One of many first cruise ships to renew after COVID outbreak now has a COVID outbreak

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  2. I feel confident in saying that cruise ships should be, like, the *last* thing to come back post-COVID. Cruise ships have massive outbreaks when there *isn’t* a highly contagious pandemic going around.

  3. >“The safety of our guests and crews is Hurtigruten’s highest priority,” Hurtigruten spokesperson Rune Thomas Ege said

    I think it’s pretty clear that that’s a lie. At best, it’s the second highest priority, after making money.

  4. I know I am ultra-simplifying how difficult this would be… but.

    If everybody had just stayed at home for 2 weeks in January and gone nowhere, that would have ended corona. Amazing to think how long it’s gone on for.

    Everytime something tries to start again, before it’s gone, it just makes it take longer.

  5. This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original]( reduced by 89%. (I’m a bot)
    > One of the first cruise ships in the world to resume sailing since the coronavirus-caused worldwide halt to departures in March is experiencing an outbreak of the illness that has already sent people to the hospital.

    > One small-ship cruise company, UnCruise Adventures, plans to resume trips out of Juneau, Alaska, on Saturday.

    > Gene Sloan has written about cruising for more than 25 years and for many years oversaw USA TODAY's award-winning cruise site, USA TODAY Cruises.

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  6. Somewhat of a side topic, but what makes a cruise ship instead of a ferry? And what counts as “stopped”?

    The title just feels like it depends on those technicalities to me because in the Baltic I don’t think any of the passenger ship routes ever stopped the entire time, although passenger traffic was severely restricted for some time. They’re generally referred to as cruises by locals, even though they’re only day trips ~3-4 h one way between Helsinki and Tallinn, with a few hours in town) or at most 1 or 2 nights (e.g. between Helsinki and Stockholm). But in the past there have also been e.g. 24h cruises between Helsinki and Tallinn, where the ship only docks at Tallinn for a few hours in the middle of the night, but passengers aren’t let out, it’s only for cargo trucks to get off and on. And the reason the routes weren’t stopped is that they carry a decent amount of the aforementioned cargo trucks too, and are pretty essential to trade and logistics in the entire region.

  7. I agree with shutting that industry down. You couldn’t pay me to step foot on a cruise ship BEFORE the pandemic. Never cruised, never will. I like vacationing and exploring places with my two feet on the ground, thank you very much (aside from the necessary and relatively short-term plane ride). Add hearing way too many horror stories about disease, food poisoning, rape, murder, and very rough seas (YouTube videos don’t help)…nopeity nope nope. Years ago I found out about the (now defunct) cruise industry whistleblowing site and that just sealed it for me. My hesitation was validated.

  8. I live in a CruiseShip town.

    Fills every May to September with thousands of Americans and Asians coming for Alaskan Cruises.

    My livelihood and those of thousands of others in my area. Heck tens of thousands of us depending desperately on that revenue.


    I don’t want my downtown core flooding with Covid infected Americans and people flying in direct from China.

    We can find a new source of revenue… eventually. I want to fucking live with my lungs normal.

  9. >Hurtigruten has been at the forefront of efforts to restart cruising in Europe in the wake of falling coronavirus case counts across the continent. The line [started cruises to Norway]( out of Hamburg, Germany, in June with a single ship, the 530-passenger Fridtjof Nansen. It [added cruises to Svalbard]( on the Roald Amundsen and the 335-passenger Spitsbergen in early July.

    >The trips only have been open to local travelers from select European countries. No Americans have been on board the vessels

    So they’ve actually been doing pretty good, where’s the face eating?

  10. Dumbasses. Criminal. Cruise ships were directly responsible for spreading a significant amount of cases and seeding new locations. It is one thing when it was still developing, they could claim ignorance, but now? Absolutely criminal negligence.

  11. Quote from the article.

    “The trips only have been open to local travelers from select European countries. No Americans have been on board the vessels.”

    I guess I’m still a citizen of a plague nation.😓😓😓

  12. We went on a cruise pre-COVID and there was already hand sanitizer everywhere and reminders to wash your hands. We bought travel insurance just in case one of us had a medical emergency. There is no way I would book a cruise now but I have friends that are already booked for next year.

  13. > The entire ship has now been placed in isolation, and all remaining crew — around 160 people — are being tested for COVID-19. The line also is tracking down 177 passengers who left the ship early Friday to alert them to the outbreak.

    Cool cool cool


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