So after taking a prolonged break of of OSRS, I made a decision to take a look at my max acc in a f2p world like I do from time to time. Password did not work. Prompt panic. Verify account web page and certain sufficient, the restoration e-mail has been modified. IGN had been modified to “is a is a”. (which is a horrible title, by the best way)

I managed to revive my account fairly shortly, and tried to log in, ready to really feel unhappy at an empty financial institution. No such luck. The account has been perma banned for RWT.

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Now here is the factor with RWT bans. Jagex does NOT deal with appeals for them (until you are a preferred streamer in fact). I have been attempting to enchantment the ban for weeks as a result of I do know for a reality I did not do it and if Jagex has any competence in any respect they may have the ability to discover that out. The issue is I merely can’t get a human to take a look at the state of affairs. I think about the hacker blatantly traded the GP off to a throwaway account, triggering an automatic ban system, and now Jagex refuses to look into the state of affairs. If I enchantment by their help web page I get an automatic reply saying they do not deal with RWT appeals.

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Only a reminder to y’all that it may occur to anyone. I by no means did something shady in recreation or outdoors. All I did was grind peacefully like most like to do on this recreation. Jagex Buyer Assist is a joke and in case you occur to finish up on the incorrect aspect of the automated banning system, you are shit out of luck.

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  1. Gives me anxiety every time I read a post like this, something you’ve spent countless hours and hold a great personal value to gets taken away from you and it seems Jagex couldn’t care less.

    I’m so sorry brother,

    Thank you for posting & don’t give up

  2. 1. Set VPN to Zimbabwe
    2. “hack” my own account
    3. Sell all the shit
    4. Claim I got hacked

    Completely unable to be differentiated from a legitimate hack. Your account was involved in rule breaking and was rightfully banned.

    If you aren’t using authenticator and are dumb enough to give away enough sensitive info to be hacked… who is at fault really?

    >Just a reminder to y’all that it can happen to anybody.

    It really can’t. How many times people gotta publicly post the email and password to an account with 100m on it to prove this?

  3. Sorry if you’re telling the truth but most people here are going to find you hard to believe.

    Based on what you said these are the likely possibilities:

    – You sold your account and now are trying to get it back.

    – You decided to ‘quit’ and RWT all your wealth and now want to come back.

    – You used a password you’ve used before as your email or RuneScape password. And that password got leaked in a breach.

    – At some point in the past you followed a phishing link and entered your details or downloaded a fake RuneLite client or something.

    In the case of the last two, you have a responsibility to protect your own account. You did the stronghold of security right?

  4. I dont understand this. I could literally tell you my RS password and you probably couldn’t get in. RS is authenticated. My email is two-factored, the back up email is two factored. Everything uses different passwords. If you tried to reset my Gmail, assuming you answered all the questions you’d still need my back up email and wait 5 days for a Google review. All without me noticing.

    Either you’re dumb and deserved it or you sold your account and deserved it. Sorry if thats harsh, but there’s been about a million of these posts where somehow none of them use the most basic security measures.

  5. Maxed without 2FA on your account and recovery email? Sorry dude but either this is a serious case of smooth brain getting thousands of hours into the game without taking 5 minutes to make a basic effort to secure your account, or your story is BS.

  6. It’s interesting because I pretty blatantly RWT’ed quite a lot of money and never got banned for it. No idea how their detection works, really seems like a crapshoot.

  7. Choose a decent password and have 2fa next time. Use a password manager that generates secure passwords for you and stores it securely.


    Y’all are like “Haha I’m immune to scams, seen all that shit when I was a kid playing runescape” but still have the same passwords for everything except your banking or the same phrase with different numbers that can be brute forced in minutes


    Seriously, unless your password is at least 12 characters, random and contains special characters, it’s not even close to secure. Googling a random password generator gives me +g($jWRM2;.pCjHa



    Sorry to hear about your account though.

  8. My iron got permanently banned recently for macroing major… I managed to get it quashed after going through the “support” section and claiming my account was hijacked…

    It wasn’t hijacked, I know that for sure… I play every day.. Jagex made a mistake a banned for 0 reason Without warning.

    Im glad they swiftly realised their mistake and removed the ban from my account.

  9. Message Jagex and they will sort this out. Same thing happened to my first ironman. I had no idea what the ban was for and then they confirmed that I’d been hacked and my items RWTed away. I got the account back

  10. Out of all my days of RS gaming the only time I lost an account was because I trusted a buddy to play on it and he just stole it. And moved to a different school ( This was in middle school ) there wasn’t much I could do.

    So I don’t know but should stop putting sensitive info on shady sites.

