These are referred to as Sea Angels. This one was noticed in Russia

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  2. Like an alien being from a sci-fi movie – if this thing was the size of a house, it would be a fucking scary thriller. If it’s the size of a Lego brick, it’s just a cute fairytale.

  3. Due to the lack of anything to realize it’s size, I am going to believe that this thing is a massive glowing behemoth, capable of shooting its brain waves at whales, killing them for food

  4. People out here just talking about aliens and how cool that’d be to see one. Motherfucker, they live amongst you. We haven’t found any real life in the universe, but we’ve got millions of varieties of it here. People need to go outside and enjoy the mind-blowingness of it all

  5. Bro if we have these on earth, why all those movies fed us that aliens look like this?
    Seeing stuff like this make me realise that human imagination is still super duper limited to what he sees only. And we cannot whatsoever have the slightest idea how aliens may look like even if they lived as close to us as in Mars.

  6. The scientific name for it is, Clione Limacina.
    Clione limacina, known as the naked sea butterfly, sea angel, and common clione, is a sea angel found from the surface to greater than 500 m depth. It lives in the Arctic Ocean and cold regions of the North Atlantic Ocean.


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