Received married in April after 6 years collectively and we by no means deliberately handed gasoline or acknowledged it in entrance of the opposite in all that point.

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My husband has not too long ago began loudly punctuating his burps and farts with “Higher out than in I at all times say” in a poor Shrek impersonation at max quantity as a result of it made his greatest buddy snort *and I am unable to make him cease*

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  1. My wife listened to the same band for a year, JUST that band, the same 15 or so songs. EVERY TIME she put on music it was that band, it was like auditory torture in the end. Just hearing them made my skin crawl.

  2. The one where I have 2-5 Amazon boxes arriving at my house every single day, but she doesn’t open the boxes, or if she does, she doesn’t break down the boxes, or if she does, she doesn’t find a place for whatever shit she bought. So instead of a dining room we have an Amazon room.

  3. Diet fads. It started with eating only organic, than we were keto, than we were some crazy heart disease no oil vegan, now were just vegan.

    When I say we, she’s never forced me to follow any of these diets, I’ll eat anything she makes but i still can cook whatever i want. Love her, just curious what the next plan is.

  4. When my wife first moved in, she started grabbing her stray hair in the shower and started to stick them on the tiled walls in random patterns for whatever reason.

    The there was the 2 month “lack of sex” phase where she’d come to bed every night with a green or black face mask that smelled like a salad. Weeks later she gets butthurt on why I haven’t initiated in bed for a while and I’m only starting sex in the day time.

  5. During qaurentine she watched a ton of queer eye and new girl. For a month or so afterwards she seemingly adopted the personalities of the main character of each show. I found it super annoying, but it subsided whenever we went back to work normally. Super weird.

  6. A phase that I like to call “Amazonian Heat”. My gf is tall and muscular, she and I are both gym rats. She was overly protective, glaring at people who got too close to me. Along with working out like crazy , using heavier and heavier weights and just being really obsessive about the whole thing. Weird thing is she was not worried about other women unless they where stronger than her.

    Edit : Her being overprotective as flattering at first, but it just made things difficult when we went out. Her working out with heavier and heavier weight also came with her being a lot more aggressive, and again that was a bit much at times. (overly rough PDA and sex etc) She just eventually chilled out a whole lot and thing are way better now.

  7. Gilmore Girls. I watched it with her, once, as it was her favorite show and she had no one to talk with about it. 7 seasons. She kept rewatching. The first run wasn’t so bad, kind of smart… the 30th, however, made me want to set myself on fire. She has been repaid with every Star Trek series.

  8. You need to start eating a mix of broccolini, kale and beans. This combination will give you the single most disgusting smelling farts (I believe my wife’s reaction was “what died in your ass?!?!”). Then you need to start making airplane noises as you walk past him and his buddies while crop-dusting them with farts and giggling. Bonus points for locking them in the room with the stank.

  9. Anime weeb phase. I’m a dude, SO was my GF at the time. She was an artsy chick and gorgeous but one day out of the blue she started wearing the most outrageous stuff (an A:TLA Appa Horn Ski-Cap paired with a scarf made of purple feathers, green fuzzy wrist sweat bands, and a pair of blue fingerless gloves, all in the middle of a southern summer). She started saying “Kawaii” a lot, using tons of :3 and >.< emojis in text, and would sometimes “paw” at me with her knuckles while mewling. We dated ages 17-24 and this lasted from ages 18-20.

  10. My husband gets super into songs and then he repeats one line over and over wherever in the conversation it vaguely fits. Sometimes it only lasts a few weeks or up to several months because he finds it so hilarious. Example: me: “Huh, this thing is being so weird right now.” Him: “HOW BIZARRE HOW BIZARRE.” (then gets this huge “I’m hilarious” smile)
    Simultaneously infuriatingly annoying and incredibly endearing because its so stupid and he is just so proud of himself.

  11. After 14 years of being together day in and day out, I can’t stand the way she swallows liquid. There is alway a “gulp” with every drink and i didnt notice it till about a year ago. I have even pointed it out and said something,but with it being a automated function of the body she is not intending to do it. So i have tried my best to ignore it but one day im gonna snap.

