Pringles new can recycling, Why Pringles is trying out a new tube.

The distinctive Pringles tube is being re-designed after criticism that it’s almost impossible to recycle.

The current container for the potato-based snack was condemned as a recycler’s nightmare.

It’s a complex construction with a metal base, plastic cap, metal tear-off lid, and foil-lined cardboard sleeve.

The Recycling Association dubbed it the number one recycling villain – along with the Lucozade Sports bottle.

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Now Pringles’ maker Kellogg’s is trialling a simpler can – although experts say it’s not a full solution.

The existing version is particularly troublesome because it combines so many different materials

Some 90% of the new can is paper. Around 10% is a polyal (plastic) barrier that seals the interior to protect the food against oxygen and moisture which would damage the taste.

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But how about the lid? Well, two options are on trial in some Tesco stores – a recyclable plastic lid and a recyclable paper lid. Kellogg’s says these lids will still produce the distinctive “pop” associated with the product.

Simon Ellin from the Recycling Association told BBC News: “The Pringles tube has been a bastion of bad design from the recyclers’ point of view.

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“This new version is an improvement, and we broadly welcome it.

“But, frankly, if they are going to stick to a plastic lid that’ll just add to problems with plastic pollution – people on picnics leave them behind and they find their way into streams and the sea. That plastic lid has got to go.”


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