So I’ll begin…. inside weeks of courting my bf, I began my interval and was at his residence for the day. Feeling self aware about it, I hid all of it day and didn’t point out it when abruptly I went to the restroom and the bathroom started to overflow!!!! I used to be past embarrassed and didn’t know what to do however to name him out to inform him what was occurring. It was inevitable he had to assist me. He jumped up, analyzed what was occurring and set to work to scrub it up. He by no means made me really feel embarrassed, ashamed, or disgusted with what occurred. I’ll by no means for that.

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  2. I had to relocate to another state to start grad school and a road trip seemed like the perfect time for us to spend some quality time together for a few days, so my boyfriend came along.

    The second day of the trip, I had a coughing fit that somehow **threw out a muscle in my back.** I was completely incapacitated, unable to bend or hardly move at all without extreme pain. Not only did my bf drive me all the way to our destination (much of which was through an incredibly hot desert in the middle of the summer) but he moved my boxes into the new apartment for me and got me to a doctor so I could get properly drugged out on pain medication. None of the promised “quality time” was had, but he didn’t complain one bit about having to literally do all the heavy lifting and was always just concerned about me being in pain.

    Needless to say we’re married now, and I very much recommend having a disaster road trip to find out how your partner handles themself in a crisis.

  3. The first time we had sex my period started and I was unprepared. He went to Walmart and bought me tampons and a pair of fuzzy pajama pants at 2am. This was also our first date lolol. Together 6 years now and have a daughter.

  4. My boyfriend and I were about to try anal together for the first time, so we put a small plug in first to warm up. Things got a little heated and we ended up having vaginal sex with the plug in.. after a bit, my boyfriend slowly said my name and told me that the plug was no longer in. I thought he meant that it had fallen out, but nope.. the whole thing was inside me. After the initial embarrassment of needing him to stand behind me in the shower and fish it out had passed, we had a really good laugh about it and I knew I could trust him with pretty much anything after that.

  5. Oh yeah.
    First date was during the romaine lettuce recall and I had a salad. We also went to a musical that night and had to leave early. I threw up and was dead on the floor sweating for 14 hours. Got naked at one point t because my formal gown from the theatre got puke on it (or mascara.)

    He was sweet about it. Two years now.

  6. One of our first times hanging out at his house, we walked to a restaurant to get food. After eating we decided to continue to walk around before going back to his place. Well, it turns out eating and then walking for a while both of us really had to poop. Eventually I asked if we could go back and he said “I was thinking the same thing, I’ve really gotta take a dump.” And I laughed so hard I almost pissed myself, and shyly said “So do I. So who’s going first?” (His house at the time only had one bathroom.)

    We are now married and have a beautiful 6 month old daughter.

  7. I started my period (seems to be the theme with these answers lol) and asked him to get me some pads from the store since we were at his house and I forgot to grab some before going over. I texted him a picture of the brand I like, making sure to specify the size number I needed, and waited.

    This man FaceTimes me and says “I can’t find them”

    “Can you show me the shelf? Maybe I’ll spot them,”

    “Do you see them?”

    “Babe, you’re in the adult diaper section,”

    “Are you.. sure?”

    Lmaooo I told him to ask someone who worked there where the tampons were and he was able to find the correct aisle and secure the pads. He’s very sweet, he wasn’t embarrassed to ask like some men might be. Plus he got us cookie dough and we made cookies that night 🙂 I lov him.

  8. He was balls deep for the first time saying some cute romantic shit like “I want you, only you” and ofc my dumb ass looks him straight in the eyes and say, “only you can prevent forest fires”. I was sooo embarrassed bc we were still in that stage of pretending to be a little cooler than we actually are but he just started laughing his head off. Six months later and he occasionally still calls me Smokey bear.

  9. We were having sex and my period started. I didn’t even know because my cycle was normally at the end of the month. I was apologizing profusely and he kept telling me there wasn’t anything to apologize. He helped me clean myself up and then we went another few rounds.

  10. my bf and i were studying in his college dorm and i was studying on the floor. he came over to me and lifted me up from the ground from behind, and squeezed my stomach so hard that i farted on him… and all i managed to say was “oops.. i think i farted” while he laughed at my shame ridden face. still dating 2.5+ years later heh

  11. When we first got together, I had just completed chemo so I was bald and very self conscious about it. When we had sex, my wig or head scarf would sometimes shift a bit and I’d get nervous and fix it.. well, one time it slipped off halfway and I was MORTIFIED, but he told me to just take it off, that it’s silly I needed that during sex.

    From then on I didn’t feel the need to cover my bald head and felt so comfortable around him, and not at all ugly and bald. Maybe it isn’t super embarrassing overall but oh man the way I felt before his reassurance was a very deep level of embarrassment

  12. On my fourth date with my boyfriend, he was sleeping over. We stayed up really late ~doing stuff~ but around 2 am I started feeling really nauseous. I had to make a run for the bathroom and was basically puking my guts out for an hour or so. I was so embarrassed, but he was really sweet about it and kept bringing me water and stayed outside the door the whole time to make sure I was ok (I wouldn’t let him in lol). The next morning I was still sick and he had to leave to go to work, but he kept texting me throughout the day to check in on me. It was definitely a huge green flag and turning point in our relationship!

