THP trooper terminated after pulling face masks off protester

READ  Belgian feminine police officer performing nazi salute whereas her squad is pulling a George Floyd on a Slovakian man of bout 13 min. All of them laughed and made jokes till he stopped respiratory. Then they referred to as within the med group however he was already lifeless. He was a mentally ailing prisoner.


  1. Is there a website that tracks when disgraced cops are hired again by a different department? Would be great to know how many of your own local cops were fired from other departments for shit like this.

    Edit: So this blew up and I’ll post some good info from down thread. The biggest obstacle to this seems to be getting the data. States have what’s called a Brady List showing officers that can’t be trusted in court but it may not be public to everyone ( I’m not sure if it’s public. This is the first I’ve heard of it and the Avalanche are playing so let’s make this quick). Also shout out to If this inspires anyone to build a website or app please do.

  2. >A Tennessee Highway Patrol trooper was terminated **after being caught on video** pulling a mask off of a protester’s face.

    It’s great that there is a little justice here, but it still sickens me that oversight among LEOs (where the use of lethal force is part of their job) is seemingly *entirely* dependent on nearby citizens who happen to be recording on their phone **and** having that video go viral.

    He didn’t get terminated for what he did, he got terminated for being caught on video doing it.

  3. Good riddance, this fucking jackass was so desperately trying to intimidate the guy filming – Hand on gun, his face inches away trying to stare him down, ordering him not to say ‘fuck’ because he doesn’t appreciate it (fuckity fuck yourself raw with a 1st amendment dick you fuck), and finally ripping the guy’s mask off.

    I bet this guy peaked in jr high as the school bully. And the police made it so he never had to mature beyond that.
    Fuck, it’s all so fucked.

  4. “Protester.” He wasn’t even a protester. He was a bystander.

    He was just standing on the sidewalk recording a traffic stop (from a reasonable distance) and this fucking bully cop picked a fight with him.

    Fuck cops. I’m sick of these motherfuckers walking around with chips on the shoulders treating the rest of us like shit while acting like they’re the victims. Fuck every last one of them. Never give them the benefit of the doubt, they don’t deserve it.

  5. Fire these fuckwads everytime this happens and maybe sooner or later they’ll start to get the message they can’t treat the public the way they do

  6. That dude was not a protester. He was a guy on a sidewalk, by himself, recording an interaction between a citizen and state troopers. What kind of people are reporting the news with that kind of headline, with an embedded video, where everyone can see what kind of huge dickhead that gate attendant was being, that can’t discern between a guy standing on the sidewalk and a protester?

  7. So someone that pulls a mask off somebody is fired but you can kill someone, have it on video that you killed an unarmed person for X “reason” and you are suspended? Makes sense.

    Glad he was terminated. Fuck people.

  8. It’s all about “I’m an officer of the law, sooooo far above you. I will dream up any false scenario about you that I want, so, don’t you dare disrespect me by pointing out how I’m disrespecting you.” I have personally known officers who truly believe that 1) everyone is guilty of something; they just haven’t been caught yet, and 2), the mistaken belief in #1 allows them any latitude they want when dealing with the public.

  9. Just wait a year or so and he’ll get his job back, [like Scot Peterson ~~did~~ is going to](

    Brian Miller sat in is car during the Parkland Massacre instead of doing something and it seems like everyone read about how he was expected to stay in jail and forgot about it, because he is [back on the job.](

    Brett Hankison, Jonathan Mattingly and Myles Cosgrove, Breonna Taylor’s murderers, are out having a grand ol’ time and one of them just took vacation photos.


    This guy is going to get rehired somewhere within a year.

  10. “Tired of you people making shit up.”

    That’s really indicative of the problem isn’t it? Officers who either deny that these things happen, or actually believe that they never happened, in spite of video or eye witnesses stating otherwise. He’s implying there that he did’t remove the mans mask or that the man was lying about not interfering. It also implies that he thinks all the bad things said about his fellow officers are lies as well, that the videos and reports of this wild abuse of power are false. He truly sees the citizens he is supposed to protect as the enemy.

    There’s so much to unpack about that statement, I only scratched the surface.

  11. Like seriously, count the civil rights violations and intimidation tactics the trooper committed in the video.

    It’s hilariously sad how little a 20+ year member of this highway patrol knows or understands the law.


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