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  1. Yeah no, Canada may be doing better but it is not a model example. Might better use South Korea or Japan instead, where people had the decency to wear masks without anyone telling or forcing them to.

  2. Had a similar thing with my boss, who thinks masks are useless because Facebook video says so. I raised that japan, Taiwan, south Korea all have low rates and it’s probably down to wearing masks and listening. Well that’s where I’m wrong, “the mutmst be taking something, that has to be it”

    So these countries are taking some wonder drug that prevents covid and the US and Australia don’t know about it, that’s his logic instead of masks working.

  3. Honestly our answer in Canada was not perfect and we are still learning, but I would say that Prime Ministers from the provinces have been especially serious about the whole thing.

  4. We didn’t create and massively inflate our numbers to distract from the massive pedo/satanic ruling class getting exposed, while simultaneously perpetuating covid numbers and rioting in order to cause the voting for the election to use mail in ballets which is much easier to rig…..

  5. America isnt the only country doing bad and im tired of reddit acting like it is.

    Sweden had an abysmal response. China is definitely lying about its cases. Italy was dying like crazy, they just got infected long before America so they recovered earlier.

  6. we literally have doctors world wide on both sides of “science” except one is funded by big pharma where doctors sell out and the other doctors are actually doing their job.

  7. Or possibly the fact that Canada has 1/10 of the population and most of them live in like 5 cities. There’s defiantly other reasons but that should be kept in mind

  8. Canada’s population is 37 million the USA’s population is 327 million. Canada does have big cities but a lot of it’s population is pretty spread out, the US has lots of big cities. Yes there is a bunch of morons here that don’t want the wear a mask and think it’s their God given right to do what they want but the numbers are always going to look extremely drastic cuz of the massive difference in population. I also know this may be hard for some of you to understand and I can’t help you with that so good luck.


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