  13. I’m a wiseass and knew my now husband was the one when he out wiseassed me. We were in the cafeteria at our university and the lady at the sandwich station asked if I wanted mayo and mustard. I said “just mustard, please. I can’t have mayo.” She said “oh, are you allergic?” I replied “no, he says he’ll dump me if I get fat.”

    Without missing a beat my future husband says “aw, babe, you’re eating for two now, so go ahead.” To clarify, I was not pregnant. But I was in love.

    Note: we did explain to the sandwich lady that were both kidding. She had looked stunned and mortified.

  14. When My Boyfriend and I had sexual relationship for the first time together, I spotted and stained the bed and mattress. He helped me cleaned it out and this man is the love of my life been married 2 years.

  15. Went fishing on one of our first dates. When he drove the boat in to dock, he asked me to help guide the boat. I reached for the platform and fell in. The water was up to my hips and I turned bright red while expecting him to laugh at me. Instead, he said “oh no” and immediately docked the boat by himself to help me out of the water.

    We just had our one year anniversary.

  16. I was recording a video of myself and he shoved his face into frame and obnoxiously chewed his broccoli as the gross monster does. As a result of how hilarious he found himself he inhaled broccoli and then projectile hacked it *all over my head, my plate of food, my phone, and my table*. We were fwb and I knew when I was fine with eating my “chewed broccoli garnish” dinner afterwords that I was hooked to the idiot. Love him to the damn moon and back

  17. One month in, I wondered out loud if I could fit a whole last piece of pizza in my mouth. He convinced me i could and my mouth was so full, it -and drool- was falling out of my mouth as i tried to chew it. My cheeks were stuffed but i didnt want to spit out a whole piece of pizza in front of him. People were staring but he was cheering me on. He then told me it was amazing when I managed to choke it down. 6 months of bliss so far

  18. The day we met we had milkshakes and he made a joke and I burst out laughing and somehow I belched unbelievably loud! Like it sounded like a car horn, I have never been so embarrassed. He literally ignored it like nothing had happened and when I profusely apologized for it he said “it’s a natural part of life, its no big deal” and we still laugh about it three months in 😂😂 cant wait to see what other stuff happens lol

  19. It was after I had major surgery.. The surgery I had left me with absolutely NO strength in my stomach muscles. I had rented a hospital bed that raised and lowered the head and feet, and I also had a bar to use my arm strength to help myself out of bed.

    Well, one night I had to pee REALLY bad. The bed was slow to rise all the way up, and by the time I was able to swing my legs to the edge of the bed, I knew I didn’t have much time left. I was groggy from the pain meds and I couldn’t lift myself with my arms to push myself closer to the edge. I called out for my husband (who was right there on the couch) but by the time he helped me get to my feet, my bladder let go! I peed all over myself, the bed, and some got on him. I was mortified to say the least and burst into tears apologizing. He wrapped me into his arms and told me it was all going to be okay. He helped me change my clothes, got me comfortable in a chair while he changed the bedding, got me back into my bed and all comfortable before going to change his own clothes! We’ve been married for 10 years and have had a lot of embarrassing moments between each other, but the way he cared for me made me fall in love with him even more.

  20. One time me and my (absolute perfect lover) we’re grabbing a pizza to bring back to his place. It has broccoli on it (my fav pizza topping). I picked a piece off before we left and ate it.

    We were walking to the car.

    I farted….

    I couldn’t deny it.

    He won’t let me live it down.

    Edit: BTW he made me feel all of those things.

  21. We had our second date scheduled and the day before the date I was helping a friend of mine move when I stepped off of a 5 inch curb with a box in my hands and so seriously crunched my ankle and had to go to the ER. Luckily it wasn’t broken but it was so swollen and painful I couldn’t walk. I am embarrassingly clumsy. Panicking, I couldn’t come up with any excuse other than the truth so I texted him “I’m so sorry this probably sounds like a fake excuse but I almost broke my foot yesterday and I can’t walk for our date tonight but I do really want to see you. Do you think we could do a movie night and order food instead?” I was sure he was going to think I was lying and/or see me hopping around on one foot and not be attracted to me anymore, but to my surprise he was totally down and we had an amazing night together.

    Our one year anniversary was yesterday, and he’s told me since then that if I hadn’t invited him over he would have assumed I was lying and didn’t, like him but my invite was so earnest and flattering it scored me a lot of points in his book.

  22. After driving two hours round trip to make an airport pun to ask me out, He mixed up his words and told me, very seriously, that he peed MY pants. I’ve never loved another human more. 2 years now!

  23. During sex once I orgasmed and defecated. I didn’t know it was possible and it was easily one of the top 5 worst moments in my life, and it was also on his sheets. I panicked instantly from embarrassment because I had only been dating him for a few weeks and he was my first boyfriend.

    When he realized I was embarrassed about it, he kissed me on the forehead and reassured me that defecating during orgasm happens, it’s natural, and it’s nothing to be ashamed about. After a lot of apologizing on my part, he asked me if it was okay if I washed his sheets because he had Overwatch practice starting soon (he was on a college esports team). I washed his sheets and brought them back to him, and after he was done with practice he wanted round 2.

