That got here out so humorous love Travis

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  2. I don’t understand, the video caption says why they “cut” his auto tune. Auto tune is on: the very evident weird out of scale notes are produced by auto tune since his voice is going out of scale and the software tries to adjust the note. So yeah he’s singing badly, but probably not as bad as you hear here. If you slightly sing a note out of tune you might won’t notice on a live concert, but with auto tune switching the note up to match the next semitone it will be very noticeable! I record music as a hobby and I’ve used auto tune a few times. There are a bunch of settings you can set to make thus threshold less sensitive so that you won’t hear that clear “step”. But sometimes it’s just used like that because the effect is pretty cool (see Cher “do you believe in life after love”).

    Edit: of course it all depends on how the settings of auto tune are, he might be botching the notes worst than “slightly”

  3. ITT: if you use auto tune you’re talentless.

    Listen Travis Scott isn’t the most prolific rapper, but dudes talented. You don’t get to his level of stardom without some talent. Considering he makes catchy music, and produces all his own shit… I’d say that’s pretty talented.

    And if all it takes is auto tune to make a hit, and not talent, where your sold out shows and number 1 song?

  4. People don’t realize that Travis makes his own music and then sings on it. He’s a producer and he produced multiple hits for Kanye west. He has talent, just cuz you don’t like his style doesn’t mean he’s trash. He tries to make music that sound out of this world about stars and weed, his music is more of a vibe.

    Listen to: 90210, stop trying to be god, drugs you should try it, mamacita, Apple pie.

    These songs are his best imo, not his most popular stuff.

  5. This entire thread is just filled with people saying “autotune = bad”, there’s more to an artist than just their vocal ranges and if any of these people were able to look beyond that it’d be obvious to them aswell.

  6. I don’t understand these comments. It’s not so bad at all, barely noticeable.
    And to everyone calling Travis a hack – like it or not, music changes. Hip hop especially evolved in the last decade, and a lot of it has to do with it reaching mainstream audience.
    I used to believe autotune is the problem – but come on. It’s just another instrument used to amplify and change your voice. Musicians did it with different methods and tools forever.
    Travis is one of the best examples on how to do it right. He’s not a hack, he makes hip hop that’s supposed to be catchy and fun. And it is.
    Nobody says Travis has a voice like Adele. In hip hop autotune is used to make your voice different, not to “tune” it. It’s pop stars who use it in a way that’s unnoticeable on the record.
    That’s a monumental difference.

  7. A lot of wrinkly old boomers in this comment section angry that music evolves. When synthesizers came out, everyone called the bands that used them “talentless” too. Y’all can shut the hell up. Travis uses autotune as a stylistic and atmospheric choice, not just to mask his singing. Also, he is jumping around on stage and trying to excite the crowd, so maybe excuse him if his singing is perfect. You morons say stuff like “now any talentless hack can create music,” first of all like that is bad. “Wow, more people are creating art? Oh no the world is fucking doomed.” Secondly, if music was so easy to make, explain why none of you shitheads have blown up. Travis has clear talent when it comes to organizing artists that play well together, and in production. His autotune vocals are a staple of his music, and you don’t have the right to call it “not art,” just because your wrinkly ass doesn’t understand it.


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