It was one time

READ  AC wrestling version.


  1. Ok but like
    Kakyoin spent a big portion of his childhood in lonliness because he was the only one who could see Hierophant Green and thought he was crazy. He would be desperate for someone to understand him or any kind of love at all. He just wants someone to see Hierophant like he did.

  2. I like how people get so butthurt about Milf Hunter Kakyoin but then go to say Stroheim was a good guy. Like damn if you wanna be so anal about the canon then be consistent.

    You’d be surprised at the number of people who “forget” that he slaughtered a group of innocent people to use their blood to awaken Santana.

  3. If anything what the actual moment shows is his maturity in knowing what he wants in a woman he’d want to be with, rather than going after every milf he comes across, unlike what people with no independent form of thought on this sub like to think


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