    Edit: First gold thanks Sir and or Madam

  12. (I’m a woman). Tik tok. All the time. In bed. At the table. On dog walks. It’s all conspiracy theory tik tok and it’s ALL THE TIME.

    It’s to the point now where when he sees me coming he puts his headphones in because I’ve repeatedly told him how much it irritates me.

  13. Well, this post sort of sums up things I’ve been wondering. I’ve been with this guy for over a year and it’s long distance and we meet once in three months or so but it’s been too long because of covid.

    So the thing was, at what point in the relationship do you start farting in front of each other?

    And being like -oh I gotta take a dump, brb – out of nowhere in the middle of the day😂😂😂

    The gas used to build up pretty quick due to the change In the diet, i used to burp right after eating, so whenever we met and had lunch together, I wouldn’t speak for about 15 minutes, until I’ve silently burped it out. 😂😂😂 because I accidentally burped in front of him while speaking and we just let it hang there without acknowledging it.

    Edit : is it like, someday the fart just slips out in front of your SO and then you never go back to being discreet about it?XD

  14. My wife was a bit of a party girl when we first started going together. Nothing waaay out of this world but she was a sloppy drunk with an insubordinate streak. A couple highlights:

    1) challenging me to a foot race on our 2nd date after several glasses of wine only to fall face first into the pavement resulting in a forehead gash that required a stitch (just one)

    2) calling me to come pick her up from a bar she was at with a friend cause she didn’t want to ride the subway home alone (reasonable) but then fighting me all the way down which resulted in a couple white knights trying to make sure she was okay and me having to explain to people that I wasn’t a date rapist but rather an annoyed boyfriend who just wanted to go home.

    Eventually she calmed down and slowly gave up drinking the longer we were together and took a huge turn in the opposite direction when we had our son.

    Frankly now she can sometimes be kind of a stick in the mud and could stand to loosen up a bit but I’d rather have a hyper responsible super mom as a partner than a drunk.

  15. I’m married now for serval years. My husband now says “hi” or “hello” to me each time we see each other in the house. For example, we wake up, good morning, he heads out to watch tv. Two minutes later I head out to grab coffee and watch tv, he says hi. I walk out to hit the bathroom and walk back he says hi. I walk back into my office to grab something and walk back he says hi. It goes on all day every day. We’re home all the time. It’s maddening. I’ve asked him to stop because while he may think it’s endearing it’s just suffocating at this point. Yes, I see you, hello.

    So I get you.

  16. Law and Order SVU. 21 seasons and running. I hate this show more than life itself because I hate all crime dramas, and we have seen EVERY EPISODE at least three times since they put it on streaming. I would never tell my wife how much I hate it because she loves it but how many times must I suffer through this?

  17. My ex decided about 6 months into our relationship that she was a lesbian. But she threw a damn fit when I decided to move on, because I assumed (wrongly) that me being a man was incompatible with her new relationship goals. So we got back together.

    Later she decided she was nonbinary, which I had to find out through Facebook, because she never actually talked to me about anything.

    I have nothing against LGBTQ+ but Jesus Christ – actually talk to your partners, people!

  18. Wow this sounds exactly like my best friend. She was too afraid to fart in front of her husband that she immediately gassed the two of us when we went into a different room. But I guess you wouldnt know anything about that. 😒

  19. My gf refuses to allow me to carry any bags when we go shopping. When we leave stores, she looks silly trying to carry ten bags all by herself. I brought it up last week and i feel i did a poor job of letting her know she needs to share bags.

    Yes, i know this is dumb

  20. Every year or two she decides we need a new system for doing housework. She will decide that we need an organization chart or we need to invest in a whole new set of purple rags. One time she was on a “fly lady” kick. Once she decided we needed to switch to frequent small loads on laundry instead of fewer large loads. Every time she makes the change unilaterally without consulting me, which wouldn’t be a problem until she starts accusing me of doing the chores wrong and not doing my share of the housework. Inevitably once I figure out her system she would lose interest and stop following her own system.

