Petting one other cat

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  1. “Yeah, come over here. She did it again! No, not me, the other cat. Yeah, the OUTSIDE whore. NO, NOT ME, I said the outside whore. Yeah! You believe that! Unbelievable. So disgusting. Oh for fucks sake, NOT ME, the OUTSIDE cat. YEAH I KNOW RIGHT?! Despicable.”

  2. One of my cats was like that for a bit when I got a new cat, so I had to wash my hands every time I petted him for a few months until she got used to him!

  3. I know this is funny but cats are immensely territorial and this causes them real stress. Many cats will start pissing all over the house if they detect another cat encroaching on their territory.

  4. A few months ago I made the mistake of petting a cat outside one night and let my indoor kitty smell my hand when I came back inside. She straight up HISSED at me and literally wouldn’t have anything to do with me for like 24 hours. I decided the outdoor cats don’t get petted anymore because I can’t do that to my cat again lol.

  5. My ginger kitty did this to me once. He sniffed my hand for a little, smelled an outside cat and grabbed my hand with his paws. Hissed for a few minutes then calmed down.


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