I get it. They’re 75-110 years outdated. Issues aren’t working the identical anymore. You already know whose fault that’s? Nobody’s. So then why the fuck do outdated folks get to be straight up imply to folks with out penalties? They’re tremendous old- however that doesn’t imply they don’t know proper from mistaken. They do, they virtually completely know proper from mistaken. I KNOW they do, as a result of the very first thing somebody does “mistaken” or another way than they’re used to, they’re tremendous confrontational, bossy, and even downright demeaning to these they’re “correcting”. So I do know they know proper from wrong- they only suppose that they’re free from these guidelines as a result of, nicely, they’re outdated! They’ve been round lengthy sufficient, they don’t should be cordial to folks anymore, or adhere to societal requirements of being a traditional and good individual. I say that’s bullshit.

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An outdated individual is yelling at a waitress and being disrespectful to different patrons who’re calling them out on it?? Throw them out. They acquired to the restaurant, they’ll get to the subsequent one and hopefully they’ll have corrected their habits as a result of they confronted penalties for it the final time they acted that method. Outdated individual begins going off on me about how I’m doing one thing they don’t like, they’re insulting me, or they’re simply saying impolite shit simply to say impolite shit? I ought to be capable of inform them to fuck off (in the identical method and trend I might do it in if a youthful individual was doing the identical shit to me) and never be advised “Disgrace on you! How might you say that to an aged man/woman? Do you have got any thought what it’s wish to be that outdated? How might you be so merciless?” Outdated individual calls somebody a racist title (assuming they don’t have dementia or one other degenerative illness)? Don’t serve them, don’t proceed speaking to them till they appropriate their habits.

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Kids get HIT for a similar habits, which they do in an virtually method lesser diploma and with fully harmless intentions many of the time- they actually don’t even know why what they’re doing is mistaken. They get HIT for method smaller stuff. However you may’t be confrontational to your grandparents/dad and mom loudly occurring concerning the “silly waitress” who by the way in which, is in earshot, as a result of she hasn’t introduced the meals out that you simply ordered ten minutes in the past but and inform them to knock their shit off? Bullshit. Outdated individual, you do NOT get to do no matter and say no matter you need simply since you’re outdated.

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  1. I’m an old person and I agree. If anything, I hold myself to a higher standard because I have had many more years to learn how to behave kindly and appropriately. And I have a responsibility to my children and grandchildren to teach them the same. Older people cannot act inappropriately and then complain about the younger generation. I would like to think that I have aged with some grace and wisdom. Old people who act out or are mean, racist, or rude cannot complain if they are referred to as ignorant, otherwise they would have learned how to treat their fellow humans.

  2. When people say someone is set in their ways they aren’t giving the old person a pass. They’re giving themselves a pass.

    They arent saying that it’s ok for an old person to be that way because they are set in their ways. They’re saying that we don’t need to take it upon ourselves to change them because they are set in their ways and it won’t happen.

    You’re just saving yourself trouble, you aren’t excusing what they’ve done

  3. Generally speaking, I treat people the way they treat me. There are exceptions, for me, at least. My responses to truly rude or racist people in general has to be toned way down at work, although I do say something and stand my ground, I just don’t do it in a rude way. The other big one is around my fiancee’s friends or family, even then I may say something, but the aftermath of that is likely to be brought upon her as opposed to me, so I try to avoid causing her problems.

    Out in public, for the most part, I’m all about matching energy. Small stuff, I let go, but if you are really going to be a Karen and try to rip into me in public, I’m going to be inclined to tell you to kick rocks in a not so polite way. I’m also much more likely to speak up if it’s directed at the employee of an establishment who is likely handcuffed by shitty policy and management. I’ve worked those jobs and you screaming at a server because they didn’t bring your food quick enough or being racist towards them is very likely to get a reaction out of me because, well I don’t work there and I don’t have to deal with the the shitty policy/management.

  4. I agree. I don’t think you have to *accept* or *forgive* anyone or their attitude. But it would be best to understand them and why they feel that way (ie how they were raised, experiences they had, time period and area they grew up)

    Understanding someone simply resolves *your* anger towards them over a view point that’s ignorant or harmful, nothing more. That absolutely doesn’t give them the liberty to insult or belittle you as a person, no matter their age.

