First off, my dad completely hates video video games with all his coronary heart. He by no means appreciated after I would play video video games as a result of he thought it was a waste of time.

When this entire Covid hubbabaloo began, there we no stay sports activities, and he had just about watched the whole lot on Netflix that intrigued him.

I proposed to him that I’d play this sport on the household room TV, and I advised him it will be similar to a film.

ME -“Dad, I wish to play this sport that I have been that means to play for two years”

DAD – “Oh come on, I do not wish to see that, why do not we simply watch some films or one thing like that?”

ME – “This sport is mainly a film. I am 99 p.c positive you’ll find it irresistible.”

DAD – “effective, but when it sucks you are turning it off.”

ME – “deal, I assure you will not be disenchanted”

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So I begin off enjoying that sport and thus far he had not modified his thoughts. I get about 45 minutes in, and I ask him how he likes it.

ME – “the way you you prefer it thus far, dad?”

DAD – ” it’s fairly fascinating, though I do not actually perceive it that a lot, however thus far I prefer it”

ME – “can I hold enjoying it down right here?”

DAD – “please!”

This put fairly a smile on my face. I actually get pleasure from enjoying video games like God of Battle with different individuals so we will have good conversations concerning the story.

After some time, I saved going into the story, and clearly I needed to clarify a number of the plot and factors of exploring within the the realm within the sport. At one level he level out some weaknesses in one of many enemies I used to be preventing and the factor he identified, really actually helped me win the battle. At this level I used to be about 60 p.c by the sport, and I had trip developing. After I received again from trip, he stated that his days felt incomplete with out seeing no less than somewhat little bit of God of Battle. This actually threw me off guard, as a result of at first he was actually towards the truth that I used to be enjoying in any respect within the first place. After Trip I received again into enjoying the sport once more, exploring, spamming sq., ya know regular God of Battle stuff. In the future when he was working, he took his laptop computer out of his workplace and got here to the sofa to observe me play whereas he labored. At this level we may speak vividly concerning the story, and what we thought was gonna occur subsequent. It was superior.

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After I received to the tip of the sport, he was proud of the way it ended, however he was additionally unhappy to see it go. I advised him that there have been nonetheless issues that wanted to be executed (Valkyries, Ravens, niflheim) and he set free a giant sigh of reduction. I requested him if he loved it as a lot as he stated he would, and “and extra.”

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After I completed all the different stuff I needed to do, he requested if there have been every other video games that I may play like God of Battle. I stated, there undoubtedly are sport on the market which can be prefer it, however the tales will likely be totally different, clearly. He stated, “I am unable to wait”

That is one thing that I figured I’d share right here, as I feel it is one thing you guys would respect. Thanks for studying!

TL:DR; my dad hates video video games. I performed god of conflict with/for him, now he likes video video games.


  1. I played red dead redemption 2 with my dad and our experience was super similar to yours! He loved watching it and how it felt like a movie. Makes me smile to see others have a similar bonding experience as me 🙂

  2. This is great. I think the older generation doesn’t often give modern video games a chance because they still think about how video games were when they were younger and they get into a mindset that games have stayed the same: “beating a level”, “losing a life”, “kill the thing because it’s ‘bad'”.

    No, many games have evolved past this stuff (not that those things are bad, just more is now possible). Games can tell stories on par with movies and sometimes more so. We all know this but our older generation doesn’t.

    Anyways, I hope you continue to show your dad more games. Even if he isn’t keen on playing himself, it’s great bonding time. Maybe The Last of Us, Titanfall 2 campaign and Horizon Zero Dawn may be some good ones too.

    Also A Way Out is a great story-based game that he may want to try with you 🙂

  3. I’d definitely recommend you to play Uncharted with him. And honestly, play all four of them. That way he would get more attached to Nate, Sully, Elena…

    The Last of Us as well obviously

    I feel like the longer games people have recommended, like RDR 2, might be a bit too long honestly, as in he might lose interest.

    If you have a ps3 you could play Portal 2? Maybe Spider-Man otherwise (I haven’t played that one though lol, so don’t know how long it is).

  4. Whenever people say playing video games is a waste of time, I always ask if they watch movies/shows, sports or read. Video games are equivalent to those other forms of entertainment, except your are actually participating instead of simply reading or watching. Image being able to interact with a great movie and affect the outcome, that’s what video games are. So I don’t see how it would be any more of waste than binging a season of The Office or having a LOTR marathon.

    I’ve actually had a few people say they never thought about it like that and changed their stance on it

  5. “Are ya winnin son?” This was a good story and I’m glad he came around. A lot of people at that age don’t like games mostly because they don’t understand them or never got past the “video games are just toys” phase when all they know about games are franchises like Mario and Sonic. Also if you’re looking for recommendations I 100% recommend you play RDR2 with him. I guarantee he will love that game maybe even more than GoW.

  6. There is something about GoW that attracts people. I have actually quite fresh similar experience with my 15yo son. He only plays competitive online MP games and I try all the time to get him to play something less stressful. I even had to delete fortnite from his PC the other day because all that screaming and raging.
    Now the thing is that he was watching me play GoW yesterday and literally asked me to hand over the controller. Tried one or two attacks, a combo and the runic attacks and just said that he would love to play it too.

