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  1. Yeah, because your own germs only start affecting you once they reenter your body. It’s much better to just expel them completely into your immediate surroundings. I’m sure all the people around you will understand your concerns.

  2. One day went to a grossery store to buy some stuff, early this year, and went to buy some mangos.

    So, a lady comes to the mango stand, grabs one with her bare hands, get’s it close enough to the nose and mouth that the mango touched both.

    “Not this one.” She says and gets the mango back to the stand, does the same to another one and takes that one.

    I was so appalled that no words came out to say something about that stupidity.

  3. i actually put down my mask to sneeze but i sneeze in a hankerchief i have with me and try to have it not contamine everything around me. after that i obviously wash my hands and all that. it’s just that i have hay fever and am sneezing 10 times an hour sometimes and i don’t want to have 2 liters of my snot in my masks that i have constantly on…

  4. Do they… do they think they’re sneezing the virus out…? Like… do they think that’s how you get over a cold, you just sneeze it out like you’re passing a kidney stone?

  5. I have been wearing a mask daily for 8 hours, less weekends, for 4 months. Thinking about it, I feel like I’d rather sneeze into a cloth than my mask. (Especially if I don’t know what’s going to come out and I still have the rest of the day to wear that mask.)

    Remembering it, however, is different. When I sneezed, I *did* do so directly into my face mask and I had to clear out some snot with a tissue.

    I’d say if it’s possible, distance yourself physically from others, sneeze into a cloth or tissue, and immediately throw it away. Then wash or sanitize your hands.

  6. I sneezed into my own mask last week. A lady behind me (who was MASKLESS) gasped and said, ‘I hope it isn’t catching!’

    I bit my tongue, but I should have said something to her. I also didn’t tell her it was just hayfever 🙂

  7. Some lady with meth mouth was talking about “Covin” this morning while I got my morning coffee. Had no idea what she was talking about. Smoking and wearing a mask on her chin. Then she gets all pissy when the person behind her mentions the sign on the wall that everyone must wear a mask in the store. The only good thing from this pandemic is it will wipe out a ton of ignorance.

  8. Question, what should I do if I need to sneeze? I mean I don’t know about y’all but filling my mask with snot doesn’t seem the best way to go.

    I’m not trying to argue I’m genuinely asking, do I just need to have a pocketful of spare masks and another for my sneezed in masks? What if I don’t have any extra masks?

  9. Must say as a quite ‘wet’ sneezer it really isn’t pleasant to sneeze inside the mask, I do it of course, but don’t think anyone would wanna see the behind the scenes warzone after.

  10. I wish there was some kind of technology thst allowed me to answer these incredibly stupid people directly by clicking the picture. God damn she deserves to hear it

  11. I was working and couldn’t take my mask off to covert face with my shirt. I coughed and spit went all over my face. This both showed me the importance of masks during this time but also if you can you should pull it down and cough into clothing. Elbow, shoulder, or pull your shirt over your face.

  12. I have to admit my first inclination is to remove the mask when I feel a sneeze coming on but then I realize, that that’s the ENTIRE POINT!

    and sneeze away into the mask.

  13. Ok, so I’ve done this.. But it was one of the first days I wore a mask months ago. So, walking through the grocery store, and that urge to sneeze hit. I knew that I had about 3 seconds before I sneeze, and there is nothing I can do about it. My very first thought is that I don’t want to sneeze in my mask, because that’s where my face is! I proceed to lower the mask. Immediately realize that it’s the whole reason why I have the mask. Proceed to fumble to get the mask up quickly. Ultimately I failed, and did one of those sneezes where you don’t open your mouth and it’s like your eyes and ears feel super weird because you just held in a sneeze.

  14. I was at IKEA the other day and some brilliant guy was pulling down his mask to cough up a lung. And to think we need to look up to the older generation for “wisdom”

  15. My colleague went to a shop and was queuing outside, and there was a shop assistant with a mask on standing outside. This guy was about to go in and she said ‘you have to put on a mask to go in’ and he said he didn’t have one. So the woman goes ‘oh, you can borrow mine if you want’, and apparently he did…

  16. Holy shit. I can’t believe that.

    the bible, the book which was written by flat earthers on hallucinogenic mushrooms had already figured out that you needed to wear a mask when sick, I can’t believe that modern humans are that dumb

    (Leviticus 13: 45-46 if anyone wonders)


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