    Still together and going on 2 years this October!

  24. So I don’t know if this counts because it’s so new but, I started seeing my boyfriend around thanksgiving of last year. Within that time we had a bit of time where we had to take a break due to issues I would rather not discuss. Around two months passed and I didn’t hear from him at all, it turned out my phone had messed up somehow and blocked his number as a spam number. Just last week my little brother tells me that my boyfriend has been messaging him everyday of the two months to check in on me and make sure I was ok since I hadn’t replied to any calls or texts. I knew then it was meant to be.

  25. We arent together now but on liek our fourth date I became super ill and kept sneaking out of the movie to go to the bathroom…after 3 times in one movie he sort of caught on something was wrong. Then when we got to my car we realized I had locked my keys in. I called a tow truck but it was going to he like 2 or 3 hours, I threw up while calling the truck haha we tried to go to a restaurant to wait but they were all closing…i then threw up in a bush i think 2 more times. Finally gave in and asked a friend to pick us up and I’d get my car tomorrow. We went to his place and he took care or me while I proceed to vomit and essentially shit myself for the next few hours haha

  26. I’m a trans dude who’s super passable and stealth and he’s a gay man who’s honestly overcome the fear of my genitals (the first couple weeks LMAO), and will only f with that with me. For the first time in years I had a period a couple months in and he was so calming mentally, helpful, and supportive. He’s my #1 forever 🥺

  27. When I was first dating my current girlfriend, she used to volunteer at a hospital. She would volunteer all the time, it was a thankless job. But some days during the month we’d use her position as an excuse to sneak into the basement bathroom to do it. I’d bring a backpack with blankets to cover the floor and walls. Nobody really used the room so it never smelled or was dirty. The first time we did this, I was taking her virginity. I was in missionary, but I kept bending her so her butt was up in the air. I kept pushing it, and at one point she was like “Wait.. stop.” She was always paranoid about the cleaning ladies coming by, and I didn’t hear one, so I kept going. I teased her and kept saying. “Haha, why? Don’t you like it?” She was moaning so she obviously was but she looked a little worried. Then, all the sudden I heard a loud noise. IT WAS A QUEEF… She yelled out at me, “THATS WHY!” She turned bright red and covered her face in embarrassment. She thought it was horrific; I thought it was hilarious. I kissed her on the cheek and laughed. She looked at me and realized I was okay with it and she looked relieved. I kissed her again and told her I didn’t mind. She told me after that she trusted me a lot more because I didn’t make her feel stupid for doing something so embarrassing. I felt better around her too. Of course there were many more moments that proved our loyalty and connection to one another, but this was the funniest!

  28. God we’ve actually had quite alot of moments like these. However my memory fails me right now, but this one is a major one i’ll probably never forget.

    On new year day, we spent the night at my family’s. We all got very drunk and went to bed after a fun game of truth or drink. We slept on the couch in the living room and ended up having drunk anal sex as quietly as possible. That was both our first times trying anal out. Odd and painful way to start.

    A couple months later, my ass still had subtle issues. I had hemorrhoids for a little bit. After they went away, it was just sensitive. One night, we got drunk again. At one point, I went to the bathroom and my ass was bleeding intensely. My drunk self was horrified. I started crying. Sobbing actually. My boyfriend came in worried. I was so embarrassed and shaken. I tried to explain what I could. He ended up just bring me to the bed and making sure nothing was too bad down there. He rubbed ontiment on the wound for me. I laid there so embarrassed, but knew that he was definitely the one. If not because he was fine with being that close to my ass, then because he wasn’t grossed out or disgusted.

    Still with him today. Our one year is this September, and he’s just as perfect as he was then, now. Still super sweet too!

  29. I became a paraplegic four years ago due to an ATV accident. There have been a million embarrassing moments (for both of us) in those four years. But this one of my favorites because if I had any control of my bladder I would’ve pissed all over myself lol.

    My boyfriend is also my caregiver which means he manages my urine and bowel movements. When he catheterizes me to void my urine, he rolls me onto my back and frog legs me. He needs glasses lol and he was cleaning the area and his face was reeaallyy close to my taint…welp, I totally farted directly in his face hahaha. But since I can’t control it, my farts don’t really sound normal. So it was just a 10 second pfffftt haha.

    We had actually already been together 3 years and had a 14 month old son, and my 9 year old son and 12 year old daughter from previous relationships. We were in love but fought a lot. Going through such a life change together has really cemented for both of us how much we are meant for each other. Because of our blended fucked up sense of humor, he makes it okay for me to be paralyzed.

