My canine dies somewhat inside when she realizes the ball is simply too near the cat to soundly retrieve.

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  2. My pups are the same way. We’ve only had them a month, they’re only almost 3 months, but they won’t walk past either of our cats. I get not wanting to go near Rey, she’s a turd and smacks them when they go near her (she doesn’t use her claws though), but fry is pretty patient. But they seem pretty scared of either of them. Lol. But they’ll come lay on the bed with us, and both kitties will come join, and they’ll be the 6 of us trying to sleep in a queen size bed lol.

  3. I’m currently nursing an injured shoulder from having to ‘rescue’ my 40 kg lump of a sooky dog from the neighbour’s cat. Threw the ball, dog chased ball, ball lands near hedge, cat then explodes out and chased my dog, who howls all the way back to me. I, in turn chased the cat… and fell arse over while doing so and twisted my shoulder.

    We don’t play near that hedge anymore.

  4. German shepherds are so weird like that. Theyre supposed to be these “scary protective” dogs but theyre such big babies. My Luger Bear is the same way (WGSD also).

  5. I don’t understand how owners keep pets in fear, like if they have a pet attacking another. I wouldn’t want to live with an abuser, why should my pet do it?


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