Julija Adlesic fraud, Woman who sawed off own hand found guilty of fraud.

A YOUNG woman who deliberately sliced her hand off with a circular saw so she could claim a £925,000 insurance payout has been jailed.

Julija Adlesic, 22, from Ljubljana, Slovenia, hatched a macabre plot with her boyfriend to chop off her left hand above the wrist — and then leave it at home when they went to the hospital so it could not be reattached.

Adlesic was found guilty of attempted insurance fraud by a court in the city and sentenced to three years.

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Prosecutors said how about a year before she sawed her hand off she signed up with five different insurance companies.

Adlesic stood to collect more than £925,000, about half paid immediately and the rest in regular monthly installments.

Just days before the incident in early 2019, police investigations found Adlesic’s partner, Sebastien Abramov, searched online for information on artificial hands work. 

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This was used as evidence that the amputation was part of an insurance scam plot.

After sawing off her hand she was taken by her boyfriend and his dad to hospital, saying she had injured herself while sawing branches. 

Authorities said they left the severed hand behind rather than bringing it to the hospital to ensure the disability was permanent to ensure they received the enormous payouts.

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But their plans were foiled after police recovered the appendage and surgeons reattached it.


During the trial, the woman protested her innocence, saying she would never have deliberately chopped off her hand .

She said: “No one wants to be crippled.

“My youth has been destroyed. I lost my hand at the age of 20.

“Only I know how it happened.”



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