When i obtained to degree 110 from an invasion wq, Participant expertise popped up in my inv. when i used to be deleting it it mentioned this. Appears like this might be used to make a meme

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  1. >when Blizzard decides AOE should be capped to 5 targets max

    Bu yeah this was the first thing to come to my mind when I deleted that. Kinda like the “wow now playable” meme

  2. Serious question, what’s the fastest way to level up nowadays, if you have a few friends with you. I havent kept up with anything in the game since Legion because everything that I’ve heard after that was so disappointing, and I might decide close to the release of the new expansion if I should bother coming back. But I have been told that they were deleting things like heirlooms and refer a friend experience (Who once was 300% but afterwards 50%, now 0% because I guess they want people to pay 60€ to get a max level character).


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