  5. I’m 17 and black and I know this old guy (~89) and he has some controversial views about gays, race, gender roles (they are considered controversial today), and other things. I don’t really mind them because he was born in a time where that was the culture and the status quo. He is not oblivious at all to the way life has changed for him and he knows that the change has been an overall net positive. Older people should be let go since its very hard to dismiss a belief you held on to for such a long period of time, even if it is seen as immoral or unethical. We also aren’t the most moral people ever so our time will come when someone will question why we might think having an unneccessary prosthetic is insane

  6. I think you have to be careful with this. Especially if your talking the 75+ age range. Dementia and Alzheimer’s are very real. These people might look ok, but inside their head their brain is rotting. It can range from simple confusion to not knowing when, where, or even who they are. They say shit that they never would have said or even believed back when their mind actually worked. Personalities can change. It gets pretty bad, I’ve seen it myself. Yelling at them doesn’t help. It’s like yelling at a child for not understanding adult concepts.

  7. Just wondering how you might feel if, in 50 or 60 years, the world has changed and your politics/values are unacceptable to the young people then. They could be a generation of fascists or so super liberal that they make you look bigoted. They might consider you rude, arrogant, foolish or outdated by their standards.

  8. I received my MS degree in gerontology, because I used to love working with the elderly. That was until I started working at an assisted living facility. I’m overweight, but I was called fat ALL THE TIME. I would just play it off and would cry on my drive home. It was one factor that led me to leaving the industry. Old people can be so incredibly mean and everyone just brushes it off. I find it unacceptable.

  9. You know how religious people who go door to door are really annoying because they don’t understand boundaries and act in a way thats disruptive to strangers?

    Saying that an old person is set in their ways and ignoring them is kinda the opposite of doing that. Yeah, they’re wrong, and short of having to deal with someone they think they wouldn’t like coming into their families, nothing is going to change that.

    Starting a fight with them is like yelling at a glacier because you don’t like that it’s receeding. It shouldn’t be receeding. It’s not going to be an issue for much longer. The only thing you accomplish by doing it is adding another annoying asshole to the mix.

    People are allowed to be wrong. Hell, people are allowed to be offensively wrong. If a grown ass person is acting like a child, it’s not going to do anyone any good to add a second grown ass person acting like a child.

  10. Can’t wait till OP is old and everything he currently believes is evil and demented. Every generation think that they are the most pure and noble to have ever lived….

    Your grandchildren are more likely to think that your grandparents were better than you, than to think that you are a decent person. It’s just the way society has always worked. Its circular.

    People have always believed the way you do. There are literally Roman scholars who wrote on the topic… and they became so moral that they collapsed…

    Basically stating…
    1) You think old People are mortally screwed
    2) old people think kids these days are morally screwed
    3) kids in 50 years will think you are morally screwed

    And at the end society might get better… or it might collapse… road to hell is made with good intentions

  11. Completely agree. They say they act that way because they don’t give at what people think of them. Well then they better be prepared for the consequences of acting like an asshole.

  12. That ear shot thing is real. WHY? Why tf do people over 65 need everyone to hear their drama? They go out of their way to make sure the person they are talking about can hear them knowing they cannot respond as an employee

  13. Who. The. Fuck. Cares. Does it really matter? Just let them be old and senile it’s not like you have to take them seriously. An 80 year old Midwest person makes no difference on any of our lives.

  14. If ‘diversity’ really were as wonderful as people would have you believe, then why must it always be imposed with mandatory policies, quotas, lawsuits, and government laws? Think about it

  15. When your tired and in pain it’s a lot harder to not get grouchy. Keep this in mind. I got really sick in my early forties and was such an asshole for about five years it was traumatic. Traumatic that I couldn’t seem to help being a grouch because I was in so much pain I just couldn’t be anything else.
    Please keep this in mind.

