READ  Report- Hundreds Killed After Krakatoa Erupts, Waves Strike Beaches


  1. My mom threatened me with an all-girls boarding school….this was when I was already out of the closet. I just smirked and she KNEW she just played herself. *ohhhhhh Nooooooooo not an all-girls schoool*

  2. Screw it, take the brains out of babies at birth, put them in a simulation where they learn but do not have a gender, then put them in their body of choice at graduation. This eliminates both not being able to choose your gender as well as disparities in wealth, health, and other areas during a person’s upbringing giving us all an equal start.

    The only kink in this plan is keeping the brain alive let alone putting it in a simulation and getting it back into a brainless body.


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