  30. My boyfriend and I had been dating for a few months and were already very secure in our relationship. We’d been physical and comfortable for a long while but sometimes I get self conscious when he goes down on me because (prepare yourself) sometimes vaginas get sweaty and odorous after working out . He wanted to go straight into oral on me and since we don’t like to do the nasty in silence, we put on our sex movie, Thor Ragnarok. The opening sequence hadnt started yet and he’s trying to get me out of my insecurities by kissing my body in his travels downtown. I’m starting to get relax into it and he goes to work on cunnilingus.
    For those of you not familiar to Marvel movies, when you begin playing the movie there’s a montage of comic book pages and characters filling their logo and a thematic song playing as the words “MARVEL” come across the screen.
    As the song begins, he is proceeding as usual, his performance impeccable. I’m like 3/4 really turned on when he takes inspiration from the atmosphere and begins to lick my clit to the theme song – BUMbum BUMBUMBUMbum BUMBUMBUMbumBUMBUMBUM!
    I tap his head for him to pause and ask, already giggling, “are you… are you licking to the best of the MARVEL theme song??”
    He looks up at me and says in a tiny voice, ”…..maybe… I didn’t think your pu**y would appreciate me just singing the song”
    I began laughing super hard- mostly out of embarrassment for myself because I was getting worked up and I was insecure about my smell and such
    I was laughing WAY too much and we both agreed that it wasn’t that funny but I was lost in giggles.
    All the while he was still down there laughing slightly but patiently waiting to continue.
    I couldn’t control my laughter and the more I laughed, the more embarrassed I got and it made me laugh more.
    A few moments of this go by and I’m catching my breath but still have the giggles and he asks if he can start again.
    I remember what previously happened and can’t help but laugh again and this is where I fuck up.

    He was opening my legs to begin again and I laughed once and accidentally let out a huge fart in his face!
    I’m over here laughing like an idiot because I’m embarrassed and can’t process my emotions and proceed to fart a few more times as my lungs contract from laughter. ALL DIRECTLY IN HIS FACE
    He was a good sport and eventually got me distracted with his talent enough to stop laughing but as we go through our relationship we have that wonderful night to thank for the breaking of boundaries and 100% comfort with all sex sounds and results.

    Edit: bad word was used- bleeped it

  31. I think embarrassing for both of us. We weren’t together yet but we’re casually seeing each other but taking things slow. He’s my neighbor and so we live right next to each other. One night he went out drinking with brother for his brother’s birthday. He got wrecked but texted me the entire time he was out, telling me how he threw up so he’s ready to keep going, just general updates (they weren’t asked for). Eventually they were gonna be on their way home and I was in bed ready to sleep and he texted saying his brother wanted to meet me for the first time and play Xbox with me and for me to please wait up. So I did.

    He rocks up at my door, alone, nesrl incoherent. His brother had passed out the minute they got home. He was in my garden asking to hang out. He looked like a wreck so I tried to send him home. He was sitting on my couch and says ‘nah, a bong will sober me up’. I knew this was going to do the opposite but like he wouldn’t listen to me. He smokes and immediately goes white and pale and heads for my backdoor. Man’s spent the night throwing up in my yard with the greenies.

    Now, I FEAR throw up and people throwing up. So I’d sit with him but everytime he moved or got that look on his face I’d SPRINT inside and sing a tune so I didn’t hear any projectiles. Eventually it was 1 in the morning and I wanted to get him over to his house to bed. He was curled into a cocoon on a one-seater chair with his head nearest to the seat. Idk even know the gymnastic involved. He refused to move. He refused to wake up and kept telling really bad knock knock jokes. He was sweating from the greenies and smelt rank, I was sweating and looked wrecked from my sprinting back and forth while he puked. We both were a site. I didn’t want to leave him alone outside so I got two blankets and slept outside with him for a bit so he could sober up. At nearly 4 I was able to wake him up to come to my couch. He asked for a bucket to take with him (was upset because he couldn’t get a ‘pretty’ puke bucket, just a dull Grey one haha). Eventually we both fell asleep inside.

    That night I saw him at his worst, and he saw how terrible I am at handling puke.

    Funnily, I would never have pushed through my fear the way I did for anyone else. I would have sent them straight home or left them alone outside. The fact that I wanted to ignore my fear or wager with it to still help made me realize I REALLY fucking loved this guy.

  32. My previous boyfriend (8 year toxic relationship) would always make fun when I listened to Taylor Swift songs coz she was too girly or boring or conventional or whatever. It got to the point where I didn’t listen to her songs for 3 years before I started again.

    When i started dating my present boyfriend, we were chilling and i was playing music on my laptop, when Shake It Off played. I only knew that he was a massive Red Hot Chilli Peppers and heavy metal fan, so assumed that he would dislike TS too (date a toxic misogynist long enough and they will twist your way of thinking).
    I said sorry and was about to change the song and he said, what? Why are you changing?
    When i asked if he liked the song, he said that shake it off is the jam 😛
    Knew I was a goner then

    Edit to fix typos!

  33. I have IBS… When we first got together before we even decided to be exclusive. It was a very bad time for my tummy. I’m on top and all of a sudden my stomach tells me it is time to go right now but before I can react my body takes over and I end up shitting on him. Keep in mind we are in no way into this kind of play (not kink shaming, just saying) and I am completely mortified. I am crying because of how embarrassed I am. He is being very sweet, understanding, and compassionate and I’m ask point blank why does this not bother you?!? He just got the giggles and said because now I can say I fucked the shit out of you and mean it literally. Our sixth wedding anniversary is the 9th.

