Indian women are hardly ever portrayed as fairly or fascinating in films. I figured, after some time, that we had been considered try-hard nerds and there was nothing I may do about that. However then I learn the Goblet of Hearth.

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>“I nonetheless can’t work out the way you two bought the best-looking ladies within the yr,” muttered Dean. “Animal magnetism,” mentioned Ron gloomily, pulling stray threads out of his cuffs.

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Thanks Dean Thomas, for complimenting the Patil twins and thereby serving to begin the method of self-love of my tradition and sweetness.

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  1. Dude I was JUST saying this to someone! The Patil twins were so huge for me growing up, both the fact that they’re Indian, not nerdy, and considered really pretty, and are ALSO good at spells/willing to fight (part of DA, fight in the battle of Hogwarts), and are also super desirable. After Harry is the worst date of all time, Parvati is talking about the Beauxbatons boy who asked her to dance and they go out for a bit, which was great – they didn’t have to mope around and take shit from anyone, even the Harry Potter. Lol

    I also think Parvati and Lavender’s friendship is really funny, and Parvati being occasionally shady to Hermione is hilarious. (The Krum at the Yule Ball, and McLaggen in 6).

    edit: Also Parvati’s obsession with Firenze is great too, and relatable

  2. As an Indian teen, Harry Potter were the only movies were Indians were not potrayed in a racist or stereotypical way.

    It was a huge encouragement for me to be a proud brown kid.

    also, love your ATLA artwork. would love to see some ATLA-Harry Potter art !

  3. YESS!! Im east-asian, so reading about a Chinese sounding character like Cho Chang was GROUNDBREAKING. Sure she’s a flawed character, but she’s pretty, popular and athletic/badass enough to be her house Seeker!

    Chinese people were not portrayed like this ANYWHERE else in popular culture at that time (now?). I think I was 12 when she popped up as a significant character in GOF. It was really empowering 🙂

  4. I wish there was something like this for Indian guys. The number of times I’ve seen “Please swipe left if you’re Indian” on dating profiles is heartbreaking.

    And especially given the fact that I grew up outside of India this is tough.

  5. This was very sweet to read! Thank you for posting this.

    I never understood people who were angry about the diversity in Harry Potter. As a black kid, it was pretty exciting to see all of these black characters show up, one that even became the minister of magic. Your post shows EXACTLY why diversity is so important in media!

  6. As a fellow Indian girl, I totally second this. I’ve always hated how the costume designer for the goblet of fire movie dressed the Patel twins. There outfits were super underwhelming, especially compared to Cho’s beautiful dress.

  7. I’ll never forgive the costume crew for dressing down the twins in order to make the main cast more vibrant. Apparently they never watched a desi Hollywood flick, or even tons of Indian wedding videos available on YouTube.

  8. I love that the books were able to help you in such a way. I don’t know if it’s still the case but when my father lived in England anyone from what had once been a British colony could apply for citizenship so it would make most sense that there’s a large Indian population in England. I actually had the best Indian food ever in London, so far I haven’t found anything in America that compares to several restaurants in London.

  9. One of my favorite Parvati moments is in book one during the first flying lesson chapter where on TWO separate occasions she stands up to Draco after he’s taken Neville’s remembral. it’s just such an awesome example of why she is in Gryffindor

  10. What’s somewhat amusing to me is that the most desi representation we got in the movies was 2 Indian characters played by Bengali actresses, leaving Pakistani me feeling a tad left out.

    Jokes aside tho, I really appreciated Parvati being one of the most prominent supporting characters. Its like “oh, there’s someone a bit like me there too!”

  11. I wish Pamda and Parvati had been given a larger role. Granted I could say that about the majority of characters, but Padma being in Ravenclaw had her appear even less.

    Still I’m happy what appearance they did have helped you find more of yourself!

  12. I really wish the movies explored on Padma and Parvati’s character like the books. Movies did them dirty, they cut off their characters apart from Yule Ball scene. Lavender and Parvati’s relationship was also cut off. The actresses Afshan Azad and Shefali Chowdhury did an awesome job despite the poor treatment they got. Round of applaus for them!

  13. This. I felt the same way when Cho came into the scene. And when Harry (THE MAIN CHARACTER) developed a crush on her! I was rooting for them so hard then even though now (like 20 years later – wow has it really been that long?) I find the character to be kinda annoying.

  14. Completely agree as an Indian woman myself. I remember being so mad at Minerva McGonagall for making Parvati remove her butterfly hair ornament in book 4 because I assumed it was a beautiful hair clip like the ones I always buy when I visit India. I know these girls said very little in the books but I loved them all the same. Plus she went with Harry to the Yule Ball and she was considered out of his league, idk but that always made the insecure girl I was feel good

  15. As an Indian although I didn’t have any real connection with the Patil twins, the story did teach me a lot and made me want to be my own person. Something that’s hard to do when our Indian parents are forcing us to be doctors or engineers or get arranged marriages.

  16. Yes!!! I agree!!! It’s the main reason I was so furious with how they dressed the twins at the Yule Ball – the hottest girls and you dress them in that travesty??? When in the books they’re in gold dress robes???

  17. Tbh… once I saw the Patill twins were Indian in the films I thought: Harry…I know you are going to end up with a Weasley but I wouldn’t be opposed if you chose a Patill instead

  18. I totally agree with all of this… outside of Bollywood this is the case! But Indian women are absolutely beautiful and the Hindu culture is so rich, deep, and overlooked by the west

  19. Aww this is so sweet. From one brown girl to another, I’m glad the books could be this for you! I personally was able to embrace my try-hard nerdiness thanks to Hermione. And now I can harness it for good haha

  20. On the contrary, I feel Bollywood has historically valued women more for their beauty than their intellect. Usually, the desirability of women is quickly linked to their good looks.

  21. Interesting. This may be a backwards-racist thing to say, so sorry if it is, but as a white British woman I have always thought of Indian ladies as being beautiful and exotic, and tend to see them this way in films and other media.

  22. I agree with all of that and as an Indian girl, I fell as though they took the stereotype way to far… I am a Potterhead through and through… And an Indian girl so it was definitely amazing seeing my culture represented in such an amazing manner…

  23. Exactly this. When I was a kid a channel on TV used to air HP movies every summer. My grandmother would say something like “What are you watching all these foreigners for” in a disapproving tone but then I would say
    “No no wait till you see, there are also Indians in this school”

    She didn’t mind much after, although she asked me fun questions that I struggled to answer at that time


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