  16. I felt exactly the same way when I was young. Old people irritated me no end. I lived in Long Beach, CA, so there were a lot of old people. I remember when Lord Mountbatten was blown up, I had no sympathy when I heard he was 78 years old! Ah, the callousness of youth! So rest assured, this is not a new problem! Anyway, I agree completely.

    Now that I’m in my sixties, I really try to empathize with whoever I’m dealing with, and always be kind. I don’t have anything to prove anymore. I’ve gotten much more mellow with age.

  17. U know… here in brazil se have a New saying: “we gotta stop thinking that with the passing of time old people have accumulated knowledge. Sometimes old people can have accumulated dumbness as well!”

    EDIT: Spelling

  18. People say respect me elders but I only respect people who’ve earned it. I’ll give them basic politeness, like I do for everyone, but old people shouldnt get a pass whatsoever.

  19. I took my grandmother on all expense paid (by me) holiday. She nitpicked everything and was rude to me the entire time. Eventually I left her to her sunbathing and went and explored cultural and historical sites (and sights).

    On the way to the airport she basically threw in my face that I wasn’t babysitting her the whole time (she always portrays herself as independent and what not).

    Anyways I told her that I was disappointed with how she was treating me, and she decided to rip me another asshole about how I was irresponsible for leaving her to her own devices and stuff (she also called me fat and insulted my intelligence for not reading her mind), went on about how she’s an old person…

    I told her that being old does not excuse her behaviour towards me. She did not like that and told me that she would smack me one (I’m 30 btw. This was last year). I gave up on “respecting my elders” and told her that if she hits me, she can expect a slap back 😅😅

    Did not go down well, but hey, I stood my ground. People only deserve the amount of respect they earn. Age is irrelevant.

  20. Look at it from this perspective. Imagine if — once you’re 110 — pedophilia is permitted (god forbid). You’re set in your ways. You’d be pretty fucking horrified and you’d just be labelled as a pedophobe and/or millenial. Would you change your views to accept the new times? I sure as hell wouldn’t

  21. Somebody who finally gets it. I had to put my grandmother out of my reception b/c she told my wife that when we were ready she would pay our divorce fees. On my fucking wedding night. She had to GO!!

  22. This is such a valid point!! After literally a decade of my (conservative Christian) mother saying and sending me bigoted xenophobic and racist jokes/articles/ comments etc I had enough. In December I told her to stop sending me these things, she carried on time and time again until I told her I would be forced to block her as she wasn’t respecting the way I see the world.

    She continued, I blocked her on 2 social media. She continued by email and became really manipulative and playing the victim. I sent her a long email about how she had changed a lot in a decade, reminded her about how she raised me (conservative, but to respect and value everyone around you) and showed her how she had changed. She replied with more about how I should respect her opinions just because she is my mother and older than me. That was two weeks ago and I haven’t replied back to her. I just don’t know what to say.

  23. I think you are being small minded and rude. I doubt our seniors would appreciate being generalized in this manner. Anymore than you would like to hear someone say that your generation is full of idiots.
    Being older does not make someone smarter or kinder. But in a lot of cases their world has become smaller because they don’t have the same input that most of the rest of us do. For example, they may not realize how hard it has become to find a really good job. Or how many more bills everyone has these days because we have to have a smart phone and internet at home. Our problems are different than their’s were at our age. Therefore SOME may tend to become opinionated.
    I’m just saying, ease up dude. You don’t understand them anymore than they understand you. And when you reach the senior status, I expect you’ll want to be treated with a bit more grace than your offering.

  24. THIS. I used to work in fast food and encountered entitled old people CONSTANTLY. They would always come in and be not only ignorant, but snarky to anyone who tried to help them. Don’t get me wrong, there were a few sweet little old grandparent people. But the overwhelming majority of customers who were old people were significantly more rude, demanding, and outright entitled than anyone else. Not to mention that old men think they can get away with anything when it comes to young female employees like myself. They would CONSTANTLY say things across the counter or in the drive thru that would make me uncomfortable. One man once tried to make me “catch the money!” like I was his little grandchild and not an adult (stranger!) with a job. So yeah. Old people don’t get a pass to be absolute entitled jerks just because they’re old.

