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  1. Speaking as a game designer / developer *(That does the work full-time for a living)* I have to admit this is one of my biggest pet peeves… people that think they are experts in regards to game design / development because they’ve played games their whole life.

    While I 100% believe some people *(Key word being some)* with no experience outside of just playing games would make a good designer… most people are not in that position. There is a lot that goes into the process, and often times these “armchair developers” don’t take into account the big picture.

    I remember when a developer used that term on Twitter and got jumped on my social media warriors.


    Most of us in the industry are not big famous names, we are just cogs in the machine. While I will always listen to feedback from anyone… I will never apologize for feeling that my words carry more weight than someone with no education or experience in the business of creating video games.

  2. It doesn’t take a game developer to know that Halo Infinite looked graphically underwhelming, hence the near universal agreement on that, not to mention the widespread memes and the fact that **even 343 themselves admitted that there were some fidelity issues**. I swear, I see more people in here whining about others hating the graphics than actual people complaining about them. Anyone with any sense of maturity would be able to admit that the graphics weren’t that great but there’s still room for improvement and even if it doesn’t end up looking that much better then at least the gameplay will likely be fun. It’s ok if the game doesn’t look super next gen, stop worrying about it.

    Edit: let me know if I’m misinterpreting the meme

  3. I just want the game to be good. Could honeslty look the same as halo 3 i dont really care id rather have an amazing game that doesnt look quite next gen than a game that looks amazing and plays like halo 5. Its not about the graphics people its about the universe, gamplay and story.

  4. Funny image, but I guess I’ll be that guy that is fun at parties:

    Gave development is certainly complicated. But there are definitely over-sights and miscalculations. Commentary from the people we sell games to can either correct those missteps or Shed light on them.

    It’s a little like Drawing a picture and not checking the flip. You get used to what you’re looking at. This is why it’s great to have commentary and feedback from outside of the project =)

    Source: I work in game design.

  5. I guess I should unsub until Infinite comes out and people realize that, it wasn’t that we had to give the trillion dollar corporation a chance, it was that it was simply a poorly put together product.

  6. The whole Craig meme that SOME, not all, Halo Infinite detractors are bashing is from a 0.5 second still frame and closeup of combat gameplay no one would ever notice in game. There’s definitely valid criticism but some of this criticism just reeks of capital “G” gamers.

  7. Seriously, man. I was so excited for this game. AM so excited. It’s been really difficult seeing everyone poo poo on it immediately. Like, I just want to enjoy the campaign and get owned in multiplayer with my friends from H2 and H3 again.

    Maybe I’m getting old, I can see 30 around the corner, but I’m really tired of our relentless desire as a society to scrutinize everything to the nth degree.

    Even the guys I like: HiddenXperia. Love that dude. He lost it over the shotgun and the Magnum. Its gonna be okay bro.

  8. The irony of this is apparently lost on many people.

    If we are not allowed to criticise without having details knowledge on the subject then the game will be shit no way around it.

    The devs need us the fans (not the zealots) to through our criticism to help shape the game to be a worthy member of the halo franchise

  9. People: Spend hours analyzing the Halo trailers and games, sawing the problems with them criticizing said problems and what can be done to fix them, giving their opinion on a franchise they love.

    r/halo :

  10. If we are being real, I’d say the majority of people talking trash are not Halo fans at all and actively do not want Halo (MS) to succeed. You can tell by how emotional their arguments are.

    I don’t know, I am extremely excited about the next Halo, I have always wanted an open world one, the gameplay looks fantastic and even in its early state I think the game looks really good. It could use some refinement, but that is to be expected.

  11. More like:

    1) Watch Halo: Infinite trailer and wonder why it looks like the game was made in 2009

    2) Watch videos of experts who know way more than I do

    3) Share video or explanations from video with others who also thinks the game looks extremely dated

  12. Come on that digital foundry video is longer than 5 minutes. Also, 343 if you turn on ray tracing and also adjust your probe indirect lighting on models and also albedo. Done. Fixed.

  13. If you will excuse me, I have to go and tell actual game devs how they are doing their jobs wrong and how terrible they are because their unfinished game looks like an unfinished game.

  14. You don’t need to be a Chef to tell if you don’t like some food. Just don’t walk up to the person who painted the crab on the menu and lecture them on how a little lemon would make your hot chocolate more sour.

  15. Look all I can say is this, I saw what was shown and it didn’t look great at all; I’m willing to wait and see if it’s better on release and if it is I’ll buy the game.

    I’m not optimistic that the game will be good but I’m willing to wait and see how it turns out

  16. Dont need to be an expert to see that the art direction is shit for infinite. Brutes look hilariously bad and there’s something off about the lighting on character models, making them look not that good in action.

  17. How about the first 3 or 4 games that were good ? I’d say playing those games for a decade would give some pretty good insight on what to do and not to do.

  18. Pretty sad that society has gotten a point where people trust services like YouTube over history. Clearly unfinished game is actually finished, make videos!!!! I know the demo was rough and looked bad but it’s got 4 or 5 months to go. All the Dans just need to chill the f out, lol. If it looks bad at launch, then sure, let’s get those pitchforks.

  19. Not to be an example of this meme, but can we acknowledge how poor a decision it is to straight up replace the classic magnum and shotgun (which have been in every game up to now in some form resembling past versions) with call of duty lookin weapons

  20. Yeah, and it literally goes both ways.

    The game isn’t going to suddenly retool entire systems in the time it takes to go gold because your dumb game influencer/media figurehead assures you so because they got a boilerplate interview over a zoom session.

  21. Everyone who keeps demanding better and better and harder to render graphics every single year but lets publishers keep stuffing microtransactions and paid quests into everything is a fucking toxic CHUD bootlicker who needs to choke on a landmine.

  22. Development crunch is something I know is a halo thing, but with this being like the only actual reason to get a series x, it should be way over the top not just par

  23. So much yes!

    It blows my mind how people have opinions on things and state them as if they are qualified professionals and then lost it all over the internet.

  24. Hidden Xperia is actually becoming worse than halo flower in his own way. The sense of entitlement he brings in his videos creates such a toxic attitude while he and his fans pretend to know more about software dev and game dev than seasoned professionals.


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