    Edit: a word. no Siri modified and mortified are two very different words

  34. it was the second or the third time that we met and it was the first time that i was at his house. we cooked dinner together and had an amazing evening. later on, we started making out and we both wanted it so bad, that we couldn’t really stay calm. i wanted to sit up as he tried to kiss me and our heads crashed together so bad. you could literally hear the bang. for a few seconds, i got really dizzy and my eyes started tearing up. he immediately comforted me, brought me some ice, and apologised a hundred times, even though it was both of our fault. we still joke about having to wear helmets during sex

  35. We went swimming one day a few summers ago and I got badly sunburnt. In bed she was like: “hey! Let’s go shower together” and she was then insistent that I sit on the edge of the bathtub because of how badly my skin was burnt . She then gave me little kisses and started to peel the burnt skin off my back. That’s when I knew! She was perfect and the one. It was a hilarious moment but also a very intimate bonding moment because it wasn’t sex in the shower it was her doing something kind of gross because she “cared”.

  36. We had been dating for about a month. One day I was sitting on his lap and he began bouncing me up and down…to my surprise I accidentally let out a little fart in the process of being bounced up and down like a toddler. Moments after, I looked at him, he looked at me, we laughed a little (I blushed and smiled), and he never said anything about it! Well, until later that is. We’ve been together 8 years now. It comes up every now and then. 💕

  37. This was my ex boyfriend actually. I came over to his place and we were planning on watching movies and half way through the movie I started to fall asleep. He put a blanket over me, a pillow underneath my head, and give me a kiss on the forehead. He was just happy to have me there regardless of if we were hooking up.

  38. About 10 months into our relationship, I ended up having an (unplanned-I was on BC) ectopic pregnancy that ruptured. He was away on a business trip at the time but he rushed back just in time before I went into emergency surgery. Afterwards, I was so out of it that I couldn’t even wipe when using the bathroom. It was so so embarrassing and I would have never thought I’d need to ask a partner to do that sort of thing (pre being like 90 years old) but he was there every time to help me in the bathroom. Been together for over 5.5 years now and that moment made us grow stronger together as a couple.

  39. Met at a bar, got on like a house on fire. First date I invited her out for dinner the following week. Neither of us rich at the time, I worked construction, she in a sewing factory. Bill (expensive) comes, I realised I’d left my wallet at home. She cracks up laughing, said you’re paying the next time buddy as she paid the bill. 28 years married, 3 sons. And I buy the dinners now.

  40. About 2 months after I started dating my boyfriend, we went to his friend’s house for a kegger. We both drank a ton, then caught a cab back to his place. While he was in the bathroom, I…ended up throwing up in his sink. So I rinsed it down as best I could in my state, then went to bed. I told him what had happened in the morning, then went to finish cleaning up my mess. I was so embarrassed, I wouldn’t let him even look at the sink, despite him offering to clean it up for me. We both laughed about it, a lot. He’s the best.

  41. Within just a couple of days of knowing each other in person (dated online for a month), I was hit with serotonin syndrome from attempting to smoke weed (I don’t smoke) with an antidepressant I take.

    It was awful. I couldn’t stop sweating, felt like I was going to vomit, and couldn’t get up off the bathroom floor. He sat down with me and did deep breathing exercises. I eventually left the bathroom but kept having weird feelings of upset, including an out of body experience and an inability to figure out where I was. It was scary for him but scarier for me and I just wanted it to end. He stayed with me and kept an eye on me until I felt better.

    Then, the next day, he nearly shit his pants on a long run around the where we live. He called me explaining that he was in tremendous pain and needed me to pick him up. I left and got him, prayed he wouldn’t poop in my car, and hung out while he shit his brains out in my bathroom.

    Those were some real bonding moments.

  42. We were having sex in the missionary position. I had a runny nose. It dripped on her neck and she saw the whole thing. Her mouth dropped. I was so fuckin embarrassed. I jumped up to grab something to wipe it and she laughed. I tried to wipe my nose before but it happened so quick. I thought she was the woman I was going to marry.

  43. My now wife and I were having sex on vacation, we were on the first floor of the hotel room when we heard a knocking on our window. Turns out our shades were open… She casually walked over there closed the shades and we still laugh about it today. Embarrassing as fuck when it happened though

  44. We went on holiday to Spain. I was desperate for the toilet so we went into this lovely little place for a beer and sat down. I ran to the toilet, and in my desperation forgot to check if there is any toilet paper.

    Five minutes later I’m calling my boyfriend to please get me some toilet paper. Only the staff didn’t speak much English, and we didn’t know what it was in Spanish, so my boyfriend then proceeds to mimick wiping his bottom in the middle of the restaurant to ask for what I needed. Like, leg up in the air, full define movements from front to bottom…

    Just realized it wasn’t really my embarrassing moment. But yeah, anyone who can do that for me is my hero.

