BREAKING: Trump says he is banning TikTok within the U.S.

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  1. Fuck TikTok but this is the start of something dangerous. Now since we stepped into banning specific apps, whats going to stop them from turning around and making up excuses to ban other apps. Also how is it going to just be banned from the US. Its not like they can just ask China to deny US traffic.

  2. Indian Tiktokers to American Tiktokers: First time?

    For anyone wondering how the ban works: TikTok puts up a notice for Indian IPs saying that the website is blocked and we’re doing everything yada yada…

  3. Not a tiktok user could care less about it. However, hownis he going to do this? Compel a private company (google) to remove it from the app store? That seems to fly in the face of capitalism. Ban network access to their CDN? Under what law?

    I’m way unclear on how this would even be executed within the bounds of the law.

  4. – TikTok? Bad

    – Chinese Communist Party? Bad

    – Executive Branch unilaterally censoring what apps free Americans can & can’t use? Also bad.

    My proposal?

    Instead of playing Whack-A-Mole with different Chinese apps, just open-source the app stores.

    Developers can do whatever they want server-side, but I want to know exactly what data my phone is sending to that server

  5. As much as I am privacy oriented, this is just a stupid violation of the 1st amendment.

    Freedom of speech, only if it’s government-corporate approved SPEECH(TM)!

    (And yes, I would still be upset if the president was a democrat and did this.)

  6. [BREAKING: China’s ByteDance has agreed to divest its TikTok operations in the US, according to a report in Reuters. Under the deal, Microsoft would take over stewardship of the data of U.S.-based users. The deal allows another company besides Microsoft to operate TikTok in the United States. This would allow the service to continue to operate in the United States, sidestepping the alleged executive order threatened by President Trump.](

  7. Mr. Trump should also block Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Reddit, Twitter, Google and all their products, etc, and end up blocking himself so we can continue our lives in peace and quiet

  8. It’s okay guys. Hes still gonna let suckerburg fk up the election again.
    Cambridge Analytica anyone???
    Trump only wants to ban tik tok bc hes a crybaby and can’t stand activists organizing on the platform.

  9. This is a dumb and cruel decision. Kids and teens across America will hate Trump even more. Especially now when they don’t have school, don’t have summer camp, don’t have normal lives because of his mismanagement of the pandemic. I hope it’ll backfire.

  10. I’m curious why ALCU is claiming this is damaging when it’s not like this is the only form of communication. Am I the only one that thinks it’s sketchy saying that?

  11. This is a privacy sub y’all should be happy he is banning this spyware, can’t believe there is so many idiots here, only hating on decision because it is Trump who did it lol, hypocricy is unreal

  12. From Washington Post:

    > The prospect of a forced sale came amid growing concern among U.S. officials that the Chinese government could access users’ private data, something that prompted Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to say earlier this month that the United States is “certainly looking at” banning TikTok.

    Do they not hear what they are saying? Replace China, Chinese Government and Chinese Communist Party with USA, US Government, and Republican party in any of these articles and there is no difference. These people are dillusional.

    I care fuck all for TikTok, but this is a dangerous precedent.

    Will we ban LibreOffice when we have a spat with Germany?


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