This man’s dancing abilities.

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  1. There is *so. much. stuff* that gets posted to this subreddit where I think, “cool. That is talent, but TOP talent? Nah.” Like, the person is clearly skilled but it’s a skill level that many others can achieve through practice. I hate to be that guy, but this subreddit is not “above average talent.” Take that noise elsewhere.

    Anywhooo, my point is that **holy shit** this is not that. This is among the most impressive feats of physical control that I have ever seen, and as far as I’m concerned we could make this guy the banner image for the sub. I overcame my attention span, which normally rivals that if a flea, and watched every second. 11/10 would watch it again.

  2. As I’m watching this, I notice a few things he favors on his right side over his left. Given the incredible talent in display here, I’m willing to bet this is going to change and we’re not even looking at his top performance yet. He’s still improving. I can’t even imagine how mind blowing he’s going to be, because I’d have sworn a lot of what he does couldn’t be done if I hadn’t seen him do it so effortlessly.

    This is not even his final form.

  3. Fik-Shun. He is a fukin legend in dancing world. His performance, his facial expression, his attitude, and his humble personality are above any other dancers out there. I got a goosebump when I watched 1:13 with perfect timing, expression, and landing performance.
    If I were a judge, he scores 11/10

  4. I don’t know what’s more impressive, his dance skills or the fact that he did all that with one show untied. I can’t even walk with an untied shoe without falling face-first

  5. I can’t believe nobody’s mentioned that this clip is sped up slightly. This is still impressive, but some of my awe wasn’t there after I realized it was sped up. Just like not liking slow mo, I don’t like fast mo on dancing videos. Just show us things in real time, please.

  6. Yo this guy is top talent for sure. Its not often I stop to watch a 3:57 video while doing a fast scroll through the front page. Oh, and that song was worth the listen too. Been a while since I’ve heard a decent rap / dubstep mashup.

  7. I’m always happy to see Fik-Shun! A YouTube search of his name will yield so many surprising and wonderful dance routines (for folks who don’t watch SYTCD or follow dance).

  8. I remember watching that video and the song just getting stuck to my head. Me and my father used to go nuts over this video and just watch it over and over. Many memories. Thanks

  9. It’s not just the obvious stuff that amazes me too, like how does he stop his arms mid movement and immediately move them in the opposite direction without any sort of shaking or recoil

  10. When a robot sees their ex in a club and tries to get attention but at the same time falling into despair because they’re still not over the ex which is not noticing and having fun.

  11. I play fik shun’s dance videos for the kids I babysit, they (and I) absolutely love him! The youngest who is three tries his best to move like a robot, all while asking me “am I doing it right? Do I look like him?”

    Anyway, fik shun is a total legend and his muscle control is unbelievable. He’s also such a showman and is super fun to watch


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