  45. In my culture, we were told women are sinful that’s why we have periods and have to bear child birth. If we are less sinful this life/have no desires…in the next life we will reincarnate to the next level which is to become a man. Yes….it’s somewhere in the Buddhism scriptures. (I’m sure it was written by a male)

  46. My ex and I had been hanging out for about 6 weeks, not in a relationship at this point. Had gone out for a nice meal, everything going well. Suddenly I thought “oh no, I need to poop, I don’t feel right” so we start walking back to the car. I’m walking faster and faster to get to the shop so I can go poopsies. Suddenly I felt hot and awful and almost passed out, at the same time I went poopsies all over myself.

    I pooped myself in public in front of the guy I was dating. It was all over everything. It was legit liquid.

    He was so sweet about it and we became a couple later that day. Let me hide in his bathroom to have a bath, got a bag for my things, all that.

    Months later I found out he was chatting to girls on dating sites.

    On the upside of this. I realised I could survive anything.

  47. When I had period cramps so painful I was vomiting. He drove me to AnE, waited with me for 5 hours, took me to get food afterwards, took me home, cuddled me and looked after me, and was only ever concerned (not annoyed). Also, one time he had to take my menstrual cup out for me when it got stuck and I couldn’t get it out and was panicking. 🥺

  48. In our first month of dating, we were drinking whisky in a bar and I think it was a mixture of having one too many, not eating enough for dinner and standing up too fast and suddenly she was bent over, face pale and nauseous. She was also expelling a lot of air (it smelled and I was laughing but silently because I didn’t want her to feel conscious). Packed ourselves into a taxi, grabbed some food otw up to my place, stopped for her to lie on the floor of the lift lobby because she was still sick, but I never once thought she was cumbersome or embarrassing (almost started a fight at the taxi stand because the attendant said she cannot sit there to rest ugh). Anyway, we’ve both done embarrassing things and we adore each other despite and in spite of all these. Very happy together still!

  49. Tip for Guys – Women are suckers for guys who treat them nice on their periods. Because we are all caveman that think blood is icky.

    I feel like I read this same post 2x a month.

  50. Is anyone else reading this thinking of purposefully embarrassing themselves lmfao, reading these are seriously so cute like wow maybe if we were vulnerable more in front of our crush things would work out xD

  51. The first time he stayed over mine we decided to order fried chicken… next morning comes around and I am in pain! I go to the bathroom get horrible diarrhoea and throw up simultaneously. This man not only cleaned up my sick but took care of me the entire day including waking me up at night every ten minutes to drink something so I don’t dehydrate.

  52. We started as FWB and still were at this point. He had come over to spend the night. I had started new anti- depressants and one of the side effects was loss of appetite, I hadn’t eaten much that day except a few sticks of vegetables. We smoked some weed and had a couple of cigarettes, went back to bed where we were laying together, suddenly I felt sick. I vomited and almost on him but I moved as fast as I could away from him and so did he! He made sure I was okay, got me clean clothes and helped me change my bedding and put a warm shower on for me. Still together almost a year later. I was relieved that didn’t scare him away and that he stuck around!

  53. We were going out to eat in January of 2017. It was super cold, and we were both getting to know eachother still. I have a rather dirty sense of humor, and had not revealed it yet. Before getting out the car he began to take his jacket off, and I; the good Christian girl remarked “wait a second I don’t have my ones out.” It’s not the dirtiest joke- but we were definitely not there yet. My hand immediately flew to my face and I began to apologize, when he started laughing so loudly. I looked over, completely embarrassed. He said, and I quote “that was the funniest thing I’ve heard in a while. Where have you been all my life?” It was a stupid joke, but it ended up making us way more casual and comfortable with one another. Almost three years down the line and it’s still one of our favorite moments.

  54. This isn’t an embarrassing moment but I told him on our first date that I’ve always felt I could have a future with him every time I see him before dating. Haha I said that on our first. Date. 😅 To balance that “embarrassing” moment, I always feel safe and at home with him. It sounds cliché but my problems and worries literally go away when I’m with him.

    Now, we’re engaged.

  55. I had to take a shit at my boyfriends (3 months at the time) place and his toilet wasn’t all covered in water before you flush. So my shit was stuck after flushing in the part where there’s no water and I was in full on panic mode so I didn’t know what to do. I opened the door but not fully opened, I was just kind of peeking and told him my shit got stuck.
    He then comes over and grabs a tissue of toilet paper and pushes my poop and then flushes. I was just watching him like 。◕‿◕。 thinking why didn’t I do this before.
    After that he just washes his hands and goes back to watching the office and tells me to come finish the pizza.

    We never talked about it until way later when we were drunk and laughed.

  56. 2nd date. We were laying on the grass next to a lake, just chatting and getting to know each other, not too far from the airport. Plane goes by overhead and I made a comment like “where do you think they’re going?” And he looks at me and says “well that plane is about to land here, but they probably came from Europe.” And we both burst out laughing and I knew I wanted to be with someone where I felt comfortable enough to be goofy or say stupid things. It was a nice moment.

  57. The day I met my wife. We were in Petco because a mutual friend wanted a fish and she sarcastically looked over at me and said “Why does she want a fish, it’s just gonna die.” That was it. That moment. It was also my birthday. Best birthday present the universe ever gave me.