  25. A good portion of “old people” grey during civil rights, and the gay rights movements and stuff

    So they have zero excuse for still being racist/homophobic

    They literally were alive and growing as those movements were around so they had every chance to change their views

    I get it, even at 24 there are some things I’m stubborn on, but honestly that’s no excuse for me or them

    You can change up until the day you die

    There is very few good reasons to still hold on to BS ideas or beliefs or still be rude

  26. totally agree with you. creepy old men keep hitting on my very underage (15 year old) coworkers and they (the old guys) think that’s okay. like fuck off. it’s always only really old people too.

    but yeah, old people are either really kind to me at work (i work at an ice cream shop) or the snappiest, worst people who go out of their way to avoid tipping me their change (instead of just throwing in the 78¢ they pick out the quarters and give me the copper stuff)

  27. I mean sure they might not treat you nicely but old people today have seen the most drastic world changes from their childhoods they were raised in than any other time in history. I can’t really blame them for being disgruntled in an unrecognizable world. They take it out on everyone sometimes which is obviously wrong but I think by the time I turn 80 and don’t recognize the world I’ve lived in for 80 years, I would definitely be a bit less nice. Some old people are super nice so it doesn’t feel like a nice blanket statement.

  28. I agree. I definitely feel like just settling with their behavior, regardless of how old they are, is only enabling them more.

    Personally, I use a 3 strikes rule with anyone I interact with. The first time I explain calmly how the action or behavior is not ok with me and I try to discuss with the other person why they choose to behave this way. It’s an attempt to see the other person’s side, hear them out, and give them the benefit of a doubt.

    Second time: I firmly repeat how the behavior is not ok and ask them not to do it again.

    Final time: I pop off and let them have it. Depending on what the issue is and how I feel, this can go from 0-100 real quick, but I genuinely try to remain composed. (I’m human, shit happens.) From there, I remove either that person or myself from the situation.

    Occasionally, I’ve reached 2 or 3, but generally after the first time, I’m able to diffuse the situation and reach a mutual level of understanding.

  29. I read an article the other day that said there is a scientific reason for this, which is as we age the part of our brain responsible for inhibition deteriorates. Thought that was interesting.

  30. Honestly, I don’t think that I have ever seen a bad or rude 70-110 year Olds. Well maybe 70s yes but 80+ never. They are too old to care about anything and just don’t give a shit. All the rude asses are like 60-79 yrs old. The ones that are old but still have energy.

  31. Honestly the point when people say that isn’t for their sake its your own. Its like don’t bother. And even if your like “whatever” and go out of way I mean its a huge risk lets say they freak out and croak you killed gregs grandpa in peoples eyes because you were in yelling match that cause his heart attack.

    Not saying its right or fair its just not worth it.

  32. 👏 This 👏 Is 👏 What 👏 I 👏 Am 👏 Looking 👏 For!

    This is so true on many levels. People often say when we are old, we tend to have anger issues, because old people are usually short-tempered people. But that doesn’t mean old people have the right to be rude to anyone just because they have anger issues condition that relates to their ages. They are adults, I mean, senior adults, so they must have a better attitude toward life and people because they have gone through so much shit more than us young people. Unless if they have some mental issues that relate to old age. But if their mental health is just as fine as young people, then they should be able to acknowledge and control their attitude like an adult.

  33. They do have a mental illness, they grew and didn’t expand their minds, I’m certain it’s what comes from a lack of discipline, and I mean the old fashioned kind, hand, bottom, tears and timeouts in the corner that lasted for an hour

  34. My grandma got really racist when she was super old and had dementia. But I gave her a pass, because she also wandered around the hallway naked at some point completely lost and wanting to go home (she was in an elderly home at the time). Before her dementia, she was pretty chill and not racist at all

  35. Where I totally agree they shouldn’t get a pass in many situations, such as common human decency (in the case of the waitress), I do think they have been brainwashed into believing certain biases and such based on the time/era they grew up in. Those things were hard baked and engrained into them; everyone had to adhere to those standards or else they were bad human beings.

