Good ole Uncle Joe

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  2. At least here I’d get to state, white’s as big a misnomer as black. These names exist to dissipate an unhealthy conversation.

    Over there- over there at the other guy, it’s so entrenched that the opportunity is under attack. You can ignore bad things over there, an opportunity of apathy.

  3. I think it’s important to remember that Obama gave Biden the Presidential Medal of Freedom – the highest civilian award you can give as president. I highly doubt Obama would give Biden that honor if he were a racist. The comment Biden made was *accidentally* racist, which is why it’s on this sub.

  4. There are two types of racists in the Northeast. One is the loudmouthed jackass (Trump) the other is quiet and hides his racism behind codewords: “those people”, “thugs”, “you know how THEY are” (Biden.)

    This isn’t accidental racism, it’s accidentally released racism.

  5. Biden is so clearly the democratic puppet that they are trying to get into office to get thing thier way. I mean I have to vote for him because I dont think America can handle 4 more years, but damn. Can we just get someone that can even relate to the average American? What the fuck do these old ass men know about what we are going through?!

  6. Can someone tell me what is specific racist about it? I feel like (correct me if wrong) He was trying to say poor minorities are as smart as privileged white kids. The point being they would succeed just as much if given the same opportunies. Did he massively fuck up his wording? Hell yes, but his intention was not racist the way I see it.

  7. People actually are voting for dementia Joe? Laughable. If you are voting in spite of the opposition there is seriously something wrong with you. If you are voting because you like him as a candidate, there is seriously something wrong with you. Joe was Vice President for 8 years don’t forget. What did he do in those 8 years that was so great?


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