MRW my Ranger Crits and Takes Out the BBEG

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  1. Horizon walker/scout multi class is fucking WILD, you can move like 120 feet in a round, make three attacks, and deal an extra 2d8+sneak attack on the first hit, all while blinking around to avoid opportunity attacks.

  2. Can someone who knows more about Green Arrow or this series explain how he is shooting arrows half a mile?

    I have no problem with the accuracy, but does he have super strength to pull back a 500lb+ bow or is it some kind of mechanical bow?

    I always though he was a more like Batman and would be taking out enemies with cunning and suprise, rather than with super powered half a mile shots, but I’ve never read much of his comics.

  3. Once upon a time, my ranger – no word of a lie – rolled three 20s in a row (the first to hit, the second to confirm a critical hit, and the third time just to see what would happen) while our group was fighting Tiamat. Our DM just started packing up.

    I use that d20 as a DM now.

  4. Well, a Ranger can’t do anything that a Bard: College of Swords/Valor with Magical Secrets couldn’t do better.

    Believe me, I wish Ranger was better, but let’s not kid ourselves here.

  5. Meanwhile, in the comics that makes no damn sense. Aqua man can go toe to toe with super man in a boxing match, at least for a little bit, if you’ve ever seen the stuff from the Injustice timeline.
    You know what doesn’t touch superman? Any fucking arrow ever that ain’t kryptonite.
    You know who doesn’t even care about kryptonite?
    Aqua Man.


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