    So, where I think they shouldn’t be a bully or an outright a-hole, I think we should attempt communication before deeming them some kind of societal nuisance. In this case, yeah, throw the old coot out. They’re just being a d*** at that point; however, I don’t think that’s applicable in every situation an old person is getting raving mad. After all, we’ll get old someday and we will probably have to deal with the same thing…youth telling us we’re out-of-date and have biases and s***. But that’s just my two cents…

  36. This one time I was at a church parking lot minding my own business playing pokemon go when this old fucker starts banging on my window.

    I crack it open and he’s interrogating me, asking who I am and why I’m there. So I tell him, and he starts yelling at me to roll down my window so he can hear me. I roll it down a bit more and I’m playing my game so I’m watching my phone but still answering his questions.

    He tries to reach into my window and I look at him like seriously? And he starts lecturing me on how we young people have no manners, how it’s rude not to face the person you’re talking to.

    I didn’t want to argue so I just rolled my window up and left. But seriously like I asked for none of that, he came up to me and disrupted me. I’m not pausing my few minutes of downtime. I thought I was being nice by answering his questions.

  37. There’s a difference between an old person being a downright asshole vs just not understanding how things have changed/ progressed, and using language that is not PC today.

    If theyre an asshole to women, POC, or customer service people, odds are they always were. To me, “stuck in their ways” is what we refer to when people use certain language or terms that we don’t use anymore. Or believes in certain values or norms that are outdated.

    As someone who works in customer service, and old person being an asshole is an asshole customer. And old person who is genuinely surprised their delivery driver is a woman, is “stuck in their ways”

  38. > Children get HIT for the same behavior, which they do in an almost way lesser degree and with completely innocent intentions most of the time- they literally don’t even know why what they’re doing is wrong. They get HIT for way smaller stuff.

    There’s an important sub-U’Opinion here of “children shouldn’t be getting hit for completely trivial shit, which is the vast majority of shit kids get hit for”.

  39. I generally like older people. Most have interesting stories to tell and a lot of life experience. We can learn a lot from them. Many are more open minded than you might realize. I always respect my elders and if one of them is rude or out of line, that’s on them and I move on. It’s not necessarily an excuse to treat them poorly in return. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but it seems like general respect for your elders and being a polite human being has gone by the wayside.

  40. Honestly for the most part I agree but you can’t act like people can just simply unlearn decades worth of outdated culture. People always wanna put themselves on a pedestal thinking their ways are superior to the past then forget that when you and I grow old, the newer generation is gonna find a shitload of stuff we’re used to doing as offensive.

    Pick your battles is what I say. I personally work with a lot of senior folks and half the time the dumb shit they say is just honest misunderstandings and they don’t mean harm by it. I’m an ethnic-looking guy from the Middle East so I’ll often be asked “so how do you like america” or “are you from Saudi Arabia?” These are things I understand are just them trying to learn about me. If I got butthurt over every politically incorrect thing old people said, my life would be a lot harder. I’m not saying there aren’t times I’ve gotten genuine racist treatment, but like I said, learn to pick your battles. Mistakes are fixable

  41. I agree but also concede it’s rather pointless. I think you’re missing a bit of perspective in this instance. There can be two concurring realities here. I love my grandmother to death but I’m also fully aware that the world will be better off when their age group is gone. You’re right that there’s no excuse for them to be the way they are but they have no other recourse at this point. You’re asking them to essentially become self aware to the fact they’ve been wrong for 70+ years. That’s either going to crush someone mentally or be outright impossible. Im all for this post but I admit there’s much bigger problems at moment.

    You need to be more worried about the kids and grandkids who have somehow absorbed these views for themselves. Those are the fucks we have to deal with….

  42. I don’t think this is an unpopular opinion at all. I’m sure many people share the same thoughts about this as you. I, for one, definitely agree with you on this. Just because you’re old, it doesn’t excuse your being a jerk.

