The movies are extra necessary tho

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  1. Same thing on YT… ads come off a separate server powered by by Lamb’s Blood and Rolo’s, while content creators run off a Dell desk top located in Schenectady….or something along these lines.

  2. This is actually because so many people in your area are getting ads, that they’re cached in nearby servers. They’re accessed more often (before, during and after many many videos), so the server is like, “No reason to store these in Topeka, we’ll put them right nearby. They’re in demand!” Meanwhile, your poor little video is accessed once in Ormuz, once in Nairobi, once in Adelaide, and once in St. Louis, so it’s not as “popular” according to the server, so they don’t bother storing it. (This is kind of an exaggeration, it may be accessed more than that, but definitely less than the ad). I learned this while studying for my networking exam, lol.


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