  11. Big Yikes, but you gotta ask yourself…how do they or do we know you’re not actually guilty? I guess they could look at login records and see the IP on which the account signed in previously and if it doesnt match the primary holder it could be a resolution but with services like VPN..almost impossible to tell. Rip

  12. It can’t happen to anyone, use a ******* authenticator on your account like hello??? These posts are ridiculous. You have 3000 hours to max an account and dont have 5 mins to think about and set up security? It is YOU who is incompetent with regarding to basic internet safety procedure that even my grandparents follow.

  13. if i ever lose my account i’d be done with the game forever, been on and off for a while, started a new character on OSRS (probably my best yet) i don’t think i’d care enough to try and get it back. I’ll just move onto another MMORPG like ff14 or something.

  14. Had a similair issue where I did not play on my account for a while and came back to RWT ban. Its been nearly 3 years 0 luck, maybe this thread can help you but I highly doubt it. It is kinda ridiculous how there is no possible way to get in contact with a Jmod besides twitter/reddit and twitter doesn’t offer any support regarding bans and reddit requires a insane amount of upvotes to even be noticed.

  15. happened to a shitty old account of mine and i recovered and got it unbanned np

    contact billing support only way to talk to a human unless ur famous

  16. I feel for you on this one. about a year back I purchased an ign for RSGP, which is permitted according to their own rules. My account has a history with a name transaction shortly after. however, I was still banned a few hours later. What the person on the other end does with the GP is out of my control. I’ve attempted to appeal it multiple times but was faced with the “RWT’s are not appealable” bullshit. Sorry to break it to you, but you’ll never get that account back.

  17. This happened to my OG account. It got hacked and banned for RWT and I swear the appeals were made by an 8 year old because they said something like “please or my mom will sue you and be very angry!” lol. I could probably find the old appeals as I still have the password if you guys want to see them. But I’ve forever lost access to my first RuneScape account and I haven’t played really since. I just stay on this subreddit for the memes.

  18. Give up on the game. I got banned for RWT during the big ban wave around 2006. Was top 10 in rcing during the time and I wasnt given any appeal chance or actual reason I was banned.
    I know I was trying to move my rates to another account as a mule incase something bad happened.

    Popped on the game once or twice trying to start back but lost interest after spending years on the game.

  19. You are responsible for securing your account and ensuring people do not break the rules on it. If someone gets into your account and breaks the rules, that is on you.

    Or, at least, that is/was Jagex’s stance for years. A viable exception might be if your account was hacked by someone who called up Jagex pretending to be the owner and giving personal details on account creation day, billing, etc. In that case, Jagex was the one who fucked up, because they were fooled into believing that the hacker was the original account owner. You should not be held responsible for that.

    It does not sound like that happened in this particular case though.

  20. Runescape has to be the only game where you can put in 100 days of gametime from the same ip. And then handout your account to a hijacker from a different continent..

  21. Welcome to jagex customer support. You’ll need at least 2k upvotes before someone can take a look at your request. In the meantime, why not try using our in-game customer support instead to get the same shitty useless response.

  22. I can completely relate. I didnt play my main for a few months and attempted to log back in to find my account had been ‘locked for suspicious activity’ and asked me to reset password, did the trouble shooting steps and it was permanently banned for botting?

    Never done anything like this. Someone must have hacked it and used it for such activity. Like you, I was met with a automated reply of them unable to help. It’s rather ridiculous that there isn’t a team designed to apply a human touch and common sense to these problems. Good luck mate, i gave up trying to get mine back

  23. Lol i have 1700 total normie acc and i keep it 2FA 24/7.
    Osrs is notorious for shit like this i don’t know how you can sink 3k+ hours into this game and cba 2FA? No matter what the small team of Old school does hackers will always find a way to abuse automated systems.

    They’ll always be one step ahead. So just fucking. Use. 2FA.

  24. This exact same situation happened to me, and I stopped playing permanently because of it and my account wasn’t even anything special (I had only just gotten my barrows gloves) way back in 2017. I just stick around for the memes now.

    I’m sorry you had to have this happen to you too. I agree customer support is a travesty.

  25. My account got hacked and tbh I hate and understand Jagex’s customer service system – “save costs.” I was able to get my account back but I had to twist what I was saying in their system to get someone to look at it. Just wish you could speak to someone directly. I lost everything I had including an Amadyl Crossbow. Haven’t played the game since

  26. I don’t understand why they dont handle RWT appeals. Do they just think that people dont get false flagged or hacked? Those are probably the two most common instances of it lmao

  27. I had been playing off and on since The game came out. Took a break in college for a little less than a year. I Finally built a computer and wanted to try it out again and my account is just gone. I tried to recover the account. I was successful but when it loaded up, I was playing the tutorial. I haven’t played it since. I worked too hard to start over. I was max mining and smithing. I feel your pain to some degree and wish you the best but they weren’t helpful at all.


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