    At least now I recognize it for what it is and just do the chores the way that works best for me.

  21. We got married and bought a house in the suburbs that he wanted, but suddenly he wanted to move to a closet sized apartment in the city for more than the house cost and decided he might not want kids anymore so he could have fun. We have an almost 3 year old now and still live in the house, but he drove me crazy.

  22. My wife is currently in a phase were she repeatedly pops her lips when she speaks. I don’t know where she got this habit from because she’s been doing it for a couple of months, but it really annoys me.

  23. Just do some loud crop dusting while he watches T.V.

    Eat some beans before.

    It won’t make him stop but you may discover a sense of humour while he writhes in pain from your zesty butt gas.

  24. Jealousy. She still works through but she was really messed up by relationships with men in the past. We are now Married 15 years and going strong. I learned a lot through it about myself as well. Patience, grace, forgiveness, and love. It was a phase of incredible growing pains for the both of us but worth it in the end!

  25. I have a sibling who breathes in everytime before burping just to amplify the noise and I dont think he has manners or common sense.. asked him to stop but you can’t fix stupid… good luck with your case

  26. Just like with children, ignore the behaviour and distract with something else.
    Partner and I have been together 8 yrs, everyone in our house will quietly say, “fart”. I don’t recall how this started but our kids do it now too. In regards to when do you fart in front of eachother, well, my body betrayed me the very first night we slept in the same bed. Couldn’t be helped, ah well. As for an annoying phase… Refusing to eat any carbs after 4pm was annoying, but mostly because he was inconsistent and noncommittal.

  27. 6 years together and you.. Never.. Farted.. In.. Front.. Of.. Each.. Other…. I can’t believe this. What the fuck is this? It’s farting….. Of course you need to do it! To me that shows a major uncomfortability between partners. Got some work to do!

  28. Cool whip – the way it’s done in family guy. I reminded him he’s not 15 any more and needs to start speaking like an adult. His new thing is not answering sensibly when I ask a question – one guess as to which subject his answers come from….

    ….yes sex…seems I’m still married to a teenage boy…

  29. This is a woman’s POV –

    Have you tried just telling him you find it offensive
    that he doesn’t squelch his belch/fart and it turns you off (ie you don’t find him sexy & don’t want to be near him.)

    For my marriage—-After 26 years, it’s better to be free to expel gases then hold them in or rush to the toilet – as long as you are lifting the covers to release the smell…it’s the polite thing to do! Gas is gas and being rude is a marriage killer. It creates resentments!

  30. Watching BuzzFeed and “TryGuys”-like videos almost constantly. I just don’t understand how that’s a productive use of anyone’s time.

    “50 dOlLaR dReSs vS 5 mIlLiOn DoLlAr DrEsS”

  31. Girlfriend used to say a one word to describe what she was doing and it got annoying fast.
    “Water” before drinking water.
    “Sleep” before hopping in bed.
    “Pee” before going to the restroom.
    She snapped out of that after a few months, now we both do it for a laugh here and there.

  32. My wife is going throught a K-pop phase in her 20s.
    She even has a couple of friends going throught it as well.
    I really enjoy some songs, and don’t mind she listening to it. She is even interested in learning the language and frankly, I’m happy she has another “hobby” or interest. About the whole genre, I’m not really a fan for many reasons that don’t matter here.

    But now for my issue:

    She is totally addicted. All the songs she listens are Kpop. Everything she reads about is Kpop. All videos she watches is Kpop or memes/analysis/commentary/live shows of Kpop. She put a bunch of k-dudes posters on our bedroom wall. She buys shirts, merch, stickers and wears it all the time.
    She exclusively watches K-drama now, and is reading countless Manhwas. Practically 80% of her friends coming over is to watch YouTube videos of K-pop or live TV of their favorite idols.

    I mean, we still do “stuff” together, but she uncounsciously deviates the subject to something Korean related.

    I know this is a phase, I respect her tastes and frankly, I’m not an easy guy to deal with either, but I’ll be damned if I’m not going insane listening to it all day lol


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