In Hamilton (2020), after the Reynolds pamphlet is revealed, the tune ‘By no means Gonna be President Now’ is sung. This can be a reference to the truth that being concerned in a intercourse scandal used to imply that you wouldn’t elected president.

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  1. I remember hearing about a guy who’s presidential campaign suddenly went down the drain cause he *made a weird noise at a rally.*

    Our standards are ever decreasing it seems.

  2. Kavanaugh accusations: Believe women!!

    Joe Biden accusations: Well lets have a fair trial…

    Tucker Carlson accusations: Back to believing women!!

    *Laughs in To Kill a Mockingbird*

  3. Didn’t Hamilton buy and sell slaves?

    After all the George Floyd protests and breaking statues, one would think Disney would get some heat for rewriting history.

    edit: Not only is there evidence of him buying/selling slaves, there is no evidence of him being an abolitionist as the show pretends. I hate how people are ignoring history because they like the show. Two people responded to me below with incorrect statements. A few sources refuting their claims:


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