Soothing his companion whereas she’s giving start

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  1. I always wonder if the cats know whats up. Does daddy cat know his woman is popping out his babies? Or is he just being nosey? Seems to good to be true lol

  2. I’m currently pregnant and my female cat does this to my legs and near my belly when I’m laying down. I think it’s a calming technique for cats. Making those biscuits:) cats definitely know what’s going on

  3. They look premature 🙁

    EDIT: Kitten is very small, has no fur, and is rodent like, which is what preemie babies tend to look like. (Could be furless breed) I’m not trying to be mean. I still love kittens and hope they grow up into happy cats.

  4. My neighbour had cats that made kittens. The daddy cat proceeded to then breed with the daughter. I don’t think cats deal with emotions the same way normal humans do.


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