New York City back to school, Mix of Joy and Confusion as School Doors Open.

After major delays for the more than 1 million public school students in New York City, summer has come to a close.

School started Monday, including the first wave of students to start in-person learning. The rest are doing remote learning, as the city slowly phases others in.

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3-K, pre-K and District 75 students with special needs went back first.

At Mosaic pre-K Center, first day photos came after checking temperatures. Families were required to wait socially distanced, and no parents were allowed inside the Elmhurst, Queens school.

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Still, one dad was still pleased with his choice to let his 4-year-old daughter start blended learning.

“We choose the students mixed with the friends. It’ll be helpful for their growth,” he told CBS2’s John Dias.

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For months, the school had ben getting the building ready.

“It’s going to be the cleanest year ever. We’re doing the best we can,” said teacher Sarah Istarki.


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