  43. I hate really Old people. They go to the super and have the Greatest Hurry of there life because then need to go home to do Nothing and some even try to cut the Line because they have no time left?
    They Cant bike any more because I always find some Old guy claiming the Road and i cant drive by and if u honk at them they Are mad. 1 time this guy block my Car ask wat is wrong and I Said I cant pass u because u block the Road. He was acting rude and dint want to move with his bike. So I need to put his bike of the Road en he whent and sit on the Hood of the Car so I need to put him next to the Road and he whent mad. I Said I don’t care u should bike because u are bad at it.
    And then there the covib old fuck ups that I don’t even want to talk about because I can Fill a Book of 600 pages how stupid and annoying they are. Old people need a training Camp for there stuck up ways and stop blameing every 1 for disrespecting them. Respect is earnt not Given.

  44. Bruh sometimes people of older age need time to adjust. It’s hard to teach a dog new tricks let alone completely new sets of rules that’s made up in a few years. Marking old people as bad people just makes them not want to change more. And they are the ones that actually vote lmao. Tbh didn’t read the whole thing too long but that’s my pov

  45. EXACTLY. If an old man or woman doesn’t behave properly with me I feel like doing the same ti them.

    But NO. we’re children ! It’s a crime to disrespect old people

  46. They should get a pass. You should assume that they might be like that because of failing brain health. The symptoms of dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and other neurodegenrative diseases usually progress slowly, so you often wouldn’t be able to tell. On top of this, older people take medications which can result in agitation and other unsavory behaviors.

  47. y’know why old people are mean? well, I’m not sure if it’s true but i once read that the part of the brain that helps bring out courtesy and being friendly is one of the easiest parts of the brain to get damaged by age, they can’t help it, BUT they still don’t get a pass

  48. Hey buddy, I got an unpopular opinion.

    Some old people’s racism is totally understandable if it has to do with a war.

    If you fought in the Vietnam war I bet my right nut you would genuinely hate Vietnamese people after having to fucking get shot at and watch your buddies die or being put in difficult situations like killing children because they were running up to you with a bomb.

    If you fought in WW2 I bet you’d have a particular hate for germans after fucking having to storm a beach full of krauts with machine guns cuttin your buddies down like fucking grass.

    Now some of it not so much, why was there so much hatred for black people to begin with? Dunno why it would have even started with slavery? What caused those morons to show such disdain to people that are busting their fucking ass for them? It’s moronic.

  49. I literally do not know what can be done about it. Those tracks laid back when and are apart of the earth now. Integrated and symbiotic. Sure the criticism of those behaviours are valid but I am not sure that for each year a curmudgeon blooms out of old age can we contain and or even address totally. Who knows when that elder acting out in public will just come together and or feel guilt. They know everything they must think…

  50. While it is easier to fight an old person, (I have. They are weak and brittle sometimes) its not always the right choice because that could be my grandma and my grandma gets to do what she wants because she gave birth to a legend and then that legend gave birth to a shithead that fights people to get my grandma more tapioca.

    Lay off. Deal with it sissy.

  51. I generally agree with you but the devil is in the details. The main issue here is intent. I tent to give a pass to an old person who appears to be peaceful and not aggressive when he\she unintentionally insult someone by using words\phrase that we now consider racist\bigoted\misogenistic etc. The world is changing at an amazing pace. There are words and phrases that are only used by super racists now but were pretty common in conversation only 25-30 years ago. Our communication circle tends to become a closed bubble as we grow older. Well, old people were already old 25 years ago when they went into that bubble, and honestly, i don’t expect them to keep up with the present day vocabulary and trends. Same goes for their opinions on all the LGBTQ rights and their vocabulary when talking about LGBTQ issues. It’s important to remember that only 20 years ago the vast majority of the country was against gay marriages. Without googling it I’d guess that nowadays over 80% of Americans fully support it. It is a natural process for our opinion to evolved under the waves of new information and self-education and a lot of other factors. But most of old people live in the bubble or surrounded by people just like them so they are still stuck in the 90’s at best and i wouldn’t really hold it against them since there isn’t much they can do about it (mostly because they don’t know that they should do something about it). Again, all of what i just said goes to hell if they intend to verbally abuse or hurt someone and using ignorance as an excuse.

  52. I think people shouldnt be able to use mental illness either unless its something that actually really affects them, but the amount of people ive seen do something stupid and be like “i was stressed, i have depression, i have anxiety, this and that” is fucking stupid.


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