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  2. It just so HAPPENS that the only bands who release albums with titles like “White is King” also have swastika tattoos and confederate flag tank tops. Maybe that’s the difference?

  3. I mean this idiot is posting in r/pussypass so of course he has his hands in his pants and his head up his ass. No big surprise that the fragility extends to not being able to stand the thought of a powerful black woman.

    The worst thing he can think to call her is *a karen*

    what a putz

  4. Suggesting that superiority is in any way tied to race is problematic. A: it’s simply not true. B: it’s always going to garner a negative reaction from those outside that race. Racism against black people is so fucking engrained into America, that sometimes counteracting it comes in a form that over corrections. It is more than necessary that the playing field get evened out. At this point, we can’t even get a cop who’s known to have murdered a black person tried for their crime – what kind of message does that send? THATS WHY we say Black Lives Matter – because the system literally acts like they don’t. So yes, although suggesting that simply being black somehow makes you a “king”, insinuating domination over non-blacks, it’s also understandable as to why black people may feel compelled to equate our blackness with royalty. It’s flawed, but we’re trying to make up for being seen as one fifth of a person. We’re trying to compensate for being killed in the street without any justice served. We’re not always going to get it right.

  5. Or, you know, maybe it’s to symbolically uplift a group of people who’ve been overlooked in every facet of society for centuries? These are the same kind of people asking why we don’t have a white history month. They’re mentally deficient.

  6. *Technically the truth:*


    *adjective* superlative adjective: **raciest**

    1. (of speech, writing, or behavior) lively, entertaining, and typically mildly titillating sexually.”the novel was considered rather racy at the time”

  7. Am I the only one that’s kinda getting tired of the whole “Karen” thing? Like I was on board with it at first but now it just feels like an excuse for people’s misogyny.

  8. “I think everything is equivalent to everything else that sounds somewhat similar to it on the surface because I don’t understand any social and historical context.”

  9. I’m proud to be black

    Well that’s great. You should be. You have overcome so much.

    I’m proud to be Hispanic.

    Wonderful. Amazing culture and heritage. Hispanics have contributed so much to this world.

    I’m proud to be LGBT

    Of course!!!! It’s fantastic that we live in a time where people are becoming more open and accepting of a person’s sexual preference, however there is still work to do!!

    I’m proud to be white

    You mother fucking racist piece of shit

  10. She probably just wants a controversial title to jazz up sales from her core base.

    To be fair Beyoncé is quite the hypocrite. I remember she was all about women empowerment, and women rule the world.

    What does she do when her husband is caught sleeping around? Pretty much nothing.


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