Don’t hit any velocity bumps!

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  1. On top of the impractical low clearance of this car, the driver isn’t even protected. He’s exposed to the elements, and I’m certain that’s intentional, it’s to remind him he is scum.

  2. Somebody I work with gave me a lift in his TVR once. I swear I pretty much had to get in and out on my hands and knees I was sat so low. This looks ten times worse.

  3. I fail to see why this is a crappy design. This is by Jeremy Westerlund who was studying design at college at the time. It’s clearly a style exercise and not intended as an idea to go into production. Anyone who loves car design and understands the process would not hold this up as an example of **crappy design**. It only shows the ignorance of the OP.

  4. What’s worse is that this specific student spent about 30k to put this into his portfolio :D.
    A “valid” excuse for this particular piece for the professors is that rolls isn’t a car that’s for the rich to “drive” but be “driven” in hence off w/ his head! /s

  5. Don’t be ridiculous. If that car was supposed to be driven, its undercarriage wouldn’t be kissing the pavement. That, my friends, is a very expensive gazebo.

  6. It doesnt look that bad to me. I don’t know any other 2 door sedans that seat 7 do you?! The driver has the same experience as a motorcycle driver lets not be absurd here. Do motorcycle riders fly off when they hit a bump? And it could have adjustable suspension to go over larger bumps. Ive seen much lower cars.

  7. You’ve obviously never seen a rolls royce. You see a sedan in the picture and think it’s a small car, but in fact the roof height of a rolls royce is higher than many SUVs. This is a huge car, but its design is balanced so that you will never understand it without standing next to it.

  8. I have wondered how cars will change once they’re self driving. Like, we know that rear facing is safer, will we face the other way? Or maybe accidents will be eliminated and we can face each other to encourage conversation. Maybe we will end up in boxes like this

  9. Reminds me of a futuristic car created for a big budget scifi movie in the last 10 years! Super sleek — just like this one — but I immediately saw the problem with roads. The cabin sat so *low* to the road that I wondered how the hell it was supposed to handle hills!

    I grew up in southern Ohio. I know hills.

    How does this car handle hills?

  10. It’s a custom very high end luxury project. They aren’t taking this down streets with speed bumps.

    There are a lot of people who take stock cars and make them low riders all the time anyway, nothing unique about that detail.

    There are a ton of ultra high end luxury vehicles that are virtually useless on most public roads.


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