manufacturers were still figuring it out, that front i/o is like a smorgasbord of legacy and dead tech. 06, so good chance the drives are all IDE as well.

  3. With a lot of sacrifices, my father bought me almost the same computer when I was a child and it made me very happy. Last month, I built a gaming PC and while doing it, I had very fond memories of those days. I had forgotten how it looked like! My father passed away recently so this photo brought a lot of emotions… Thank you. 10/10

  4. This is the first time 1660 was used to represent the year of manufacture, not graphics card model.

    In all seriousness, this is quite a nice piece of history. Keep her clean.

  5. I always used Lightscribe for my school projects. Teachers thought it was the coolest and it was an instant grade bump. Little did they know it only took 15 minutes extra.

    Also burnt a couple of slide shows for my high school gf and used lightscribe. Earned brownie points there as well.

  6. I used to have AMD Athlon 64 X2 dual core 3800+ (2 GHz).
    Didn’t expect the damn thing being able to run Duke Nukem Forever. Long story short, all the pins got bent.

  7. Lmao, a few weeks ago my dad had me take the hard drives out of some pcs so he could get some old pictures off of them or something and this was the exact same as one of them

  8. I still remember my PC. Pentium 166mhz (no mmx sadly) 32 megs ram and I think a gig of storage. Hover! Was an amazing game with an awesome soundtrack and I bought POD racing from scholastic and played the hell out of that!

  9. This pic gives me nostalgia for my PC from the early 2000s. Played countless hours of Unreal Tournament 2004, Call of Duty 2, Civilization IV, and Sims 2 on it. Good times….

  10. Man was 2005 a terrible time to buy a PC. Especially to buy a CPU. It was the last year AMD had a competitive product line up. Intel Launched their Core series the next year and made AMD functionally obsolete for more than a decade.

  11. damnnn I have the exact same one sitting in my office except it used Intel and Nvidia instead of amd. media PC’s were so popular. they even came with a good sound card and I’m pretty sure it has a coaxial tv tuner too


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