My nice grandpa, an Iowa native and WW2 veteran, handed away and left behind this instrument or ornamental piece. It’s strong steel, has no markings, and weighs just a few ounces. Screwdriver is for scale.

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  2. I think your grandfather might have known someone in the Navy. Those are used in a ceremony when crossing over the equator. So I think your grandfather is what you refer to as a shellback. That is someone who’s been over the equator.

  3. WITT?

    Obviously, it appears to be a hammer with a naked lady handle. The problem is that there are no markings anywhere on the item that signify a company, location, or date of production. My grandpa, the previous owner, was in Germany and Japan during World War II, but I don’t know if he obtained this item overseas. I’ve searched the internet for hours without any luck, so this subreddit is my last hope. Thank you all for the help, it’s much appreciated.

  4. Is the hammer head also solid metal ? If so looks to be brass or copper?

    As a tool it would be used for metalwork or for using steel stamps. It uses a softer metal so it doesn’t mar what you’re hammering. If it was ceremonial I could hypothetically see a connect to its use in stamping.

  5. To me, it looks like a hammer to crush ice with. Bars sometimes use a canvas bag to hold the ice and a hammer to crush it! Did your grandpa like to socialize? Did he have a home bar?


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