I hate every little thing about this scene

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  1. Having the film crew involved in a season long arc was a terrible decision and created so many retroactive problems.

    The faux-documentary thing was neat as a framing tool at the start, and once the audience got into the show they used it well to just let the characters deliver soliloquies, and to film the action in a more interesting way. But if you start to think about it, it doesn’t make sense. Why did they film these people for so long? Why did they follow them to their homes a bunch? The Dinner Party at Michael’s house especially makes no sense, like they wore their wires for that whole after-work party? And the film crew didn’t get fed, or seats at the table? Rude. Not to mention that they follow Jim to Philly, but they don’t follow Michael to Denver.

    These are all questions the show shouldn’t want us to ask. The documentary thing should have been a tongue in cheek ending, or better yet, a subtle thing like how Michael turned his mike off when he left in his last episode.

    Making them into real characters just ruins that. Suddenly we have to question so much about the previous seasons, and about what was happening behind the scenes. And it just throws suspension of disbelief out the window. Not to mention that Boom Guy was such a miserable character. I don’t hate the idea of a Jim and Pam marriage fight plot, since no marriage is storybook and free of fighting. And the circumstances really did warrant marital strife. But Boom Guy was just so awful a character that I hated it.

  2. The thing that I hate the most is that the crew NEVER intervene or even being heard before this. Oscar could’ve being killed by Angela and they were just filming. Roy assaulted Jim and they were still non existant but in s9 Pam cries and there he is.

  3. I kind of hated Jim in that episode. I know I’m in the minority here, but I was totally team Pam throughout the entire Athlead thing. She was so excited to tell him about her mural 🥺

  4. I mean, it was probably one of the more realistic scenes between Jim and Pam. Jim is always gone and Pam is trying to keep everything perfect. He’s being a little selfish and she’s trying to keep her shit together. Who hasn’t been there in a marriage?

  5. The show was struggling to keep it together from the Andy promotion to the end.. the writers seemed to be grasping at any straw they could to (re)capture some magic… that said, even with the times the show (borderline) sucked, it is my favorite show beginning to end.. ever.. only shows ill put on his level are (oldies) WKRP and Barney Miller (showing my age 😬)

  6. Ill still and always defend the 9th season. Andy was a fucking terd, but the pam and jim arc? Whats not to like? What feels forced? I nvr understand the criticisms. This actually feels real for a documentary type scenario. There was setups the entire show for the doc crew to be “part” of the story. The trials jim and pam went through post the honeymoon everything perfect phase was real, not to mention it set the stage for pam to finally fully appreciate jim, while jim showing that he is human and selfish at times as well. Just like real people. It sux to watch your fav characters struggle but ultimately its why i still to this day think the office is the best show ive ever watched. It literally has everything and has the BEST finale of any show period. Pam giving jim the big gesture at the end of the show was set up even farther by them struggling with real human relationship problems. I nvr skip season 9 in any rewatches, its part of the tapestry and is weaker without it. Ill never change my view.

  7. This, plop, Clark, completely turning Andy into a bumbling bafoon, it all came out of left field. I have a theory that they made Andy so dumb because they were pissed he had to do the hangover. Because Andy in the beginning of being manager, was actually fun.

    “My ass belongs to these guys”

  8. I didn’t hate the Jim and Pam drama but I didn’t love it either. Something I definitely wish wasn’t in the show was Brian’s character. I really wish they didn’t break the 4th wall as much as they did during season 9 and didn’t show the doc crew until maybe the last couple episodes when the doc released.

  9. I can’t make it to this season. I stopped after Michael left and saw this particular episode while I was staying in a hotel. I hated it. I hate what they did to Jim and Pam.

  10. The thing is I hate this, but when your marriage is hard and your spouse is absent and doing their own thing, it is easy to feel comforted by those who are around you; even if it seems innocent on your side. So even though we don’t watch the office for drama, this kind of thing does happen. It happens with friends of friends, with coworkers, and with those who just feel a strong connection. Not my favorite office moment, but I get it.

  11. I absolutely love every minute of this show, I started watching it about a year ago when I was a wee little 13 yo, and I’m on my 10 rewatch, I started collecting the Funko pops a few months ago.

  12. I kind of liked it because it tried to make the show seem like a documentary again, maybe if they did something different instead of Brian I would be on board but I didn’t like the whole cheating scare.

  13. Am I the only one who liked the Jim/Pam struggle in Season 9? Don’t get me wrong, the Brian part was stupid and pointless, but I feel like the reasons people don’t like it seems to be that you guys can’t handle drama. I like that they had trouble and eventually love prevailed. Plus it at least shook things up a bit. Jim and Pam did almost fuck all in the past couple of seasons so something like this was refreshing.

  14. So I think this could have worked if they had set it up more, but that season has so many plots that are brought up and disposed of pretty carelessly. It also might have been better to cast someone who isn’t great at playing a jerk.


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