  58. When I first started dating my now fiancé we lived about 180 miles apart and only saw each other every few months. Very early on some prior commitments I had at the weekend suddenly fell through and I had some free time so I decided to drive up and surprise him on the Friday night after work. In my haste (and excitement) to leave I completely forgot to pack any clothes or toiletries in my car and just drove the three and a half hours to his house in my work uniform before realising my mistake.

    After laughing his ass off at me he went to the local town the next day (I refused to go in my work uniform, no idea why) and bought me 2 sets of clothes, a packet of knickers, toothbrush and a gift set of toiletries that he thought I might like. He also bought some sanitary towels even though I told him I didn’t need any and said I should leave what I didn’t need or use at his house so that if I decided to surprise him at least I would have some stuff for me!

    12 years later and he’s still as kind and considerate (but will laugh at me if I’m a wally).

  59. It’s mostly been a collection of moments, some of my favourite are:
    When I had such a long, loud fart one morning, that I not only woke him up, but it lasted long enough to give him time to realize what it was, he then, half asleep, said “babe, that is a VERY good alarm clock, but I would like to hit snooze for now”.
    My whole life I’ve done goofy voices and ridiculous accents and one time I guess my brain thought it would be hilarious to be “the great Hoochini” during sex and he not only went with it, but will now ask if “the great Hoochini is in town for a show tonight”
    The one that takes the cake for me though is the time I had terrible constipation pains and he helped me do some “poop yoga” and then got on all fours in front of me on the floor of the bathroom to be my “poop stool”, and yes, I have returned the favour when he needed one too.

  60. After about a month dating I got a gastro bug at lunchtime…left work early and let myself into his place (he had given me a key, things were going well and he lived close to my work). Proceeded to shit his bedsheets, was too weak to do anything about it – cleaned myself and went into the lounge room to get away from the bed, was thinking I’d deal with the sheets shortly. Then fell asleep on the couch. He came in after work and quietly remade the bed.

    He’s only mentioned it once, a few years later as a joke, but never again because I’m still mortified! Together for 17 years now, 2 kids. After that, I knew he could handle anything, a real man.

  61. I was peeing in my dream but uh yeah guess I was peeing in real life too because I immediately sprung up when I realized there was a cold puddle between my legs. When I came back after rushing to the bathroom to clean myself up, head down in shame, I asked him to move a bit so I can take off the sheets because I had accidentally peed the bed. He didn’t ask any questions or make any jokes, got up immediately at 7 am and helped me take off all the sheets, put it in the laundry. We both put on new clean sheets and lied in bed together and just fell back to sleep as if nothing happened. Guess team work does make the dream work. (Even the wet ones)

  62. During my first visit to see my LDR boyfriend, we were making out. I was so nervous and vomited up green laffy taffy and coke. Embarrased, I began crying and ran to the bathroom to clean up. My boyfriend helped me take off my shirt and pants, put them in the wash and then gave me one of his shirts to wear. He then hugged me tightly and said I had nothing to be embarrassed about, things happen.

    We’re still together 2 years later and engaged! I couldn’t be happier.

  63. My ex pulled out a tampon that was stuck for 3 weeks because I couldn’t reach it myself with my small hands (got jammed up).
    I was so embarrassed and scared and he did it without a complaint just wanted to take care of me.

    He was really special. Someone will be lucky to have such a caring husband one day.

  64. First time we had sex there was fluff everywhere (and I mean EVERYWHERE) from a new cushion I bought. He didn’t mention it till we were finished with her we realized that his penis is was bleeding which sent him into mild panic will we realized it was cut because it got caught on my necklace. Utter disaster and we’re now happily living together

  65. It was about a month after we became official. His landlord kicked him out of his apartment without warning and he asked me which apartments were close to me. He took a chance to move near me and soon after I had a horrible anxiety attack in his car after the movies one night from things going on at home. I was a sobbing, hyperventilating mess. He just rubbed my back and tried to help me control my breathing and listened to everything without judgment.

    It will be two years in October and we just signed a lease for our own apartment to move into around that time.

  66. Not embarrassing, just very cute and thoughtful.

    On our first date we talked about sweet potatoes and I mentioned how much I like them. At the end of our second date she says she has a present for me and gives me a brown paper bag.

    I open it to see three purple sweet potatoes she had gone out and bought for me especially 🥰😇

  67. About a week into dating, we took edibles and I took too much and got way too high. I was freaking out and super paranoid, so he hugged me and helped me lay down for a nap. Whenever I woke up, he ordered my favorite fast food and fed it too me since I was still so out of it. He gave me a hard time about it and goofed on me afterwards, but was never angry or upset with me about it. He’s such a sweet and incredible man.

  68. My boyfriend and I had just started dating and I kissed him on the cheek. A friend saw and starting teasing us, so I turned around to face said friend. Once I turned around I also moved a few steps back and I accidently bumped into my boyfriends crotch with my hand. We both started blushing and I freaked out and started apologizing immediately. We had only been dating for about a week and he was my first boyfriend. This year is our 3 year anniversary.

