Simply rolled out, headed to Speedweek! 300mph or bust!

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  1. So awesome. I’ve been to speed week once. Of all the motor sports I’ve ever been to, it is by far the purest. Go fast. Hold nothing back. Win a trophy and maybe get your name on a list.

  2. Had an old friend, Nate Sabel, that ran G Gas Lakester in the mid 80s. First with a normally aspirated Pinto motor, then he put a blower on it and moved up two classes. I believe he held the record in G/GL for a while, but the blown car wasn’t as successful.

  3. Good luck and I hope the size of your cojones doesnt add too much weight to the car(if it can even be called a car – its more of a missile with wheels)

  4. Those tires handle 300? More power to umm…you? Or whoever the owner is lol

    Edit: nvm just saw a comment saying those tires are for temporary transport. Forgive me for i have sinned haha


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