    I am excited about it that we might share a game experience again after long time since MHW year or two ago.

    Well Its just a video game but I just don’t like loosing him to some distant virtual “friends”.

  7. My mom (also in her 60s) got very invested in Until Dawn. We ended up playing as a family and fighting over the many ways we wanted to try to kill Emily. “Let her fall!” “No, shoot her!”

  8. The truth is that he likes watching *you* play video games. He likes watching you progress, your enthusiasm, and sharing in your frustrations and celebrations. It is time he can spend with you that doesn’t require him to feel uncomfortable for whatever reason (as a father myself I know how this can feel when your child wants to share something you know nothing about). He’s proud of you and wants to be around you, and misses you when you’re away.

    My only advice is, don’t pressure him to play if he doesn’t want to. My child does this sometimes and it spoils the moment. Just let him watch and be content that he’s there.

  9. You should play an interactive game with him like Heavy Rain or Detroit, he will make him participate and have a connection with you in the choices you’ll make throughout the game !

  10. I’m about to break character for a second. This is the exact reason I made this account. This post, this moment. I’m subbed to like 60% of all gaming subreddits… And let me tell you, y’all are a treasure trove of being dorks. Gamers are the best at creating mundane circlejerks like this post, and I just want to say thank you. Thanks to brave gamers like you, I can run a dorky, useless Reddit account dedicated to calling people dorks. It’s beautiful. Thank you, gamers.

    “My mother, who is literally allergic to electricity, was watching me play The Last of Us 2.

    “Mom are you ok?” I ask. “I can turn the game off if the electricity from my Sony^tm PlayStation^^tm 4^^^tm is hurting you.”

    “No son that’s ok, something about Sony^^^^^^^tm 1st party exclusive games seems to have cured my inability to be around electronic objects. God of War has literally changed my molecules to allow me to withstand both electrical interference and the PS4 haters.”

    “Awesome mom, would you like me to keep playing Sony exclusive games for you?”

    “I was sure hoping you’d ask son,” she said with delight.

    This is just something I thought I’d share.

    TL;DR: Mother used to literally have seizures when around electricity of any sort, but playing Sony ^^^^^^tm 1st party^^^^^^^^^^tm exclusives ^^^^^^^^^^^^tm cured her disease.

  11. The game is epic, agreed, but I think the reason why your father likes this is the way the creators have shown a beautiful father son relationship. Do show him other games too and see if it works.

  12. My father never liked me playing video games, hence he never bought me a console or anything. I had to save up and buy my own shit.


    A couple years back, he was watching me play GTAV and got super hooked up with it, until this day he still plays GTAV on my gaming PC lmao.

  13. I am happy you had a bonding moment with your father — and that, too, with video games which you love!

    I reckon he will enjoy Sony’s other first-party games, such as The Last of Us, Ghost of Tsushima, and Uncharted.

  14. My dad isn’t quite 65, but I similarly can’t recall him *ever* even trying a game; not even something like Super Mario Bros. when I was a kid.

    I got him the novelization of *God of War* and he loved it. He even made a comment about how far video games must have come if this is the kind of stories they are telling.

    I wish they would do official novelizations of The Last of Us 1 and 2, because I know he’d love those.

    (And before anyone mentions it, yes, he’s already read *The Road*.)

  15. Nice! The first non baseball game that I could get my 55 year old dad into was Red Dead 2. Loved the phone calls asking how to do things. The first one was after he slammed his horse full speed into a tree, he wanted to know how to get everything back, including the horse.

  16. My dad only started to respect video games once they got to the PS2 era and the basketball players looked “more realistic”. I am referring to the commercials of the time since I never enjoyed sports video games.

    These days, I’ll sit down and play something with realistic graphics (like Final Fantasy XV or the VII Remake) and he’ll sometimes just stand around mesmerized. I have to tell him to sit down!

    So… I think a lot of (older) people have dismissed video games because of the early days when games had much simpler visuals and had no story (essentially, arcade games and early home consoles that emulated they arcade experience with poor graphics). Not even the gorgeous Super Nintendo graphics could compel someone to like video games!

  17. Anyone else annoyed by family members who look down on you because you play video games? What’s the difference between that and binging Netflix or just sitting there like an idiot scrolling on a phone all day? At least with gaming, there are goals to complete and there’s a sense of satisfaction once you beat that game. Nothig good comes out of scrolling through your phone. Hours upon hours on social media makes you depressed. It’s true. Social media free for 8 months now and I feel good. No more stalking people who I frankly don’t give a fuck about. And before anyone says it, no, Reddit is not social media. It’s more of a message board where you share your thoughts with other like minded people (sub reddits).

  18. This is a very wholesome story. It is funny how some people find viddogames a waste of time and don’t use the same criteria for movies or any other form of entertainment.

  19. Man, thank you so much for this.

    This is a game I wish my dad could watch with me. He’s been in prison for roughly 9 years and isn’t getting out for another 7.

    Him and I always played video games, but not really together… and that story, oh ‘boy’, hit me hard.

    Thank you so much for this.

  20. Had a similar experience years ago playing through The Last of Us with an ex’s father hanging around for it. He was shocked that games had stories to tell that are a bit deeper than saving the princess.


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