  69. When my husband and I first started dating , I got very sick my anemia completely took over me and so a lot of the time I was taking naps , he eventually realized it was hard for me to do a lot and so we would legit have dates when we would just nap , this one time though while we were napping my period started and I stained my bedsheets . When we woke up I was sooo embarrassed he asked me what it was and I said “ idk ? Maybe I spilled something “ and this man proceeded to TOUCH IT because he didn’t know what it was once he realized what it was he took the sheets off my bed and took it to the laundry , I showered . That’s when I knew .

  70. I had a panic attack at his house about a month after we started dating. Like, a really bad one. I ended up sitting on the floor of his shower for about 20 minutes trying to calm down. He didn’t judge me at all, and when I apologized for using so much hot water, his response was something like, “I don’t give a shit about the hot water??” And he checked how I was doing to make sure I was ok.

  71. This comment section is GOLD!!!

    I just wish I had an embarrassing moment/story to tell but I’m having an LDR (Long Distance Relationship) with my girlfriend for over 4 months now so I can’t tell any 🙁

  72. My boyfriend and I were having sex. And he flipped me around and was gonna take me from behind and I farted on his face. He just looked at me for 10 seconds and I was embarrassed and then he just started laughing and made me laugh too and never made me feel shit about it or embarrassed. He just comforted me in the moment. That’s when I thought he’s perfect. It’s gonna be 1 year to us soon.

  73. My husband suffers from lifelong IBS, and within the first few days of us spending time together, we were driving home from a mutual friend’s birthday dinner, and he had to pull over and take a shit on the side of the highway.

    I didn’t make it an issue, because it wasn’t. I could tell he was mortified and it wasn’t something he could control, so of course I wasn’t going to do anything to make him feel worse about it.

    Later on, he told me that was the moment he decided that he fell in love with me and knew he wanted to marry me. We didn’t even start officially dating until almost a year later, but this was 10 years ago and we’re going on 6 years of marriage.

  74. I mean I have plenty, certainly have some period ones etc but the one that stands out the most is pretty early on (maybe 6 months in)

    Bit of background, neither of us are big drinkers but we met at Uni (college) so there were a few big nights. One such night was supposed to be a quieter night of drinks with mates but after many months of not much the alcohol hit me hard!!!

    Fast forward to later that night we are home and I’m laying on his bed (pre living together) and out of nowhere I just lift my head up and vomit.. everywhere. Then proceed to lay there and stare at it.

    He just looks at me, say oh ‘X’, picks me up and puts me in the shower, cleans up all my vomit, changes the sheets, mops the lot.

    Comes back in makes sure I’m clean, dries me off and pops me snuggly in bed, no fuss no complaints, no disdain, just deals with it.

    Safe to say I haven’t drunk much since then certainly not a fun night to remember but hey 3 years later he is still around!!

    PS. drink responsibly kids!

  75. We had been hanging out for a week or two and after flying back into town from a week away on business he asked if I wanted to come to his house. Feeling gross from the flight, I had a shower at his apartment and wanted to quickly shave my legs in case things got frisky. Paying more attention to getting back to hanging out with him than what I was doing, I mangled my legs with the razor and was bleeding everywhere. I got out of the shower and applied pressure to the gushing wounds and waited for them to clot. They didn’t. Instead I tracked blood all over the white bathroom floor and bathmat. After about 30mins, he knocked on the door and asked if I was okay. Red-faced, I basically said, ‘I panicked,’ and showed him all the cuts on my legs. He very calmly sat me on the edge of the bath, grabbed a roll of toilet paper and tended to my cuts, while saying, ‘I was a hairy teenager. This is nothing.’

  76. I was walking down the street with a girl. It was our second date. I had to fart so I tried to do it quietly, but it came out loud and long. For about five seconds I tried to pretend like nothing happened. Then we made eye contact and burst out laughing together.

    We have been married for over a decade.

  77. Don’t want to be a downer, I hope this doesn’t spoil the thread.
    I work in a pub. A couple who came in frequently started making loads of effort to socialise with me and my bf. I expressed that I had a bit of a weird feeling about them so we limited spending time with them to a drink or a game of pool when we bumped into them while we were out, no more.
    One time when we saw them out, my bf took a video of him and the guy playing pool and we stood around to watch it. This guy groped my crotch behind everybody’s backs. Brutally hard. Twice.
    My bf was the only one who believed me apart from a few very close friends. Instantly and unequivocally. Out of my work, and acquaintances.

  78. My wife’s favorite story about me:

    Before I started dating my wife we were great friends for a few years. She used to have to babysit her three younger cousins from time to time. One night she called me frantically saying their dog had gnarly diarrhea and was shitting everywhere.

    I packed up a bunch of cleaning supplies and gloves and showed up like some heroic combination of Rambo and mr. Clean. back then, her cousins hadn’t met me yet, so I was just some man who showed up and was on all fours throughout their house scrubbing runny dog shit out of white carpet at 9pm.

    When I was done, my wife thanked me and her cousins said “thanks, poop guy!”.

    I would literally do anything for my wife and have felt that way since I first laid eyes on her. We’ve been together 8 years now and have a son and another on the way.

    and yes, her cousins jokingly call me the “poop guy” still.


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