Budget deficit 3 trillion, US federal budget deficit in 2020 exceeds $ 3 trillion.

As of the end of August, the United States federal budget deficit exceeded $ 3 trillion. This was reported by Ukrinform, referring to the latest statistics from the US Treasury Department.

It is noted that the budget deficit of the largest economy in the world reached $ 3,007 trillion. Revenues are almost $ 3,047 trillion, and expenditures are about $ 6,054 trillion.

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The overall U.S. budget deficit is expected to reach $ 3,3 trillion in 2020 as the country’s fiscal year ends on September 30.

In 2019 this figure was about $ 984 billion.

Earlier U.S. Senate has upheld the draft defense budget that includes sanctions against the Russian Federation. This is mentioned in a message on the website of the U.S. Congress.

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Senators of the Congress have approved their version of the national defense budget for fiscal year 2021, which kicks off on October 1. In this particular version, strategic competitiveness with Russia is of priority importance.

86 senators voted ‘yes’, while 14 denied the bill.

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In particular, the said restrictions concern companies and individuals involved in the construction of Nord Stream II.

The sanctions are applied to all construction works and the companies that provide underrating and insurance services for the vessels that participate in the works. The restrictions also concern companies that provide services for technologies upgrade.


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