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  1. You broke your bones so bad, you just lost foot privileges for 3 months. You’re grounded fucko. Also, you are exiled from this prestigious guild. Come back when you can actually grow a functional foot (jk don’t come back cus ur exiled)

  2. Doctor: “can I see the X-ray?”

    Radiologist: “absolutely, as you can see here he has a fracture”

    Doctor:” are you that dumb that you needed an X-ray to see that?’

  3. You can see severe calcification of the artery running behind the knee and bifurcating where the tibia and fibula initially divide. This means the circulation to the foot would have been extremely poor. Combine that with the unusual narrowing of the soft tissue of the leg just above the ankle, the mottled black and light gray of the soft tissue in that area and the lack of soft tissue around the foot, I’d guess this person’s foot was gangrenous due to the lack of circulation before it broke off.

  4. “Doctor, my foot is off!”

    “Now, wait just a minute, I’m the doctor here I’ll make the diagnosis. Let’s get an x-ray and see what’s going on.”


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